Journey To Become A True God Chapter 164

164 Liu Yues Company Is Having Problems
Ye Chen drove to his villa, Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin talked about things they both liked, the two of them discussed what topics women liked.

Ye Chen only listened to the conversation of the two girls from the side.

After 20 minutes Ye Chen arrived in the golden Eagle district, Ye Chen immediately headed to his location of residence.

When Ye Chen was driving into the villa courtyard, he saw Xiao Lulu watering a beautiful flower in the park, beside Xiao Lulu there was Fu Lanling who was currently admiring the beauty of this flower.

Ye Chen didn't remember that there were flowers in the courtyard of this villa, it seems like this beautiful flower was planted by Xiao Lulu and Fu Lanling.

Seeing the arrival of Ye Chen's car, Fu Lanling immediately turned around, she wanted to welcome Ye Chen.

Xiao Lulu on the other hand also stopped watering plants, Xiao Lulu looks very happy working in this villa.

Not only is the workplace comfortable, the people in this villa are also very kind to her, Xiao Lulu feels fortunate to be able to work in a place like this.

After the car was parked, Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Su Mengxin immediately got out of the car.

"Husband, Ye Chen's big brother, welcome back" Fu Lanling and Xiao Lulu simultaneously welcomed Ye Chen's arrival.

"We are back," Ye Chen answered Fu Lanling and Xiao Lulu.

Fu Lanling saw that there was an additional beautiful and glamorous woman walking behind Ye Chen, she did not yet know who this glamorous woman was.

"Husband, who is this? "Fu Lanling asked who this glamorous woman was.

"Oh, let me introduce to you, this is your new sister. . . " Ye Chen hadn't finished saying, suddenly Su Mengxin came forward.

"Hello, I am Su Mengxin, beautiful sister happy to meet you" Su Mengxin immediately introduced herself to Fu Lanling, she wanted to look good in front of Ye Chen's other wife.

because all women agreed to follow Ye Chen, they had to get along with each other.

"I am Fu Lanling, nice to meet you" Fu Lanling welcomed Su Mengxin with a smile.

Currently Fu Lanling is not wearing an original appearance, she is hiding her appearance with a nuwa ring. Apart from Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue and Chu Yuechan, no one could see her real appearance.

Su Mengxin was happy to see Ye Chen's other wife, very friendly to her.

Su Mengxin looked to the side, there was also a beautiful and cute woman like a doll standing behind Fu Lanling, maybe this was another Ye Chen woman "Are you also Ye Chen's wife, what is your name? "Su Mengxin wants to get acquainted with cute Xiao Lulu like a doll.

Hearing this Xiao Lulu's face immediately turned red, "no, I'm not the wife of big brother Ye Chen, I'm just a servant in this house." Xiao Lulu stuttered trying to explain to Su Mengxin.

"Oh sorry, I thought you were a Ye Chen woman too" Su Mengxin apologized for mistaking Xiao Lulu for being Ye Chen's woman.

"Maybe now she is not yet Ye Chen's woman, but one day that can happen" Zhao Yanyan laughed teasingly.

Xiao Lulu's face got even hotter, Xiao Lulu only dared to bow her head down, she didn't dare to see the faces of all the people in this place

"Yanyan stop teasing Xiao Lulu, you scared her" Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan not to tempt Xiao Lulu anymore.

" Hehehe, I understand" Zhao Yanyan still chuckled a little when she promised Ye Chen.

"Oh yeah, where is Yue right now?" Ye Chen asked Liu Yue's whereabouts, he did not feel Liu Yue in the villa at all.

"If I'm not mistaken, Yue's sister is currently in a place called the company, she said that there is a serious problem in that place" Fu Lanling explained to Ye Chen.

Fu Lanling is still learning modern civilization, she still doesn't really know the terms in the modern world.

Ye Chen tried to contact Liu Yue's cellphone, unfortunately Liu Yue's cellphone was busy or diverted to another call.

"Linger, has Liu Yue ever told you that this problem is serious? ", Ye Chen asked whether this problem was serious or not.

"I don't know, sister Yue only said that the company is having a problem, actually I want to accompany her to go, but Yue's sister refuses," said Fu Lanling.

"I will go there to see, maybe Yue needs my help" Ye Chen wanted to see the state of Liu Yue, maybe he was currently in trouble.

"Do I need to go with you? "Fu Lanling wants to go together with Ye Chen.

"You stay here just to look after Yanyan, Mengxin and Lulu" Ye Chen can go alone, anyway if there is a serious problem Ye Chen still has Ye Xiu a small fox strong enough to help him fight.

"Well, I understand" Fu Lanling nodded at Ye Chen.

"Yanyan you can bring Mengxin into the fairy gate, let her choose a suitable cultivation technique" Ye Chen wanted Zhao Yanyan to bring Su Mengxin into the fairy gate, to start the path to become a cultivator.

"Take it easy, I will help her become a cultivator" Zhao Yanyan promised to do what Ye Chen told her to do.

After informing that, Ye Chen immediately returned to the car and drove towards Liu's company.

A few tens of minutes later Ye Chen arrived in front of Liu's company, in front of the company there were a lot of ambulances and medical personnel with ill-equipped equipment brought sick people into the ambulance

Ye Chen saw that these people's lips were a little pale black, surely those people had been poisoned by someone.

Ye Chen immediately got out of the car, he searched for Liu Yue's whereabouts with spirit sensei, Liu Yue was currently on the 10th floor with dozens of strangers,

After knowing where Liu Yue was, Ye Chen immediately rushed to the 10th floor to meet Liu Yue.

in the middle of the journey Ye Chen smell poison powder everywhere, this powder is very difficult to know because the smell can mix with the surrounding area, this powder can make a person have difficulty breathing, dizziness and the body becomes paralyzed in a few days.

If the person affected by this poison is not handled properly, it is quite dangerous and can result in death.

This poison powder is not possible to be made by ordinary people, only poison experts can make powder like this, people who spread this poison porridge must have evil intentions on Liu Yue.

Ye Chen resumed his journey to the 10th floor, when he reached the 10th floor, there were many people who were sitting on the floor. some of these people have difficulty breathing.

Ye Chen knew that some of these people had been exposed to the poison that had been spread in every corner of the company.

Liu Yue herself was watching the people in front of her sadly.

Liu Yue did not understand what really happened to her employees today, suddenly many people fell ill within a few hours.

This does not only happen at the head office, even the company's branch office reports that there are many employees who suddenly fall ill.

Liu Yue is currently looking for the source of the problem, what makes the employees in this company suddenly fall ill.

Liu Yue mobilized the best scientists in the company to investigate the cause of this tragedy, after finishing examining food and water samples, scientists did not find anything strange.

Liu Yue increasingly helpless, if this continues then the company will not be able to run normally, the resulting loss will be very extraordinary.