Journey To Become A True God Chapter 161

161 Peek At Lin Rouxi
This groaning sound wasn't too big, if Ye Chen wasn't a cultivator maybe he wouldn't hear this voice.

Ye Chen was quite surprised to hear the moans from inside Lin Rouxi's room, actually what teacher Lin Rouxi was doing.

out of curiosity Ye Chen wanted to look inside, but this door was locked, Ye Chen had to use his strength to force open this door.

Ye Chen slightly opened the gap in the door, he peeked at what was in Lin Rouxi's room, when he looked inside, he was very surprised, right now teacher Lin Rouxi was entertaining herself.

when Lin Rouxi's suit was rolled up, a purple bra wrapped around Lin Rouxi's two mountains, Lin Rouxi's two peaks developed quite well.

Currently Lin Rouxi was holding one of the mountain peaks with one hand, the other hand was currently playing with the bottom.

Being blocked by the table, Ye Chen could not see what Lin Rouxi's other hand was doing under the table, certainly Lin Rouxi's hand was playing on the private part.

Lin Rouxi who usually looks quite proud, now looks like a lustful woman.

"Ah. . . . . . . "Lin Rouxi groaned again, she felt a quite extraordinary sensation when touching her own body.

Lin Rouxi did not know when she became like this, she felt like a woman with a passion.

As a lonely adult woman, Lin Rouxi often made the idea of finding a man for herself.

But Lin Rouxi didn't really like having a close relationship with a man.

all that changed when Lin Rouxi met with Ye Chen, Ye Chen was able to get her attracted by the love relationship between men and women.

Too bad Ye Chen was her own student, such a relationship would not be acceptable to Lin Rouxi.

Moreover Ye Chen already had a woman namely Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan Lin Linxi already regarded as her younger sister, there was no way Lin Rouxi would damage their relationship.

Lin Rouxi began to remember what had happened that night, she saw Ye Chek's large object entering and entering Zhao Yanyan's mouth.

How would it feel if that same object entered her body, would it hurt or be pleasant.

Lin Rouxi had read in a book describing adult relationships. in the book it says the bigger the objects of men, the taste will be very enjoyable for women.

"Geez, why did I become like this, have I become a lustful woman?" Lin Rouxi began to be a little confused with herself.

"Ah. . . . ,Ah. . . . . . ,Ah. . . . . . ,Ah. . . . . . "I want that big thing." Lin Rouxi began to mumble, her hands were playing very hard with her own body parts.

Ye Chen who peeked from the small gap began to drool, he had no idea that Lin Rouxi who was normally proud would have a nasty side like this.

Seeing this Ye Chen's younger brother began to rise and grow.

"Ah. . . . . . ,Ah. . . . . . ,Ah. . . . . . Ye Chen, the teacher wants your big object. "Lin Rouxi suddenly shouted Ye Chen's name.

Ye Chen didn't expect that Lin Rouxi's fantasy object would be him.

"Didn't he signal me to conquer her, whether I should go in and immediately delight teacher Lin Rouxi" Ye Chen had an idea in his heart.

"Something will come out", Lin Rouxi felt he was on the verge of the peak.

"Ah. . . . . "Lin Rouxi finally made a climax.

After climaxing Lin Rouxi's body leaning against the chair, her body was still trembling a little because she had just reached the top.

Ye Chen could no longer stand seeing a woman like Lin Rouxi comforting herself in this way.

"Clik" Ye Chen opened the door to teacher Lin Rouxi's room.

Lin Rouxi who was resting was surprised to hear someone enter her office.

" who is that? "Asked Lin Rouxi.

"Teacher, it's me Ye Chen" Ye Chen answered Lin Rouxi.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing in my place? "Lin Rouxi frantically tried to tidy up her clothes.

"What is teacher Lin? Don't remember that you were the one who called me just now" Ye Chen smiled at Lin Rouxi.

"Ye Chen, how long have you been there? "With a red face, Lin Rouxi asked Ye Chen.

"It's been" Ye Chen answered honestly.

"Ah. . . . . . . There's no way "Lin Rouxi didn't expect Ye Chen to see herself doing such a thing.

now what Lin Rouxi had to do, everything had been seen by Ye Chen, now she would be seen as a loose woman by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen locked the door and walked to Lin Rouxi's side.

Lin Rouxi's heart was beating very fast when Ye Chen came towards her, Lin Rouxi's face was already very red with embarrassment, as she recalled what she had just seen by Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi felt like dying.

Ye Chen stood by Lin Rouxi's side, he raised Lin Rouxi's body quite easily.

"Ye Chen, what do you want to do, quickly release me." Lin Rouxi tried to resist as Ye Chen raised her body.

Ye Chen did not let Lin Rouxi break free, he sat in Lin Rouxi's chair and lap Lin Rouxi on his thigh.

"Teacher Lin, you are very fragrant" Ye Chen sniffed Lin Rouxi's very fragrant body.

Lin Rouxi stopped fighting, she felt her body become soft.

Lin Rouxi could feel a very large, hard and hot object pricking her buttocks dishonestly.

she knew what this thing was, this must be a brother who had fully hardened.

"Ye Chen please let go of the teacher, the teacher feels uncomfortable" Lin Rouxi begged Ye Chen to let go of her.

"No, Teacher, didn't you say you wanted my big object, now let me give you that thing?" Ye Chen whispered in Lin Rouxi's ear.

While whispering Ye Chen did not forget to swipe his belongings in Lin Rouxi's buttocks.

Lin Rouxi couldn't stand the stimulation like this, she felt his body was very hot and uncomfortable, like there were thousands of insects that spread all over her body.

she did not think that Ye Chen would be this brave, "what should I do, whether I will be done by my own students" Lin Rouxi's mind began to walk very wildly.

From behind Ye Chen admired Lin Rouxi's Jade neck, because Lin Rouxi's hair was rolled up, Lin Rouxi's jade neck could be seen clearly by Ye Chen, this looked very exciting.

Ye Chen stuck out his tongue and licked the back of Lin Rouxi's neck.

"Ah. . . . . . Ye Chen, what are you trying to do? Lin Rouxi was amused when Ye Chen licked her body.

"Of course I want to make the teacher happy" Ye Chen was bolder in teasing Lin Rouxi.

"Ye Chen please stop, if you keep doing this the teacher won't be able to hold it anymore" Lin Rouxi told Ye Chen to stop, otherwise Lin Rouxi would lose consciousness and do it with Ye Chen.

"Teacher Lin, you don't need to endure it, just let go of all the burdens in your mind" Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi to enjoy this.

Ye Chen's voice was like a whisper of the devil, who wanted to eat her soul.

Ye Chen cringed at Lin Rouxi's recollection, Lin Rouxi's body shifted as Ye Chen bit her ear.

Ye Chen was truly very skilled in pleasing Teacher Lin Rouxi's body.

Ye Chen's hands also began to fall to the chest belonging to teacher Lin Rouxi