Journey To Become A True God Chapter 159

159 Really One Move
Xiao Luman tried to get up from the floor, Xiao Luman's face was black, he had no idea the situation would turn out like this.

Lots of people laugh at themselves when they fall to the floor.

Intending to humiliate Ye Chen, it turns out he himself was embarrassed in public.

"That was the second step, you still have 3 times the chance" Ye Chen counted Xiao Luman's attack again.

Xiao Luman didn't care anymore, he attacked Ye Chen very blindly.

Ye Chen still easily dodged Xiao Luman's every attack.

Xiao Luman was getting angry because Ye Chen kept avoiding the attacks he made.

As a martial arts family, Xiao Luman has been trained very closely by his father and grandfather since childhood, now Xiao Luman has inherited half the techniques that belong to his father and grandfather.

Because of that Xiao Luman was very confident in his fighting abilities, today Xiao Luman met a pretty great enemy, Ye Chen.

Xiao Luman mobilized all the abilities he had to attack Ye Chen.

"I will count that as a fourth step." Ye Chen gave Xiao Luman leeway.

Xiao Luman's body was already wet with sweat, he had never fought to break a sweat.

"Is it hot in here? I'll open the window for you." Ye Chen had good intentions, he turned to open the window door.

Seeing this Xiao Luman didn't waste the opportunity, he immediately rushed to attack Ye Chen's back.

Xiao Luman jumps into the air "ten shadow kick" Xiao Luman kicks dozens of times in the air.

Seeing Xiao Luman approach Ye Ye twisted his body 360 degrees going behind Xiao Luman.

"Your chance is up, it's time to end this" without much style Ye Chen kicked Xiao Luman out of the window.

Xiao Luman only felt his back bend due to Ye Chen's kick.

He was flown tens of meters and rolled on the ground near the field.

Seeing this people who are doing activities in the field were surprised.

Suddenly someone flew and rolled on the ground.

The watchers were more astonished to see Ye Chen very easily kicking Xiao Luman out of the window.

especially now that Ye Chen still put both hands in his pants pocket.

Ye Chen really defeated Xiao Luman just by using his feet.

Xiao Luman who is on the ground can't wake up, he feels his spine is very painful.

"Chiefs" of the martial arts club members who followed Xiao Luman jumped out of the window, they approached Xiao Luman, who was lying on the ground.

This was beyond everyone's expectations, Ye Chen completely defeated Xiao Luman with just one move.

"Are you okay, chairman?" Several members of the martial arts club helped Xiao Luman rise from the ground.

Xiao Luman couldn't speak, right now he was enduring the pain in his back.

"Let's bring the chairman to the school health unit," one member of the martial arts club suggested bringing Xiao Luman to the school health unit.

Some members of the martial arts club began to lift Xiao Luman off to the school health unit.

several members of the martial club left a threatening eye on Ye Chen.

From now on the strongest person in the school is no longer Xiao Luman, the new strongest person in the school is Ye Chen.

because the battle was over the audience dispersed, some people who idolized Xiao Luman were disappointed to lose.

Ye Chen was quite happy to see Xiao Luman getting a decent lesson.

"Ye Chen, are you alright?" Li Qingzu immediately rushed to Ye Chen's side, she wanted to make sure that Ye Chen was fine.

"I'm fine, you don't need to worry" Ye Chen told Li Qingzu not to worry.

Li Qingzu was relieved to hear that Ye Chen was fine, this was the first time Li Qingzu had worried about anyone, other than her own family.

"Wuhuuu, Ye Chen you are so great" Zhang Liao came while carrying Ye Chen's order.

In the crowd Zhang Liao saw Ye Chen's fight against Xiao Luman.

Zhang Liao did not think that Ye Chen was very good at fighting. Even Xiao Luman reached the embarrassment.

"That's normal, let's start eating." Ye Chen took a plate of food from Zhang Liao.

Zhang Liao handed over Li Qingzu's dishes, the three of them began to eat.

In another corner there was a beautiful girl who saw Ye Chen with starry eyes, the girl seemed to have just found a new idol.

The figure of this girl is only about 155cm tall, with a very beautiful face, and a perfectly slim body. Both of the girl's hair are tied into twintails, the biggest drawback of this beautiful girl is in the chest that is very flat like an airplane runway, its size may be A cup .

At first this girl idolizes Xiao Luman, she wants Xiao Luman to train her to become a great martial artist.

Because she often watched ancient battle films exhibiting martial arts, this girl really likes to see people fight very cool.

Xiao Luman once told her that when she was a child, martial arts were not suitable for study by little girls like her.

today the beautiful girl saw someone stronger than Xiao Luman, she wanted to find time to get acquainted with Ye Chen.

Maybe this person wanted to train herself to be a great martial artist.

Members of the martial arts club took Xiao Luman to the school health unit.

They laid Xiao Luman on a bed in the school health unit.

"Damn, this is very painful" Xiao Luman grumbled in pain, he felt his back was still very sick.

"Chairman, do we all need to join hands to fight the boy" Martial Arts Club members wanted to take revenge on Ye Chen.

"Do you think you can win against people like that, even that person only needs one move to defeat me", these people could not even defeat him, how they foolishly wanted to defeat Ye Chen who was far stronger than himself.

Hearing this martial arts club members bowed their heads, they were indeed no match for Ye Chen.

"Forget it, my legendary uncle will return after 20 years of training, I will ask my uncle to give the boy a proper lesson." Xiao Luman intends to ask his uncle for help in overcoming Ye Chen.

My father and grandfather said that he had gone to practice for more than 20 years, he was said to be practicing in a sect that had a very high reputation.

20 years ago uncle Xiao Luman helped a sect elder, to repay uncle's kindness, the elder brought uncle Xiao Luman back to the sect to be trained to become a cultivator.

finally after 20 years, uncle sent a letter, in the letter it was written that he would return to the family for a few days.

My father and grandfather always said that his uncle was a person who was very good at martial arts, after 20 years of practicing in the sect his uncle's skills would be extraordinary.

actually Xiao Luman had never seen his uncle directly, he could only see my uncle's face in the picture frame in the living room.

Xiao Luman can't wait to meet his uncle who is now a cultivator, he wants to see the greatness of a cultivator that is often told by his grandfather and father.

Ye Chen didn't know that Xiao Luman still wanted to find a problem with him.

Right now Ye Chen was absorbed in eating the food on his plate.

After finishing eating, Li Qingzu could not stay here long, he still had to study.

Li Qingzu bid farewell to Ye Chen.

Zhang Liao was quite depressed because Li Qingzu never mentioned his name.

"let's go back to class" Ye Chen invited Zhang Liao back to class.

"ouch" while on his way back to class. a little girl suddenly hit Ye Chen and fell to the floor.

Ye Chen looked down, he found a pretty pretty girl sitting on the floor, this woman had a beautiful face and her hair was tied into twintails.

Even though this girl's chest is flat, it can still be covered by the beauty she has.

Seeing this beautiful girl's face, Ye Chen felt like he had seen a face similar to this girl somewhere.

"You're all right" Ye Chen reached out to help this girl get up from the floor.

The beautiful girl accepted Ye Chen's helping hand and rose from the floor