Journey To Become A True God Chapter 158

158 Xiao Luman
This young man is Xiao Luman, he is the head of the martial arts club in this school.

Xiao Luman is the pride of this school, he won several times the city-level school martial championship.

Xiao Luman is a very popular man in this school, there are a lot of women in this school who express love for Xiao Luman, but Xiao Luman rejects all these women, he already has a goddess in his heart,that is Li Qingzu.

Seeing Li Qingzu eating with another man, Xiao Luman was annoyed, it was unusual for Li Qingzu to be invited to eat by men.

Xiao Luman invited Li Qingzu almost every day to eat together, but Li Qingzu always refused his invitation.

"I was eating together with my friend" Li Qingzu answered Xiao Luman's question.

The relationship between Li Qingzu and Xiao Luman is just an ordinary classmate.

"Didn't you say you didn't want to go to eat with me?" Xiao Luman angrily questioned Li Qingzu.

Xiao Luman has tried very hard to get close to Li Qingzu, but Li Qingzu did not let Xiao Luman close to her.

"I really don't want to go with you, is that wrong? "Li Qingzu spoke quite coldly to Xiao Luman, as if Xiao Luman was nobody to Li Qingzu, what more could Li Qingzu's rejection words pierce Xiao Luman's heart immediately.

Xiao Luman was astonished to receive these words from Li Qingzu, although usually Li Qingzu often refused them, but Li Qingzu never said words of cruel rejection like this.

"You, what is your name" Xiao Luman wanted to know the man beside Li Qingzu, Xiao Luman was very upset because of Li Qingzu's words earlier.

he wanted to find an outlet for the man beside Li Qingzu, this was all the fault of this man for being close to Li Qingzu.

Xiao Luman wants to prove that no one can steal Li Qingzu from himself.

"My name is Ye Chen, what's the need for you to ask my name? Ye Chen could feel the animosity from Xiao Luman.

At present Xiao Luman can be said to be a young martial artist.

Xiao Luman's current strength is roughly comparable to stage 3 Martial Realm, if Xiao Luman continues to train his body diligently, maybe in a few more decades Xiao Luman can enter the path of a cultivator.

"So your name is Ye Chen? Ye Ye I warn you not to be close to Li Qingzu anymore, otherwise I will beat you up," Xiao Luman warned Ye Chen not to be close to Li Qingzu.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you manage my life?" Ye Chen most disliked seeing someone threaten him.

"You're quite brave too, as men, what if we prove ourselves by fighting?" Xiao Luman immediately challenged Ye Chen in public.

"Xiao Luman, how dare you threaten my friend" Li Qingzu immediately stood up and defended Ye Chen.

Li Qingzu certainly knew how strong Xiao Luman was, if the two of them fought it was difficult to know who was better.

Seeing Li Qingzu protect Ye Chen, Xiao Luman was increasingly jealous, "hehehe, Ye Chen, how does a man hide behind a woman, are you not ashamed?" Xiao Luman mocked Ye Chen.

"Who do you say is hiding behind a woman, to me you are still very weak to be able to fight me" Ye Chen said that Xiao Luman is still very weak, when compared to his, the difference is indeed very far away, like heaven and earth.

The veins in Xiao Luman's head all came out, as a martial champion, no one had ever dared to say this to him.

This is the first time anyone has dared to underestimate himself openly.

a few students who were eating looked at Ye Chen and Xiao Luman.

because Ye Chen often made a fuss in the canteen, several students began to recognize Ye Chen.

They all gathered to see what happened next, many female students gathered, they wanted to see the idol Xiao Luman fight.

"If you really say that I am weak, let us prove who is greater among us" with this Ye Chen could not possibly avoid fighting.

"Alright" Ye Chen stood up from his chair, if he didn't give a proper lesson, then Xiao Luman would definitely look for trouble again.

This time Ye Chen would make Xiao Luman know that in this world there were people far more powerful than him.

Seeing the two of them going to fight, the audience gave a large space for Ye Chen and Xiao Luman to fight.

"Ye Chen, wait" Li Qingzu stopped Ye Chen from fighting.

" What is wrong ? Ye Chen asked why Li Qingzu wanted to stop himself from fighting with Xiao Luman.

"Ye Chen Xiao Luman is the head of the martial arts club, I'm afraid you will have a hard time fighting him" Li Qingzu was worried that Ye Chen would lose to Xiao Luman.

Li Qingzu understood that Ye Chen was quite good at fighting, but Xiao Luman was a martial arts expert, he must have deadly movements for his opponent.

"It's too late to back out now, hahaha" Xiao Luman laughed arrogantly.

"You don't need to worry, I will defeat him in one move" Ye Chen said that he could defeat Xiao Luman in one move.

Hearing this there was an insulting smile on Xiao Luman's face, defeating him with just one move was impossible, the probability was only 0%.

Ye Chen stood 2 meters in front of Xiao Luman.

"Are you ready?" Xiao Luman asked whether Ye Chen was ready to fight.

"We can start whenever you want, I will give you 5 times the opportunity to attack me, in the 5 times that I give I will not respond to your attacks", Ye Chen gave Xiao Luman a chance 5 times to show the strength he had, this matter will not be interesting if completed in just one move.

The students who were looking surprised, Ye Chen was very brave to give Xiao Luman the opportunity to attack first.

The admirers of Xiao Luman sneered at Ye Chen very loudly, they shouted for Xiao Luman to defeat this person with a single attack.

Xiao Luman was very angry because he was constantly underestimated by Ye Chen, he immediately made an attacking pose.

Xiao Luman made a stance, his body slightly lowered, his hands clasped very tightly.

on the side, Ye Chen put his hands into his pants pocket, he very casually waited for Xiao Luman to make a move.

Xiao Luman took a step forward, he swung his right leg up to want to kick Ye Chen's head.

When Xiao Luman's feet were only inches from his head, Ye Chen pulled his body back, if Ye Chen attacked at this time surely Xiao Luman would immediately lose.

During the attack Xiao Luman Defense was very wide open.

"One move", Ye Chen counted Xiao Luman's movements.

Xiao Luman was surprised to see that Ye Chen could avoid his attacks very easily.

Xiao Luman wasted no time, he jumped forward like a tiger, Xiao Luman held his fist very tightly, he wanted to hit Ye Chen's head.

Ye Chen was helpless seeing how Xiao Luman fought, this person had no defense at all when he wanted to attack.

Ye Chen dodged aside, what Xiao Luman hit was just empty air, because there were no motorbikes in front, Xiao Luman lost his balance and fell to the ground.

"Hong. . . . . . "Some of the viewers who saw this laughed, admirers of Xiao Luman had an unpleasant face.

Ye Chen wondered with this ability, how could this person become the chairman of a martial arts club.