Journey To Become A True God Chapter 156

156 Womanizer
"Husband, what are you waiting for, hurry up and tell me" Zhao Yanyan was very curious about what had happened between Ye Chen and Cheng Mengyan.

Ye Chen explained what had happened to Zhao Yanyan "giggled, as expected of the husband" Zhao Yanyan was happy to hear this from Ye Chen.

Cheng Mengyan really dared to tease Ye Chen, the result was that Cheng Mengyan ended badly in Ye Chen's hands.

"Where is the photo? "Zhao Yanyan really wants to see Cheng Mengyan's half-naked photo.

Ye Chen showed a photo of Cheng Mengyan who was frightened like a rabbit who saw her predator.

Zhao Yanyan immediately took the cellphone that was in Ye Chen's hand, seeing this photo Zhao Yanyan smiled with great satisfaction.

Zhao Yanyan sent this photo to his cellphone, after that Zhao Yanyan deleted the photo on Ye Chen's cellphone.

"Here's your cellphone" Zhao Yanyan couldn't wait to get revenge on Cheng Mengyan.

Ye Chen took his cellphone from Zhao Yanyan, he saw that Cheng Mengyan's half-naked photo was gone "Yanyan why did you erase the photo of Cheng Mengyan in my cellphone", should Cheng Mengyan's half-naked photo be used as a weapon to ward off Cheng Mengyan so as not to looking for trouble again in the future.

"Husband, let me keep the photo, after all, you do not need something like that to be material to satisfy yourself? Zhao Yanyan teased Ye Chen.

How could Ye Chen need such a thing, if he wanted him to just ask his four wives.

"Yanyan is getting bolder, we'll see if you can still get out of bed tonight" Ye Chen smiled wickedly.

"Ah. . . , obscene villain, "Zhao Yanyan tried to stay away from Ye Chen.

Both of them were quite happy to tease each other, all the men in the class were jealous of how Zhao Yanyan was teasing Ye Chen, if only they found beauty like Zhao Yanyan.

A few minutes later, Lin Rouxi entered the classroom, for several days Ye Chen had not seen Lin Rouxi.

today Lin Rouxi was wearing a gray suit, Lin Rouxi's skirt was slightly shorter than usual, Lin Rouxi's hair was rolled up, Lin Rouxi's snow white jade neck looked very seductive.

Today Lin Rouxi looked very seductive, the students especially the men whose eyes were almost out of place.

"All of you quickly open the 107th English book." Lin Rouxi told the students to open page 107.

The students swiftly opened their books.

Seeing Teacher Lin Rouxi's appearance today, Ye Chen began to imagine what if Zhao Yanyan and Lin Rouxi served him in the same bed.

"Ye Chen quickly climbed into bed, the teacher was waiting for you" Lin Rouxi who was naked was now covered by a blanket, she called Ye Chen to get into bed.

Next to Lin Rouxi was Zhao Yanyan who was hugging Lin Rouxi "husband hurry up, both of us are waiting for you", Zhao Yanyan very sassyly called Ye Chen.

Ye Chen climbed onto the bed and intended to touch these two beauties, when Ye Chen was lacking a few inches from Lin Rouxi and Zhao Yanyan's bodies, someone hit his head.

"Ouch" Ye Chen rubbed his head just hit by someone, he looked up and saw Lin Rouxi holding a book in her hand, it looked like this book was used to hit Ye Chen's head, Lin Rouxi's face looked very angry.

Zhao Yanyan who was next to Ye Chen giggled.

"Teacher Lin, what's up? Ye Chen asked why Lin Rouxi hit his head.

"What did you say? Ye Chen, you are very brave to sleep in my class, after returning from school I want you to come to my room for additional lessons. "Lin Rouxi punished Ye Chen by giving him additional lessons.

Some students looked at Ye Chen with pity, no one in this class dared to be naughty during Lin Rouxi's lessons, they already knew what sanctions Lin Rouxi would give if they slept in class during class.

"But Teacher", Ye Chen tried to persuade Lin Rouxi not to give him additional lessons.

"There is no word but" Lin Rouxi interrupted Ye Chen's words.

Lin Rouxi returned to the podium and continued to explain English lessons.

Ye Chen was helpless seeing this, when Lin Rouxi's lessons were indeed like this, she was very fierce to all the students including Ye Chen, but when she was not a teacher Lin Rouxi would be very kind to Ye Chen.

Teacher Lin Rouxi's attitude really could not be Ye Chen guessed, Lin Rouxi did this to maintain the image she had in front of the students, if Lin Rouxi was gentle on Ye Chen, the other students would feel jealous and become naughty.

This is a class that is difficult to arrange, if Lin Rouxi does not act fiercely, it is difficult to discipline the students in this class.

Not feel the teacher Lin Rouxi lessons have ended, it's time for the school rest.

"Ye Chen remembers going to my room after school later" Lin Rouxi warned Ye Chen to go to her room after school.

Ye Chen nodded to Lin Rouxi.

"Hey Ye Chen, do you want to go to the school canteen?" , Zhang Liao invited Ye Chen to go to the school canteen.

"Sure, Yanyan, do you want to come? Ye Chen asked whether Zhao Yanyan wanted to come or not.

"No, I will stay here, you can go with Zhang Liao" Zhao Yanyan did not want to go, she was still cool reading a good book.

"Alright, I'll go to the canteen with Zhang Liao, let's go" Ye Chen invited Zhang Liao to go to the canteen.

"Ye Chen's classmate outside is a beautiful girl looking for you" this time a man told Ye Chen that a beautiful woman was looking for him, the tone of this man's voice was very jealous.

Zhang Liao wanted to see who was the beautiful woman who was looking for Ye Chen, this morning Cheng Mengyan was looking for Ye Chen, this time who was the beautiful woman who was looking for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen came out to meet the beautiful woman, Zhang Liao followed behind Ye Chen, he wanted to know the woman who was looking for Ye Chen.

Not only Zhang Liao wanted to know, some students also wanted to see who the beautiful woman meant by the man was.

When Ye Chen left the classroom, he saw Li Qingzu hugging a bag on her chest.

Seeing Ye Chen come out, Li Qingzu gave a smile to Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen" Li Qingzu called the name Ye Chen.

The male students in the class were surprised to see how Li Qingzu called Ye Chen with a smile.

All male students in the class certainly knew who Li Qingzu was. Li Qingzu was one of the four school flowers who had the nickname of untouched flowers.

Today they saw that if Li Qingzu smiled at a man, she also looked very close to that man.

"This man not only has Zhao Yanyan as his woman, but also has a good relationship with Li Qingzin," one male student said dissatisfied.

"This morning I saw this man together with Cheng Mengyan, it seems like he also had a relationship with Cheng Mengyan" another male student added fuel to the fire.

"Damn it must be that this man is a very greedy womanizer," said one student who was also dissatisfied with Ye Chen, for monopolizing 3 school flowers at once.

All male students looked at Ye Chen with hostile eyes.