Journey To Become A True God Chapter 166

166 The Location Of The Poison Sec
It turns out that this building is owned by Jun Jing, father of Jun Moxi, Ye Chen once dealt with Jun Moxi while escorting Xia Qingyu.

Had that person dared to hire a cultivator to harm and destroy Liu Yue's business, if he was brave then Ye Chen would not let go of that person.

"Husband, do you want Jun Jing to be the culprit?" Liu Yue suspected that the enemy behind all this was Jun Jing.

"Let's go inside, to ensure the truth" Ye Chen invited Liu Yue into the building to find out the truth.

Ye Chen already knew where the location of this cultivator was, he was currently in a room with someone.

Ye Chen brought Liu Yue into the room, Ye Chen made a barrier that could not be found by the opponent.

In this room, Ye Chen saw a similar poison cultivator in the CCTV footage, at this time the poison cultivator was talking to the middle-aged man in front of him.

this guy is definitely Jun Jing, middle-aged man is around 45 ~ 50 years old.

"Senior Du Gou, how is today's business going well?" Jun Jin immediately asked if everything was going well.

It turns out that this is Du Gou, the elder in the poison sect, "You don't need to worry, Liu's company has now spread my poison, starting all their activities will stop completely".

"That is very good, now we are just waiting for Liu's company to experience setbacks, I will try to accompany public opinion if Liu Yue is not good in treating the employees in the company, so the prestige of Liu Yue will go down" Jun Jing came up with his own plan, after Liu's company suffered a setback, it was the right time for him to take over Liu Yue's company.

"I will help you as much as possible, and according to our agreement for the results of 50% ~ 50%", it seems like these two people from the beginning have done a planned transaction.

The poison sect does not dare to openly do things like this, if this is known by a six-door organization then all their efforts will be in vain, they need someone to be made into a tool so that it is not known

Therefore Du Gou used Jun Jing as a piece to successfully plan Liu Yue's wealth.

In addition to seeking revenge for Du Khun's death, the poison sect really needs funding to buy various medicines to accelerate the rise in their cultivation bases.

"Senior Du Gou, you don't need to worry, I will definitely remember the agreement we made before," Jun Jing didn't know at all that he was only used as a tool for the prosperity of the poison sect, Jun Jing was too tempted by the benefits he could get from Du Gou.

Who in this city is not tempted by Liu's enormous corporate wealth.

Even Liu's company wealth is 20 x bigger than all the assets owned by Jun Jing right now.

Hearing the conversation of these two people, made Liu Yue angry, she did not think that Jun Jing had anything to do with the problems in her company.

Liu Yue wanted to move forward and give lessons to these two people.

Ye Chen immediately stopped Liu Yue who tried to act rashly.

"Husband, let go of me, I want to give these two people a decent lesson" Liu Yue tried to break away from Ye Chen.

"Yue don't be rash, that man's strength is above you, you're not his opponent" Du Gou's strength has reached the peak of the Earth Realm, with Liu Yue's current strength, Liu Yue is not a match for Du Gou.

"husband, why don't you act, with your current strength, you can definitely paralyze that person very easily, so I can teach Jun Jing a lesson." Liu Yue questioned why Ye Chen did not act against Du Gou.

"Yue, Jun Jing is not a threat to us, now what we need is to find out the location of the poison sect, if we can destroy the poison sect, you can do what you want to Jun Jing." Ye Chen made Liu Yue understand a little what to done, the biggest threat was the poison sect, that's why Ye Chen intended to destroy the poison sect.

Liu Yue understood, she began to become calmer.

Ye Chen listened again to the conversation between these two people.

"Jun Jing, did you finish what I asked yesterday?" Du Gou asked whether Jun Jing had finished what he told me yesterday.

"Of course, everything is in here." Jun Jing gave a document to Du Gou.

The contents of this document are details about Ye Chen's background and details.

Du Gou read all the details of Ye Chen's data, from here he did not see anything special about this man named Ye Chen.

Du Gou began to wonder if this person really was the murderer of his third brother.

"You work really well, I like it" Du Gou was satisfied seeing Jun Jing's work.

Du Gou put the document in the clothes "My business here is finished, I will return to the sect first" Du Gou said goodbye.

Du Gou opened the window and jumped down, Jun Jing was shocked to see what Du Gao was doing, this was the top floor which was hundreds of meters high from the ground, if someone fell from above here they would surely die right away.

It seems like Jun Jing met someone who has capabilities beyond human reason, Jun Jing began to believe, all plans to seize the company of Liu Yue will definitely run smoothly.

with the help of someone as strong as this everything will definitely be very easy.

This was an opportunity to find out the location of the poison sect, Ye Chen took Liu Yue away to follow Du Gou.

From above the sky Ye Chen always saw Du Gou's movements, Ye Chen never let go of attention from Du Gou's body.

Du Gou jumped from building to building, he intended to leave this city.

Ye Chen and Liu Yue continued to follow in Du Gou's footsteps, Du Gou looked very careful, Du Gou looked back several times to make sure no one followed him.

Du Gou also circled several times to make sure no one knew the location of the poison sect.

Ye Chen followed Du Gou very patiently, 2 hours later Ye Chen finally saw a building with ancient architecture visible several hundred meters in front of him.

This building is covered by a barrier so it cannot be seen by ordinary people.

It looks like this is the headquarters of the poison sect, Du Gou immediately headed to this ancient building, when going inside, he was greeted by 2 guards who looked very respectful of Du Gou.

Du Gou entered and headed for the building in the middle, from above the sky Ye Chen saw Du Gou disappear into the building.

Liu Yue, who was currently in the arms of Ye Chen, could also see the location of this ancient building, this building was located in the middle of a forest that was very rarely visited by humans.

"Husband, we have found the poison sect headquarters, what are we going to do next?" Liu Yue asked what Ye Chen would do next.

"Of course we will destroy this sect", Ye Chen had to destroy a sect like this. The poison sect was an evil sect that was quite dangerous for Ye Chen's family, they deserved to be destroyed.

Ye Chen brought Liu Yue down to the ground "Yue do you want to come or live here? Ye Chen asked whether Liu Yue wanted to fight or just stay here.

"Of course I come, I want to try the fighting skills that I have been training all this time" Liu Yue wants to try the fighting skills that she has trained with Fu Lanling.

Liu Yue knew that sooner or later this would definitely happen too, the world of cultivators was a hard world, battles between cultivators could not be avoided.

Fu Lanling had said to Liu Yue that one day she would definitely meet a situation where you had to kill enemies to protect everyone you belonged to.

Liu Yue still has conflict in her heart, whether she is able to do such a thing, for Liu Yue, killing is not as easy as talking, she is still afraid when thinking about such a thing.