Journey To Become A True God Chapter 162

162 Lin Rouxis Promise
Lin Rouxi felt Ye Chen's hands begin to go down and touch her mountain peaks, Ye Chen began squeezing Lin Rouxi's two mountain peaks.

Ye Chen began to show his hand techniques.

"Ah. . . . . , Ye Chen, don't! "Lin Rouxi groaned very beautifully.

"Teacher, I didn't expect these two things to be very soft" Ye Chen squeezed more forcefully.

"Ah. . . . . "Lin Rouxi felt very comfortable, the ability of Ye Chen's hand was truly extraordinary.

Ye Chen rolled Lin Rouxi's shirt up, he then removed Lin Rouxi's bra.

This way Ye Chen could touch Lin Rouxi's mountain tops directly.

Lin Rouxi tried to let go of Ye Chen's hand.

How could Ye Chen want to let go of this very pleasant object, Ye Chen's hand was very strong, this was no match for Lin Rouxi.

"Ah. . . . . . "How can this be so much fun?" Ye Chen's touch was really too delicious, Lin Rouxi felt her sanity begin to disappear.

Seeing Lin Rouxi have started to fall into lust, Ye Chen became even more brave, he rolled up Lin Rouxi's short skirt.

This was the first time Lin Rouxi had worn a 20 cm skirt, usually Lin Rouxi had worn a skirt that was 30 cm long.

When wearing Lin Rouxi's short skirt became a very sexy teacher, if only Lin Rouxi wanted to wear framed glasses it would have been sexier than this.

"Ye Chen, I'm begging you to stop this, the teacher doesn't want to do this", Lin Rouxi asked Ye Chen not to do something like this.

Seeing Lin Rouxi still refusing Ye Chen a little disappointed, Ye Chen turned Lin Rouxi's body, now the two were face to face.

Lin Rouxi didn't dare look at Ye Chen's face, she turned her eyes to the side.

when Lin Rouxi dodged his gaze, Ye Chen felt sad, Ye Chen held Lin Rouxi's face so as not to run away again, he saw Lin Rouxi with a serious face "Teacher Lin, please look me in the eye, tell me whether you like me or not, if not then I won't never again bothering the teacher in this life ".

Hearing this Lin Rouxi's body trembled, Ye Chen this time cornered herself, she had to make a good decision.

If Lin Rouxi said he disliked Ye Chen, then maybe Ye Chen would ignore her, but if she said she liked Ye Chen, then she no longer deserved to be a teacher.

Lin Rouxi's mind was very chaotic, she could not think what to do in a situation like this.

"Teacher quickly tell me" Ye Chen was waiting for Lin Rouxi's answer.

"Me. . . . , I like you, I really like you, are you satisfied now, "Lin Rouxi buried her head in Ye Chen's chest, she didn't expect to say something like this to her own student.

After repeated considerations, finally Lin Rouxi obeyed her inner heart.

Ye Chen was the person who was most happy when he heard this from Lin Rouxi, finally Ye Chen got the answer he wanted.

"Teacher Lin, I love you too" Ye Chen hugged Lin Rouxi's body very tightly.

Hearing Ye Chen's words just now Lin Rouxi's heart felt flowery, she felt very happy while in Ye Chen's arms, this was very comfortable and warm.

Lin Rouxi didn't realize that at this moment the two soft mountain peaks pressed Ye Chen's chest very tightly, the sensation of both Lin Rouxi's objects was extraordinary.

Ye Chen took Lin Rouxi's chin, he saw Lin Rouxi's cherry mouth, Ye Chen brought his lips closer and kissed Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi shuddered slightly as Ye Chen kissed her lips, this was the first time Lin Rouxi had kissed a man, moreover the man was still her own student.

Lin Rouxi enjoyed Ye Chen's kiss, the feeling of a kiss was very great, this cannot be said with words.

Ye Chen tried to insert his tongue into Lin Rouxi's mouth.

"Um. . . . . ., um. . . . . .um. . . . . . "Seeing Ye Chen try to get into her mouth, Lin Rouxi winced her teeth very tightly, she shook her head refusing what Ye Chen would do.

Seeing his way closed by Lin Rouxi's teeth, Ye Chen had his own way, he closed Lin Rouxi's nostrils.

Because the nostrils were closed by Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi had difficulty breathing, she opened her mouth to breathe.

This was Ye Chen's chance, Ye Chen immediately kissed Lin Rouxi and stuck his tongue into Lin Rouxi's mouth.

Lin Rouxi was not at all ready, she immediately bit her teeth again.

"Teacher Lin don't bite my tongue" Ye Chen begged Lin Rouxi to loosen her bite.

Lin Rouxi felt guilty for biting Ye Chen's tongue, she began to loosen her teeth.

Ye Chen was happy because Lin Rouxi wanted to listen to his words, Ye Chen immediately snared Lin Rouxi's tongue.

Initially Lin Rouxi did not like this, but for a long time, Lin Rouxi's idleness felt addictive, she began to work with Ye Chen.

Both of them kissed adults passionately, with a little guidance from Ye Chen Lin Rouxi began to be very adept at kissing.

After being quite satisfied with the kiss, Ye Chen finally wanted to release Lin Rouxi.

"Teacher Lin, will you be my woman? "Ye Chen proposed to Lin Rouxi.

"Ye Chen teacher of course wants, our problem will be unfair to Yanyan" Lin Rouxi still remembered Zhao Yanyan.

If she took Ye Chen, wouldn't that be unfair to Zhao Yanyan.

"Teacher, you don't need to worry about that, Yanyan will definitely accept our relationship." Ye Chen told Lin Rouxi not to worry too much about this.

" How could it be ? "If Yanyan finds out about this, she will hate us forever", Lin Rouxi was afraid that if this was discovered by Zhao Yanyan then both of them would be hated by Zhao Yanyan.

"Teacher, I will be honest with you, actually Yanyan often encourages me to get you, Yanyan said that she wanted to be a sister for life with you," Ye Chen told the truth to Lin Rouxi.

"How is this possible? Ye Chen, are you trying to trick me? "Lin Rouxi could hardly believe what she just been with.

Zhao Yanyan encouraged Ye Chen to find herself, whether it was true or a lie, Lin Rouxi did not know.

"I'm telling the truth, if the teacher doesn't believe why don't you ask Yanyan yourself" Ye Chen returned to playing the two mountains of Lin Rouxi.

"Ah. . . . . "If that's true, I'm happy", Lin Rouxi felt happy if what Ye Chen said was the truth.

now there was no longer a barrier in the relationship between her and Ye Chen.

Lin Rouxi's gaze on Ye Chen became very gentle, it seemed like Lin Rouxi was starting to accept Ye Chen completely.

"Knock. . . ., Knock. . . ., Knock. . . ., Knock. . . .,"Someone knocked on the door.

"Teacher Lin, are you inside?" someone called Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi frantically tried to break away from Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi had difficulty breaking away because Ye Chen was hugging her waist quite strongly.

"Ye Chen, please let me go for a while" Lin Rouxi begged Ye Chen to let her go for a while.

because Lin Rouxi's request was very sincere, Ye Chen wanted to release Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi immediately tidied up her clothes and skirt, she began to style her hair neatly.

Lin Rouxi went to the door to see who was outside.

After the door opened, a middle-aged woman stood in front of Lin Rouxi's door, it seemed like this woman had business with Lin Rouxi.

"Teacher Lin, the teacher meeting will start soon, everyone is waiting for you to come there" It turns out this female teacher wanted to convey about the matter of the meeting to Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi almost forgot that today will be available for the teachers at this school "well, I'll be there soon" Lin Rouxi promised to immediately go to the meeting place.

After getting an answer, the middle-aged woman left from the front of Lin Rouxi's room.

Lin Rouxi closed the door and returned to Ye Chen's side.

"Teacher, what's up? "Ye Chen asked Lin Rouxi, actually Ye Chen had heard a conversation between teacher Lin Rouxi and a middle-aged woman, Ye Chen wanted to know whether Lin Rouxi would go to the meeting place or not.

"Ye Chen, I have to go to a meeting, I must apologize to you" Lin Rouxi was helpless, it seemed like Lin Rouxi had to postpone being Ye Chen for a while.

hearing this Ye Chen was a little disappointed.

Seeing Ye Chen disappointed, Lin Rouxi felt sad "Ye Chen teacher promised to give you that, but not now the teacher is not ready yet" Lin Rouxi promised her virginity to Ye Chen.

"Well, I understand, but you must promise to be my woman from now on, no one can take you away from me", Ye Chen stood up and hugged Lin Rouxi.

Lin Rouxi nodded at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was satisfied to see teacher Lin Rouxi nodding "Teacher, as a form of your sincerity, how about you give me a kiss" Ye Chen wanted to see Lin Rouxi's sincerity on him.

"Hate, you still doubt the teacher" Lin Rouxi was not satisfied when Ye Chen doubted her love.

"Teacher, that's not what I meant, actually I just want the teacher to kiss me," Ye Chen tried to explain to Lin Rouxi.

"I understand" Lin Rouxi stood on tiptoes and kissed Ye Chen's lips.

the two returned to kissing passionately, after quite satisfied Lin Rouxi took her lips off of Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen I have to go, s" Lin Rouxi took her bag and shyly left this room.

Ye Chen saw Lin Rouxi's departure, Ye Chen was already quite happy to get Lin Rouxi's heart, for the matter of getting Lin Rouxi's body it could be done at a later time.