Journey To Become A True God Chapter 163

163 Su Yuya Looking For Her Younger Sister
because he already had no business here, Ye Chen decided to leave Lin Rouxi's room.

Ye Chen immediately went to the school gate to meet Zhao Yanyan.

When Ye Chen reached the front gate of the school, he did not find Zhao Yanyan's whereabouts.

Ye Chen used his spirit Sensei to find Zhao Yanyan's whereabouts. It turned out that Zhao Yanyan was currently in the school hall.

Zhao Yanyan is currently with Su Yuyu, it seems like Zhao Yanyan is training Su Yuyu in martial arts.

"Ye Chen, is that you?", Someone called his name.

Ye Chen immediately looked to the side, he saw Milf Su Yuya standing near the road.

Su Yuya today wears after the light blue shirt, wearing this suit, Su Yuya accentuates her body that has developed very well, Su Yuya's body can indeed attract the interest of all men, especially Su Yuya's face is also beautiful, no trace of wrinkles are seen at the age of 35, it seems like Su Yuya has taken very good care of her body

"Miss Su, what are you doing in this school? "Ye Chen asked why Su Yuya was in such a place.

"You don't need to be too formal, you can just call me Su Yuya" Su Yuya was uncomfortable being called by Miss Ye Chen, with her age of almost 35 years, she was no longer worthy of being called a miss anymore.

"I'm picking up my little sister, she doesn't usually ignore me like this" Su Yuya looks a little worried because her sister can't be contacted at all.

Su Yuya also checked her sister's dormitory, in the dormitory, Su Yuya did not find the whereabouts of her sister.

Su Yuya was afraid that something would happen to her sister.

"Su Yuya, may I know your sister's name? "Ye Chen wants to know who Su Suya's sister is.

"My sister's name is Su Yuyu" Su Yuya said her sister's name.

"Oh, looks like I know where your little sister is, come with me" Ye Chen wanted to tell Su Yuuyu's whereabouts to Su Yuya.

Su Yuya followed behind Ye Chen, Ye Chen brought Su Yuya to the school's hall, where Su Yuyu and Zhao Yanyan were practicing martial arts.

Zhao Yanyan was seen teaching basic movements in battle.

"Yuyu, why don't you see me at the school gate immediately" Su Yuya scolded Su Yuyu.

Su Yuyu stopped training, she then looked back, she saw her sister who was currently making an angry pose.

"Sister what are you doing here" Su Yuyu immediately asked why her sister suddenly came to school.

"You still ask, didn't I give you a message last night, if I would come to pick you up home, didn't you read the message I sent? ", Su Yuya looks even more fierce to the little girl Su Yuyu.

Su Yuyu's body shrunk a little, she was quite scared when Su Yuya scolded her.

"Yuyu, actually what are you doing in a place like this" Su Yuya asked what was being done by Su Yuyu together with Zhao Yanyan.

"Actually Yanyan's Big Sister is teaching me martial arts" Su Yuyu immediately told her sister that she was now starting to practice martial arts.

"Martial arts, Yuyu do not say that you force someone to train you things like that" Su Yuya knows very well how her sister's temperament is.

if Su Yuyu saw someone skilled in fighting, surely she would immediately ask that person to teach her martial arts.

Su Yuya is helpless towards Su Yuyu's hobby, as a woman why does Su Yuyu have to have such a hobby ?, Is there no normal hobby that Su Yuyu can do.

Su Yuya made Su Yuyu stay in a dormitory so that she forgot her strange hobby, but after a few months there was still no change at all, fortunately Su Yuyu's roommate was able to accept Su Yuyu's strange hobby. If not, Su Yuya did not know what she should do to this little sister.

"No, I'm not at all forcing, Yanyan's own sister who voluntarily wants to train me" Su Yuyu denied the words of Su Yuya.

"Lying didn't you force someone to train you," Ye Chen interjected from the side.

"You. . . . "Su Yuyu pointed at Ye Chen with a bit of animosity.

Su Yuya's guess seems right, she must immediately bring home Su Yuyu so as not to bother Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen.

"Let's go home" Su Yuya pulled Su Yuyu's ear and prepared to take her away.

"Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan, sorry that my younger sister bothers you both" Su Yuya apologized to Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan, because of Su Yuyu's actions, both of them were inconvenienced.

"Sister, I'm not mistaken, quickly release me" Su Yuyu tried to break away from Su Yuya.

Su Yuya did not let Su Yuyu run away. She held Su Yuyu's hand so that it did not escape. Su Yuya brought Su Yuyu towards the school entrance gate.

"Puchi, hahahahaha" Zhao Yanyan and Ye Chen were both laughing seeing this.

"I did not think that Su Yuyu was the younger sister of Su Yuya" Zhao Yanyan did not know that Su Yuya had a little sister.

"You are absolutely right, I deserve to feel that I have seen a face similar to Su Yuyu, it turns out that she is Su Yuya's sister" Now Ye Chen knew why Su Yuyu's face was familiar to her, apparently Su Yuyu and Su Yuya were family.

"Ye Chen, let's go back," Zhao Yanyan invited Ye Chen home.

"Okay, let's go home" Ye Chen nodded as he brought Zhao Yanyan to his car.

Ye Chen drove his car to Zhao's grandfather's residence, he still had to pick up Su Mengxin who was at Zhao's grandfather's house.

At this time in front of the residence of grandfather Zhao Jinshan's house has been alerted hundreds of captives, this is done to secure Su Mengxin who was at the gate

If something happened to Su Mengxin, surely Zhao jinshan would be blamed. That's why Zhao Jinshan ordered 100 soldiers who were not on duty to protect Su Mengxin from death threats.

Su Mengxin had been waiting for Ye Chen to come, according to what Zhao's grandfather said, Ye Chen should have gone home earlier.

until now Ye Chen had not come to pick her up.

Finally, after waiting quite a long time, Su Mengxin saw Ye Chen's car coming.

Ye Chen immediately stopped in front of Su Mengxin, Ye Chen opened the door so Su Mengxin could get inside, Su Mengxin immediately got in the car "Mengxin have you been waiting long? "Asked Ye Chen.

"I've been waiting for you for almost an hour, where exactly have you guys been," Su Mengxin complained to Ye Chen.

"Sorry at school there was a little problem so we had to stay a little longer" Ye Chen apologized for being very late to pick up Su Mengxin.

"Forget it, you don't need to apologize, let's go to your house" Su Mengxin looked impatient to go to Ye Chen's house.

Su Mengxin was very curious about the other two Ye Chen women, Su Mengxin really hoped that the other Ye Chen women could get along like Zhao Yanyan.

"Well, let's get to behavior." Ye Chen tried the accelerator and fled from the military district.

The army assigned by Zhao Jinshan was relieved that their task was finished, they were very depressed because they had to protect a very important person, if something happened to Su Mengxin then their careers would all end here.