Journey To Become A True God Chapter 160

160 Su Yuyu
"Thank you very much," the beautiful girl thanked Ye Chen.

"Aren't you the little Su Yuyu from the first year?" Zhang Liao seemed to know this beautiful girl.

"Do you know me?" asked Su Yuyu

"Hahaha, of course I know very well about you, people often call you a flat-breasted loli" Zhang Liao who likes gossip certainly knows Su Yuyu who is a beautiful Loli.

"Who do you call a flat-chested loli, I've been 14 years", Su Yuyu was very upset when being called a flat-chested loli by Zhang Liao.

because of anger Su Yuyu kicked in the groin of Zhang Liao with quite strong.

"Ouch" Zhang Liao who was laughing suddenly felt a stinging pain from his lower body, he knelt down holding his lower body, Loli Su Yuyu really dared to kick his lower body very strongly

Ye Chen was a little horrified to see Su Yuyu kicking Zhang Liao's lower body very strongly.

Su Yuyu turned her attention to Ye Chen, "That. . . . "I saw you fighting, it was really cool, can I learn martial arts skills from you?" Su Yuyu immediately said what she wanted from Ye Chen.

"Eh, why do you suddenly want to learn martial arts from me?" Ye Chen asked.

"Of course, because I really like martial arts" when I said martial arts, Loli Su Yuyu's eyes began to glow.

"Martial arts are very dangerous for little girls like you, you have to wait even more mature before practicing martial arts," Ye Chen said.

"I'm not a child anymore, this year I'm 14 years old" Su Yuyu again said that she was not a child.

Ye Chen sighed "if you want to grow up you should be at least 16 ~ 17 years old, wait 2 ~ 3 years for you to grow up, maybe I would consider training you" not because Ye Chen didn't want to train Su Yuyu, the problem Ye Chen still had training Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue and Su Mengxin, if added to this little loli, Ye Chen would definitely be more inconvenient.

Besides, this beautiful girl was nobody to Ye Chen, for what Ye Chen bothered to train.

"Let's go" Ye Chen helped Zhang Liao to his feet, it looks like Zhang Liao's bottom still feels a little sore.

"Little loli, just watch, one day I will repay your actions today" Zhang Liao threatened Su Yuyu's loli.

"Never mind, she is still a little girl, don't take it too deeply" Ye Chen told Zhang Liao not to be too serious when dealing with little girls.

"Wait, I beg you, teach me martial arts" Su Yuyu did not want to give up, while holding Ye Chen's hand she whined to ask Ye Chen to teach martial arts.

"Little girl quickly release, I must return to class" Ye Chen tried to break away from this little girl.

Su Yuyu didn't want to let go of Ye Chen, she hugged Ye Chen's arm very tightly.

Seeing this Ye Chen was helpless, Ye Chen ignored Su Yuyu and went to the classroom.

Su Yuyu still clung tightly to Ye Chen's arm, she followed Ye Chen all the way to class.

Zhang Liao laughed seeing Ye Chen being wrapped tightly by Su Yuyu.

"How long will you hold me. quickly return to your class ", when he arrived at the entrance of class J, Ye Chen told the little girl Su Yuyu to release himself.

"No, until you promise to train me, I will never let you go" Su Yuyu was still steadfast in her stance, she would not let Ye Chen go until Ye Chen would teach her martial arts.

"Whatever you say" Ye Chen entered the classroom, he immediately went to the side of Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan saw Ye Chen's arrival, the strange thing about Ye Chen's arm was a beautiful little girl who was holding Ye Chen's arm very tightly.

"Ye Chen who is this girl? Zhao Yanyan wanted to know the girl who was holding Ye Chen's arm very tightly.

"I don't know, Yanyan help me get rid of this girl" Ye Chen asked Zhao Yanyan's help to get rid of this girl.

Ye Chen tried to push Su Yuyu away, this really looked funny.

"Little girl, what is your name?" Zhao Yanyan asked the name of this girl.

"I'm not a little girl, I'm 14 years old, I'm now in my first year" Su Yuyu denied Zhao Yanyan's words that she was a little girl.

"Ok, I understand, then Su Yuyu what do you want from Ye Chen" Zhao Yanyan immediately asked the main problem.

Su Yuyu, "I want him to teach me martial arts".

"Su Yuyu, Ye Chen is a busy person, what if I just taught you martial arts" is different from Ye Chen's Zhao Yanyan instead wants to teach Su Yuyu martial arts.

" Is it true ? , " Su Yuyu immediately let go of Ye Chen's arm, she turned to Zhao Yanyan's side.

"Beautiful sister, is it true that you have martial arts techniques?" Su Yuyu immediately asked Zhao Yanyan.

"Of course, I got some of my skills from Ye Chen" Zhao Yanyan smiled at Su Yuyu.

"Yay, from now on I will call you Master" Su Yuyu salutes Zhao Yanyan.

"Get up quickly, now you go back to your class, then after school meet me at the school gate" Zhao Yanyan ordered Su Yuyu.

"Yes, master, I understand" Su Yuyu immediately left Class J and returned to her class.

Ye Chen had no idea Zhao Yanya could make Su Yuyu be very obedient.

"Yanyan are you sure you want to teach that girl to be a cultivator?" Ye Chen asked Zhao Yanyan.

"You don't need to worry, I will only teach the girl a little fighting technique," said Zhao Yanyan.

"So you lied to that little girl" Ye Chen didn't think Zhao Yanyan was very good at lying to Su Yuyu.

"Who is lying, I never said I would teach Su Yuyu to be a cultivator, I only said I would teach Su Yuyu a martial art, those were two different meanings of words" Zhao Yanyan explained the meaning of her words to Ye Chen.

"Well, whatever you say, the important thing is that the girl is no longer bothering me" now Ye Chen could sleep peacefully.

"Geez, why are you so lazy", Zhao Yanyan was helpless when she saw Ye Chen go back to sleep.

Ye Chen had fallen asleep, he hadn't heard Zhao Yanyan's words just now.

Time continued to go on, when Ye Chen woke up it was late, it was time to go home from school "finally time to go home" Ye Chen couldn't wait to return home.

"Husband, wasn't that Rouxi's sister telling you to go to her room?" Zhao Yanyan reminded Ye Chen to go to teacher Lin Rouxi's room.

"Well, I know, it seems like I will get a lecture from teacher Lin" Ye Chen was helpless if he had to hear the ravings of Lin Rouxi,

"Giggling" Zhao Yanyan squeaked laughter.

"I'll wait for you at the school gate" Zhao Yanyan took the bag and left first.

Ye Chen went to Lin Rouxi's teacher's office, the school road was very quiet, it seemed like all the students had left early.

A few moments later Ye Chen arrived in front of Teacher Lin Rouxi's room.

When Ye Chen was about to open the door, from inside he heard teacher Lin Rouxi's groans