Journey To Become A True God Chapter 165

165 Look For The Enemy Identity
Ye Chen moved towards Liu Yue's side "Yue, are you alright? "Ye Chen immediately asked Liu Yue's situation, she was worried about Liu Yue's condition.

"Husband, I'm fine," Liu Yue immediately hugged Ye Chen.

Liu Yue was quite touched to hear that Ye Chen was very worried about her.

some employees and staff who saw this their jaws almost fell in shock, they saw the great business queen Liu Yue hugging and calling on this young man Husband, since when was chairman Liu Yue married, why did they all not know this?.

"Actually, what is happening in this place? "Ye Chen asked Liu Yue what happened in this building, why is there so much poison powder that fills every corner of this building.

"Husband, please help me find out what happened to them" Liu Yue pointed at some employees who currently looked pale and looked unhealthy, in fact Liu Yue did not want to bother Ye Chen too much for small matters like this, but he was unable to solve the problem this alone.

Liu Yue found a way to find out what happened to the employees in her company.

"Yue, they were all poisoned, it seems like there is someone who intends evil on your company", Ye Chen told Liu Yue what was happening to these people.

"So all my employees were poisoned" It turns out that Liu Yue was right, the employee at this company was poisoned by someone.

but who is the one who wants to harm this many people, if indeed that person is targeting the company, the target should be her.

Liu Yue did not know what was thought by the person who poisoned the employees at her company.

"Husband, is this poison dangerous? Liu Yue immediately asked whether this poison was dangerous or not.

"You don't need to worry that this poison won't be dangerous, as long as it's handled properly, then it will be fine, first we remove them from here, the whole company has been contaminated with poison powder, it's not good to stay in this place" first Ye Chen told Liu Yue to move these people out of the building.

"Well, I understand" Liu Yue immediately did what Ye Chen told her to do.

"Everyone, let's get out of this building, please help people who are unable to walk out of the building." Liu Yue told everyone to help one another, so that they could get out of this building.

All employees and staff immediately help people who can not walk away from this building.

Liu Yue also contacted other branch offices to do the same thing as the one here.

Ye Chen took a note paper and wrote a few words on it, this is a recipe for detoxifying poison along with how to process medicinal ingredients, "Yue you can immediately buy the medicinal material that I have written, and give it to everyone who is poisoned".

Liu Yue received the medicine prescription paper from Ye Chen, she immediately entrusted everything to her secretary.

This building was empty, only Liu Yue and Ye Chen were in this building

Now all that's left is to find out who the perpetrators want to harm this company.

"Yue where is this office's CCTV monitoring room? ", Ye Chen immediately asked where the surveillance room was.

Ye Chen hoped the culprit could be caught on a CCTV camera that was placed at several points in this building.

"Come here" Liu Yue pulled Ye Chen's hand and took him to the CCTV monitoring room.

After arriving, Liu Yue played back the CCTV footage, she and Ye Chen were both watching the recording that looked suspicious.

At a certain moment all the cameras suddenly turned off and the recording was interrupted, Ye Chen raised his eyebrows, it seemed this person was very smart, he deliberately turned off the CCTV before taking action.

"wife, try to play the footage in this room", Ye Chen asked Liu Yue to play the CCTV in this monitoring room.

When the recording is playing, there is a man in an old robe who enters this room, this man is very easy to disable the guards in this room, in the process this mysterious man only needs to move one finger, a green mist starts to emerge from the body of a person this.

the guards inhaling the mist were holding their neck in pain, a few moments later the guards lost consciousness and lay on the floor.

it could be seen that this person must be a poison cultivator, Ye Chen suspected that this person had a connection with Du Yao's sect.

this was only Ye Chen's conjecture temporary, he did not know whether his guess was right or wrong

"Yue might be that this person is from the same sect as Du Yao, maybe they want to avenge your company" Ye Chen told her the allegations he had.

"Husband, maybe you're right, it seems like the sect of Du Yao is taking revenge on me and this company" Liu Yue was angry with the sect of poisons, in this case they involved thousands of innocent people.

Now that Liu Yue is a cultivator, she is no longer afraid like before.

"Husband, how do we find this poison sect, if it is made possible they will continue and continue to look for problems in this company", today's problem has been resolved thanks to Ye Chen's help, but the root of the problem has not been eradicated, surely people from the poison sect will continue to arrive at her company.

Now that Liu Yue is a cultivator, she is no longer afraid like before.

"Husband, how do we find this poison sect, if it is made possible they will continue and continue to look for problems in this company", today's problem has been resolved thanks to Ye Chen's help, but the root of the problem has not been eradicated, surely people from the poison sect will continue to arrive at his company.

"You don't need to worry, let's find their whereabouts," Ye Chen called Ye Xiu out.

when Ye Xiu's little fox came out a little to yawn, it looks like this fox just woke up.

Ye Chen was helpless, he really was like raising a lazy pig whose only work was to sleep.

"Little fox, it's time for you to work, now quickly find a cultivator who was a moment ago in this place." Ye Chen ordered Ye Xiu to look for traces of cultivators from the poison sect.

the smell of the nine-tailed fox is very strong, the nine-tailed fox can smell someone tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Fox Ye Xiu shook her head, she did not want to be told to do something like this.

"You lazy bum, if you don't want to do this, there is no food ration I will give you." Ye Chen threatened not to give medicinal plants and peaches in heaven to the fox Ye Xiu.

"Nyuu, Nyuu" Ye Xiu immediately protested to Ye Chen, because she did not want the food rations that he had taken by Ye Chen, Ye Xiu's fox was forced to do what Ye Chen told her to do.

Ye Xiu started sniffing around this place, after a while, this fox discovered the smell of cultivators from the poison sect.

"Nyuu, Nyuu" Ye Xiu told Ye Chen and Liu Yue to follow her.

Ye Chen immediately followed behind Ye Xiu, because Liu Yue was still unable to catch up to the speed of him and Ye Xiu, Ye Chen had to carry Liu Yue.

Ye Xiu jumped from the building, she flew over the horizon collar, Ye Chen also did the same thing as Ye Xiu, he jumped and followed in the direction where the fox Ye Xiu went.

Ye Xiu led Ye Chen and Liu Yue off to a building that was quite majestic and tall, this building could almost rival Liu Yue's company building.

Ye Xiu pointed down using his tail.

Ye Chen understood that the person he was looking for was in this building.

After telling the location of the person who was looking for Ye Chen, Ye Xiu turned into particles and disappeared.

"Isn't this the Jun Company building, why did Ye Xiu ask us to come here? "Liu Yue muttered, Liu Yue certainly knows who owns this building.

"Yue, do you know the owner of this building? "Ye Chen saw that Liu Yue already knew the owner of this building.

"Of course, this building belongs to Jun Jing who is quite rich and famous in this city, I hear that now the new chairman of the company is his son, Jun Moxi," Liu Yue explained to Ye Chen.