Journey To Become A True God Chapter 167

167 Power Of Blue Moon God Ar
"Alright, yue make sure not to be too kind to people from the poison sect, they are very cunning people, their bodies are filled with a variety of poisons that can be used to attack you when you let your guard down a little." Ye Chen told Liu Yue to be careful when fighting cultivators from the poison sect.

Ye Chen would take care of strong cultivators, while Liu Yue could take care of cultivators whose level was comparable to the current cultivation base.

Liu Yue took out a blue sword from the storage ring, this sword was given by Fu Lanling as a gift for her, the sword named blue jade. This sword was not only very light but also very sharp.

"Yue where did you get the sword from?" Ye Chen asked who had given Liu Yue a sword as good as this.

"This was given by Lanling's sister, she said this sword is suitable for me to use" Liu Yue quite liked the sword given by Fu Lanling, besides being light it was also easy to use.

it turns out that this sword was given by Fu Lanling, it is fitting that the quality is very good.

"Let's go" Ye Chen invited Liu Yue to the poison sect.

Ye Chen invited Liu Yue to go to the poison sect gate, the two sect gate guards saw Ye Chen's arrival, as Ye Chen approached the two guards immediately on standby.

When the two guards looked at Liu Yue who was very beautiful, they immediately drooled, the two guards had never seen a woman as beautiful as this before.

Poison sect is an evil sect, this sect usually kidnaps girls / women from the countryside for experiments and to satisfy lust.

Seeing a woman as beautiful as Liu Yue, made these two guards excited.

Liu Yue saw the indecent gazes from the two gatekeepers of the poison sect, she was very upset to see how these two people looked at her.

Ye Chen also saw how these two people looked at Liu Yue, how dare these two people looked at his wife with such a gaze.

Ye Chen used the nine steps down and appeared behind the two sect guards, these two people were completely unprepared when Ye Chen attacked.

"Bamm. . . ., bamm. . . , "Ye Chen immediately hit these two people very strongly.

The two sect guards were currently on the ground, they were both spewing out mouthfuls of blood, because the injuries were too serious they immediately lost consciousness.

"Let's go in." Ye Chen and Liu Yue went inside.

because this sect installed Ye Chen's protective aray must first destroy this aray.

"Ringing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "After the barrier was destroyed the sect's alarm sound sounded very loud.

"You all come out" Ye Chen shouted, Ye Chen's scream echoed throughout the entire sect.

Hearing there was a warning that the enemy was attacking, the poison sect disciples immediately left their cultivation sites.

Meanwhile in the main hall Du Gou was discussing his plans with Du Naru.

"Second younger brother, how can you be so rash, we haven't found out about the enemy, how dare you do such a thing" Du Naru scolded Du Gou for making a decision too quickly.

At the moment their sect doesn't know how strong a man named Ye Chen is, if a sect offends a strong person, this could be a disaster for the sect.

"First brother, you don't need to worry, I have already found out the origin of the person who killed the third brother, that person is very ordinary even his background is very normal, I think he can kill the third brother by using underhanded methods. "Du Gou throws a document containing Ye Chen's identity.

Du Naru took the document that was on the table, after reading it Du Naru saw that this young man was very normal, there wasn't anything specific about this person.

Was Du Yao wrong in thinking that the person who killed Du Khun ?, Du Naru began to think that maybe this person was not Du Khun's killer.

When these two people were discussing, the sect's alarm alarm sounded.

Suddenly Du Gou and Du Naru stood up and came out of the main hall, they wanted to see what was happening outside.

When Du Gou and Du Naru came out, they saw that there were two people who were surrounded by all the sect's students.

the two of them are a pair of men and women, Du Gou and Du Narusangat familiar with these two people.

One was Ye Chen and the other was Liu Yue, despite being surrounded by dozens of people, Ye Chen and Liu Yue were still very relaxed.

The two of them waited for everyone in the sect to come here, it would be easier to defeat them together, Ye Chen had already closed all escape access to the poison sect, inevitably they had to fight with him and Liu Yue.

"You are brave enough to come here, don't you know that you are currently entering the lion's den, hahaha" Du Gou laughed seeing Ye Chen come to this Sect voluntarily, this way he didn't need to bother looking for Ye Chen anymore.

"How did you get here? "Unlike Du Gou, Du Naru is more careful when he sees Ye Chen, he doesn't want to underestimate the enemy even though the enemy has been cornered.

Ye Chen chuckled seeing Du Gou who looked very arrogant "I did come here on purpose, I came here to destroy your sect".

Not only Du Gou and Nu Naru were angry after hearing this, the sect's students were also very angry when they heard Ye Chen's words just now.

"What are you waiting for, quickly kill these two people" Du Gou roared, he ordered all the students who had surrounded Ye Chen and Liu Yue.

Without saying much all the students immediately fired poisonous projectiles and poison gas at Ye Chen and Liu Yue.

"Yue you handle all of them, make sure to remain careful" Ye Chen let Liu Yue handle the poison sect disciples.

Liu Yue immediately pulled out her sword, she used the steps of the Blue Moon Shadow to blink, Liu Yue instantly moved behind the sect's poison disciples.

After Liu Yue moved, the place where she had stood had been replaced by a number, the poison sect disciples only attacked Liu Yue's substitute.

"Ah. . . . ! "A scream of pain rang out, Liu Yue immediately stabbed several poison sect disciples from behind.

The poison sect students who were stabbed did not know that Liu Yue was behind him, right now they were focusing on attacking Liu Yue's shadow.

"How is it possible" some sect disciples could not believe seeing Liu Yue had fallen far behind them, if this person was behind them, then what did they just attack?

Liu Yue didn't talk much, she used the Blue Moon Shadow blink and returned to attacking the disciples of the poison sect.

The disciples of the poison sect couldn't see the direction of Liu Yue's attack, every time they carried out the attack only on Liu Yue's shadow, after that they only realized that it had been stabbed by Liu Yue's sword.

Ye Chen saw how Liu Yue fought, he saw that Liu Yue was already very skilled in using the Blue Moon God art.

Even some students who were already in the early stages of Earth Realm were unable to compete with Liu Yue's skills.

Too bad Liu Yue didn't directly kill these people, if Liu Yue wanted to she should have stabbed the heart of a disciple from the poison sect.

Seeing that there was no chance of victory, the poison sect disciple tried to escape Liu Yue.

Liu Yue did not give these people any chance to escape, she continued to attack the disciples of the poison sect.

Du Gou was furious to see his student dropped by Liu Yue, Du Gou rushed towards Liu Yue to attack her "how dare you hurt my student".

Du Gou's palm turned black, this palm contained a very dangerous poison.

"Bamm" Ye Chen arrived in front of Du Gao, he stopped Du Gou's attack by using a punch, Du Gou who received Ye Chen's punch immediately retreated tens of meters.

"You can't interfere, your opponent is me" Ye Chen would not let these two people interfere with Liu Yue's battle.

Du Gou looked at Ye Chen with a killing look, his entire palm shaking with pain, Du Gou had no idea that Ye Chen would become this strong.