Journey To Become A True God Chapter 168

168 Kill Du Gou And Du Naru
Du Naru immediately went to Du Gou's side to see how he was "Second brother, are you okay?" Du Naru helped Du Gou stand up, he saw that in the exchange of blows Du Gou was clearly defeated.

Du Naru looked at Ye Chen, how this young man had such great strength at a very young age.

"First brother, let's join hands to defeat this person" Because he couldn't defeat Ye Chen alone, Du Gou invited Du Naru to work together to defeat Ye Chen.

Du Naru nodded, he knew that if the two did not cooperate, they might lose, both of them simultaneously released deep energy, Du Naru and Du Gou's body was covered by a green aura.

The pressure held by these two people was quite strong, the ground beneath them began to crack.

Du Naru and Du Gou simultaneously went to attack Ye Chen.

Du Naru and Du Gou attacked Ye Chen from both sides, the palm used to hit Ye Chen contained a very deadly poison, "bamm. . . . . ., bamm. . . . . ., bamm. . . . . ., bamm. . . . . ., ".

Ye Chen welcomed Du Gou and Du Naru's attacks, for Ye Chen the poison belonging to Du Gou and Du Naru would not be able to harm him at all.

Du Naru and Du Gou attacked Ye Chen very blindly

"Bamm. . . . , bamm. . ... . "Ye Chen kicked Du Gou's head and Du Naru's chest.

Both of them flew backwards, they both held the part that Ye Chen had just kicked with pain.

"Motherfucker, has this person reached the realm of Sky Realm" even after Du Gou collaborated with Du Naru, they both still had no advantage when fighting with Ye Chen.

"Be careful these two people are very strange, their strength is not the same as the cultivation base they have" Du Naru has repeatedly inspected the cultivation base, Ye Chen and Liu Yue.

Ye Chen was only the 2nd level Earth Relam, while Liu Yue was only the 7th level Spirit Profound Realm, with a cultivation base like that how these two people could fight a much stronger enemy.

Ye Chen was currently hiding his cultivation base by using the Reideran Pendant necklace, as a celestial tier artifact, the Reideran Pendant necklace could hide Ye Chen's power so perfectly, that even cultivators in the deva realm would not be able to feel Ye Chen's true strength.

"Are you going to keep silent there, okay if you don't want to attack, let me attack you" Ye Chen used the nine shadow step and started hitting Du Gou and Du Naru.

"Bamm. . . . , bamm. . . . , bamm. . . . , bamm. . . . , bamm. . . . , "Ye Chen landed dozens of blows on Du Gou and Du Naru's bodies.

Du Gou and Du Naru had tried their best to fend off Chen Chen's attack, unfortunately they couldn't guess at all where Ye Chen's attack had come from.

Du Gou and Du Naru did not believe that this power could be possessed by people with a cultivation base that was only at the second level of the Earth Realm.

Ye Chen and Du Naru began to bleed, receiving Chen's punch from the body. The blood that came out was not red but black.

"Is this all you have?" Ye Chen wanted to show that they made a big mistake while looking for trouble with him

"Damn I can not stand it anymore, let's show the true strength of the sect of poison" Du Gou no longer know to accept defeat like this.

Du Gou immediately made a strange move, Ye Chen had seen this movement when fighting Du Khun.

After completing the movements, Du Gou's body began to emit a large amount of black liquid, this black liquid appeared and formed a giant snake monster.

This giant snake had a length of 15 meters and a width of almost 2 meters, this snake hissed towards Ye Chen.

Du Gou came out of the head of this giant snake "this time I want to see how you will beg under my feet" Du Gou's giant snake headed towards Ye Chen, this snake opened its huge jaws to eat Ye Chen.

Ye Chen did not avoid at all, he waited for the arrival of this monster snake.

Ye Chen was immediately eaten by this giant monster,

"Husband" Liu Yue was worried about Ye Chen, now that Liu Yue had finished crippling all disciples of the poison sect, in fact he wanted to help Ye Chen, if Liu Yue intervened, she would instead burden Ye Chen.

"Hahahaha, this is very easy" Du Gou laughed happily, now just waiting for Ye Chen's body to be crushed by the poison that belongs to this giant snake.

from inside the belly of this giant snake came out a very hot fire, this fire immediately began to spread throughout the body of the giant snake, within seconds the giant snake made of poison was burned into nothingness.

Du Gou who fused with the body of this giant snake also disappeared into nothingness, he didn't even have the chance to scream.

"Second younger brother" Du Naru shouted Du Gou's name, he was helpless to see Du Gou die right before his eyes.

"I will kill you" Du Naru started to make strange movements like Du Gou.

Ye Chen did not let Du Gou finish the ritual that he performed "breaking meteor blow, Boom" Du Naru's body was flown several miles by Ye Chen.

in the distance Du Naru saw Ye Chen with horror eyes, Du Naru began to lose consciousness and suddenly die on the spot

Seeing this the sect's poison disciples began to surrender voluntarily, now the two strongest Sects had died, no one could protect this sect anymore.

"Husband" Liu Yue immediately ran towards Ye Chen, she hugged Ye Chen's body with great pleasure.

"Are you alright?" Ye Chen asked whether Liu Yue suffered injuries when fighting with students in the poison sect.

"I'm fine" Liu Yue said that she was fine.

The people in the poison sect were too weak, they relied too much on poison weapons to fight, as long as the poison weapons did not hit Liu Yue then the chance of victory was in the hands.

"Husband, what will you do to these people", Liu Yue asked what Ye Chen would do to these people.

"What if we just destroy them, that way they will not be able to threaten other people anymore" Ye Chen said a powerful way.

"Husband, that is too cruel, they have given up not good to kill people who have given up" Liu Yue did not agree with Ye Chen's way.

"Then do you have any other way to treat them?" Because the way he was refused, Ye Chen wanted to know if there was another way to deal with the sect's poison students.

"What if we throw away their power, that way they won't be able to harm other people." Liu Yue has a great way to deal with these people.

"But they are a poison sect, even though they lost their power, they still have poison to use as weapons." Liu Yue's idea was actually very good if used on ordinary cultivators, unfortunately this is a poison cultivator, such a method is not suitable for dealing with poison sect.

Liu Yue began to think that her method could not be effective, as long as these people could still make poison everything would be useless.

"Who is the person who dares to mess up in my sect" An angry roar could be heard from the horizon.