Journey To Become A True God Chapter 169

169 Patriarch And Sect Ancestor
Ye Chen and Liu Yue simultaneously saw the direction of the sound.

They both saw that in the sky three people were floating, 2 men and one woman, 2 men looked 50 years old, while one woman was still 30 years old.

Although it looks like they are under 50 years old, the age of these three people must be more than 100 years.

The strength of these 3 people has reached the beginning of the Sky Realm, these three people are Du Ren who is a patriarch of the sect, while the other two are Du Cou and Du Qing these two people are sect ancestors whose age is even older than Du Ren.

these three people looked down at their sect, they saw that the elders of the Du Gou and Du Naru sects were dead, the sect's disciples were also seriously injured.

the culprit was definitely the two people below, Ye Chen and Liu Yue.

"Yue, you retreat first, I'll take care of them" Ye Chen told Liu Yue to stay away from this place.

"Alright" Liu Yue didn't ask much, she immediately went away from the location of the poison sect.

Ye Chen floated up into the sky, he stood parallel to the 3 cultivators who had just come.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this to my sect?" Du Ren didn't attack right away, he wanted to know the reason why Ye Chen attacked his sect.

"Do you need a special reason to attack the evil sect? , you really made me laugh "Ye Chen found it funny to hear this person's words.

"Young man, how dare you" Du Cou shouted at Ye Chen, as an old man who had lived for almost 200 years, Du Cou had never met an arrogant young man like Ye Chen.

"Brother, why bother talking to people like this, let's just kill him", Du Qing was an impatient woman, she wanted to kill Ye Chen right away.

Du Qing was the first person to try to attack Ye Chen, she used the poisonous nail she had to attack Ye Chen.

As a sect ancestor, Du Qing's power was above Du Ren, this woman was also known to be very cruel, she usually killed enemies and tortured them to beg for forgiveness.

"Bamm !! Ye Chen used his left hand to hit Du Qing's chest.

Receiving this attack Du Qing immediately retreated hundreds of meters away, she held her chest in pain, blood began to emanate from Du Qing's purple-colored lips.

"Sister, ancestor" Du Ran and Du Cou rushed to Du Qing's side, both of them seeing Du Qing's condition.

"Are you OK?" Du Cou drains deep energy to relieve the pain that Du Qing has.

Du Cou is the person who best understands the power possessed by Du Qing, Du Qing who has reached the 2nd level of Sky Relam, with only one palm being struck down by this person.

Moreover, this person's strength was only the second stage of the Earth Realm, this was something beyond a cultivator's reasoning.

"I'm fine" Du Qing looked up at Ye Chen, this woman's killing aura was very strong.

"Actually, I don't really like to hit weak women, but because you guys want to fight, I will serve you." Ye Chen told the three to go forward together.

"This person is strong enough, let's join hands to defeat him" Du Cou asked Du Ran and Du Qing to join hands against Ye Chen.

Deep aura began to emerge from Du Cou and Du Qing's bodies, they went towards Ye Chen to attack him, at the back of Du Ran tasked with throwing hundreds of poison projectiles towards Ye Chen, this was intended to inhibit Ye Chen's movements, so Du Cou and Du Qing was more flexible when attacking Ye Chen.

"Bamm. . . . . , bamm. . . . . bamm . . . . bamm . . . . bamm . . . . ", Above the sky Ye Chen exchanged several blows with Du Cou and Du Qing.

Du Cou and Du Qing felt pressured, every time they exchanged blows with Ye Chen, they always suffered losses.

While Du Ran's poison projectile couldn't touch Ye Chen's body at all, every time it would hit Ye Chen, the poison projection was stopped by an invisible force.

"Damn, what's wrong with this person, why is his strength completely abnormal" Du Cou felt Ye Chen was very strange, this person's strength was completely abnormal.

"Brother, let's use that technique to kill this person." Du Qing reportedly used a technique to deal with Ye Chen.

"Well, let's try" Du Cou and Du Qing fly to opposite sides, they are currently on Ye Chen's right and left sides.

"Toxic gas bursts killer" Du Cou and Du Qing open their mouths simultaneously, from Du Cou's mouth came out green colored gas, while from inside Du Qing's mouth came out purple gas.

The two gases that were green and purple began to envelop Ye Chen's body, these two gases began to mix and cause a very dangerous chemical reaction.

This poison gas is like a substance that is very dangerous, if exposed to the skin it will immediately make the person's skin melt until only the bones remain.

If ordinary people or cultivators are weak to the point of poison, within seconds their bodies will melt and turn into bones.

Moreover, this poison gas has been improved by the combined technique of Du Cou and Du Qing.

Du Cou and Du QIng saw the poison gas they had released.

"Strange, why aren't you screaming? "Du Cou feels strange, he didn't hear screams from Ye Chen.

Usually people affected by this technique will scream in pain due to their melted skin, strangely until now there are no screams that can be heard by Du Cou.

"Maybe he died immediately by our poison" Poison woman Du Qing suspected Ye Chen died instantly after being exposed to this poison gas.

From inside the poison gas sprays a ray of light, the light is getting bigger until it swallows all the poison gas that exists.

the speck of light turned out to be a flame, an enormous flame enveloping Ye Chen's body.

"How could he not be hurt after being exposed to our technique?" Du Qing could not believe that Ye Chen had not been injured in the slightest after being exposed to poison gas which had been increased by her and Du Cou.

Even Ye Chen's clothes did not show the slightest trace of scratches.

Ye Chen looked at Du Cou and Du Qing who looked very surprised "actually I still want to play a little with you guys, unfortunately I don't have time for that, let's finish as soon as possible" Ye Chen didn't want to stay too long to stay in this place, he wants to end all this immediately

"Don't be so arrogant, we just started" even before Du Qing finished her words, Ye Chen had already hit Du Qing to the ground.

Du Qing on the ground vomited a lot of black blood.

"How dare you, feel this, Broken Poison Claw?" Du Cou landed his carak on Ye Chen's back.

Ye Chen used the nine shadow step to avoid Du Cou's "Breaking Meteor Blow" attack. Ye Chen landed an attack right on Du Cou's head.

"Booom" Du Cou hit the ground very strongly, this collision made a rather large crater, in the middle of this crater there is Du Cou which fills out a lot of blood.