Journey To Become A True God Chapter 157

157 Saintesss Body Began To Wake Up
Ye Chen ignored the gaze of hostility that was behind him, he approached towards Li Qingzu.

Ye Chen: "Li Qingzu, what are you looking for me for? "

"I want to give your coat that has dried, here it is" Li Qingzu handed the bag in her arms to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen received a bag from Li Qingzu, he saw the contents inside, inside this bag there was a work suit that he was wearing yesterday.

"Thank you," Ye Chen thanked Li Qingzu for bothering to deliver this suit to him.

"No, I should be the one to thank you, for helping me yesterday" Li Qingzu frantically waved her hands.

Today Li Qingzu looks more cherry than usual.

"Looks like you look more cheerful today, is there something good going on?" Ye Chen wanted to know if Ji Kong did indeed provide a certificate of Li Qingzu's house.

"Yes, indeed, something great happened today. Ji Kong suddenly returned our house certificate." Li Qingzu told us that, Ji Kong returned the certificate of her house, strangely Ji Kong did not demand payment that made Li Qingzu and her mother surprised.

Now she and her mother no longer need to think about the debt that has burdened them for years.

"That's good," Ye Chen said.

"Ye Chen are you the one who made Ji Kong give up our certificate?", Li Qingzu guessed that Ye Chen was the one who had done this.

"yesterday maybe Ji Kong's brain shifted because I hit very hard, hahaha" Ye Chen laughed.

"maybe you're right" Li Qingzu joined in laughing, seeing Ye Chen avoiding this problem Li Qingzu did not continue this topic.

"Ye Chen, let's go to the canteen", Zhang Liao embraced Ye Chen, and invited him to go to the canteen.

"Wait a minute", Ye Chen told Zhang Liao to wait a little longer.

"Li Qingzu do you want to come with us to the school canteen", Ye Chen tried to invite Li Qingzu to go to the school canteen.

The male students were waiting for Li Qingzu's answer, whether Li Qingzu would refuse or accept Ye Chen's invitation, if this normal Li Qingzu would immediately reject a man's invitation.

"Alright, I happen to want to go there too," Li Qingzu felt unable to refuse a request from Ye Chen.

The male students who heard this all stared, whether this was still untouched school interest, how his attitude had changed 180 degrees, the male students were staring at Ye Chen with fiery eyes.

Seeing Li Qingzu agree, Ye Chen invited the two to go to the canteen together.

Seeing Ye Chen leave, everyone immediately dispersed.

"Hey Zhao Yanyan's classmate, your boyfriend is away with Li Qingzu's school flower, aren't you angry to see this, if it were me, surely I would immediately decide on the unfaithful man" a fat man spoke to Zhao Yanyan, Fat men wanted to badmouth Ye Chen in front of Zhao Yanyan.

The fat man thought Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen would separate, and he himself would be labeled a good man by the goddess Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan ignored the fat man, she continued to read the book without caring about the fat man in front of her.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan ignoring him, the fat man was disappointed, he immediately left the presence of Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan was annoyed when this fat man mocked Ye Chen in front of her.

From Zhao Yanyan's palm out a small light sword, Zhao Yanyan controlled a small light sword to cut the fat man's shirt.

After finishing cutting the fat man's clothes, the sword returned to Zhao Yanyan's hand. This was very fast, no one noticed what Zhao Yanyan had just done.

involuntarily the clothes worn by the fat man who was tarnishing Ye Chen was torn into several pieces "ah. . . . . "He screamed like a girl.

some students who were still left in class immediately saw the source of this scream, they saw a very interesting sight, a fat man who only wore underwear standing in front of the class.

Most students who live are female students, some women take cellphones and take pictures of this rare event.

Some women who saw this burst out laughing

Fat man does not know what just happened, suddenly the clothes he was wearing torn into pieces.

He tried to cover his body so as not to be seen by women in the class.

Unfortunately it is impossible, fat man's hands cannot cover his body which is too big, he tries to take various objects to cover his body which only has underwear.

Zhao Yanyan who saw this was satisfied, this fat man finally received a proper punishment.

Actually, if Zhao Yanyan wanted, she could kill this fat man, but she would not be that cruel woman who would kill for something like this.

If the family or person she loved was threatened, Zhao Yanyan could be a cruel woman.

Zhao Yanyan's special body of Saintess began to awaken, Zhao Yanyan's mindset began to change little by little, she no longer had the thoughts of an innocent young woman.

Ye Chen, Li Qingzu and Zhang Liao arrived at the school, the school canteen still looked as crowded as ever.

"What do you two want to order? "Zhang Liao asked Ye Chen and Li Qingzu what they wanted to order.

Zhang Liao was the most excited about being able to eat together with Li Qingzu who was an untouchable school flower.

Students from other classes especially the 3rd year were surprised to see Li Qingzu's school flowers coming to the school canteen, they had never seen Li Qingzu in the previous canteen.

For over 2 years studying at school, this is the first time students in the 3rd year have seen Li Qingzu come to the canteen.

They saw a handsome young man standing next to Li Qingzu

Li Qingzu himself felt uncomfortable being stared at by this many people, it was true that this was the first time Li Qingzu had come here.

Usually during recess Li Qingzu would study in class, or go to the library to borrow books she had never learned.

Ye Chen told him what he wanted to eat, Zhang Liao was surprised to hear so much food that Ye Chen had ordered.

Ye Chen felt his body was very tired and hungry, it seemed like this was because he was absorbing Yinqi energy from Cheng Mengyan, this might be a side effect of doing that.

Li Qingzu only ordered food that contained lots of vegetables, vegetables are very good for the body, what's more the price is very cheap for the bag.

Zhang Liao went to buy a message from Ye Chen and Li Qingzu.

"Let's find an empty table to sit, while waiting for our food" Ye Chen invited Li Qingzu to find a table for three people.

in the corner by the window there were still many empty tables, Ye Chen took Li Qingzu there.

from here Ye Chen could see the school field very clearly.

"Qingzu, how could you be here, didn't you say you didn't want to go to the canteen?" A young man with a tall posture and a handsome face went to Li Qingzu.