Journey To Become A True God Chapter 170

170 Poison King Monsters
Seeing this Du Ran immediately rushed to save Du Qing and Du Cou.

"Don't come here", Du Cou forbids Du Ran from approaching.

"Du Ran, hurry up you use that technique, we might not win against it, because the sect has been destroyed we better drag him along with the destruction of our sect" seeing no chance of winning from Ye Chen, Du Cou told Du Ran to use forbidden techniques, at most not even though their godly sect could still drag people who wanted to destroy the sect with them.

"But. . . " Du Ran is still hesitant to use the technique, the forbidden technique requires a price to use it.

"What are you waiting for, hurry up and do this command" Du Cou was almost out of breath while talking, he was almost at his limit.

"Alright ancestor, I understand" Du Ran took a knife with a very complicated motif.

Ye Chen wanted to see what Du Ran would do using that knife.

Unexpected things done by patriarch Du Ran, he stabbed his own heart, blood began to come out of Du Ran's chest.

"Does this person intend to commit suicide?" Ye Chen thought that this person would commit suicide.

Du Ran's blood came out in large quantities, this blood could move on its own, the blood moved and formed a circle with various ancient writings.

"O great king of poison, I offer sacrifice for you, Come. . . . . , come on . . . . . . come on . . . . . . "Du Ran shouted like calling something.

The sky which was originally normal began to turn into complete darkness, "arghhhh. . . . ., arghhhh. . . . ., arghhhh. . . . ., arghhhh. . . . "Everyone from the poison sect began screaming in pain.

From the start of the mouth, nose and eyes came out a black liquid, Ye Chen did not know whether this was blood or poison, for sure this fluid came from the body of the sect's poison students.

It turns out that from inside the bodies of Du Qing, Du Cou, Du Gou, Du Naru and also the two guards that Ye Chen killed came out black objects just like the sect disciples.

It's like the essence of the starches of these people's lives is absorbed by something.

This large amount of liquid is gathering above the sky. This liquid forms a giant human body with a very scary face.

The height of this giant man is at least 50 meters "roar. . . . . . "This giant human ambiance is very hard, even the ground around it shakes.

This monster is the king of poison.

From the king's body the poison began to emit objects such as tentacles that spread throughout the place.

These tentacles lay their hands on whatever they could reach, the trees and grass around here wilting because they were absorbed by these tentacles.

seeing this Ye Chen immediately rushed to Liu Yue's side, right now Liu Yue was avoiding the tentacles that were chasing her.

"Slash" Ye Chen immediately cut the tentacles that were chasing Liu Yue.

"Let's stay away from this place" Ye Chen held Liu Yue away from this place.

Ye Chen carried Liu Yue as far as possible, from a distance that was very far away Ye Chen saw that the giant human was getting bigger, now the height of this giant human had almost reached 80 meters.

"Husband, what kind of monster is that actually? "Liu Yue was a little afraid to see this creepy giant human.

"I also don't know, for sure it is a forbidden technique that is used by the poison sect at the expense of all people in the poison sect." Seeing all the poison sect people die while summoning this giant human must be the price for this technique is life.

It seems like Du Ran sacrificed all life in the poison sect to use this technique.

This giant human seemed to not be controlled by anyone, he moved of his own volition.

Ye Chen had to immediately destroy this monster, otherwise this monster would get stronger while absorbing living things around it.

Ye Chen flew closer towards this giant human, Ye Chen used the "One hundred thousand fire Swords" to attack this giant human.

One hundred Ye Chen's flame swords instantly cut the giant human body into hundreds of parts.

This was easier than Ye Chen had expected, these pieces did not fall to the ground at all, they returned to the air and returned to their original form.

Ye Chen: -_- "

"You're kidding, how every enemy that I fight always has the ability to regenerate this fast, this is cheating" Ye Chen cursed enemies who always had very fast regeneration abilities.

"Roar" The poison king was angry at Ye Chen, he shot poison from his mouth.

Ye Chen avoided this burst of poison, the thing that came out of this giant human was very disgusting.

The poison vomited by the poison king was effective enough that all those affected melted like wax.

Seeing Ye Chen dodge, the poison king used thousands of tentacles to capture Ye Chen.

"Slash. . . . . ., slash. . . . . ., slash. . . . . ., slash. . . . . ., slash. . . . . Ye Ye cut every tentacle that tried to get close to him.

This makes the poison king even more angry. "Roar" This scream is far stronger than the first one, the scream can scare all the forest dwellers there, be it small insects or large animals they immediately go to flee as far as possible from the roar of the poison king .

The poison king's attack was getting crazy, he fired all the liquid in the body in all directions.

"You will not be able to win, the king of poison is our sect's sibol, he is the myth of the legend most feared by this world" Du Ran is very happy to see this beautiful view.

While all the members of the sect were dead, Du Ran still retained the last power he had to see the poison king kill Ye Chen.

it's an honor to see the legend that destroyed dozens of sects in the past.

In the past this monster had been summoned once, at that time the sect was really cornered by the combined attack of the royal family and also dozens of sects who intended to annihilate this poison sect.

Due to being forced into life and death situations, sect leaders decided to use forbidden techniques, sect leaders sacrificed 90% of sect students to use this technique.

The result was that all the combined forces of the royal family and several sects were wiped out, even though the price needed was indeed very large compared to the strength shown.

Ye Chen didn't care much about the words of the person who was dying, he used a hundred swords to encircle the body of this monster, unfortunately 100 swords were not enough to confine the body of this monster

Ye Chen opened the Sage God Fire Vein, when the fire vein opened the Ye Chen Sword doubled to a thousand.

A thousand swords of fire encircled the poison king's body and surrounded him, the poison king tried to get out, Ye Chen's sword was too strong it did not budge when attacked by the poison king.

"Hell Prison" the poison king's body which is currently locked in a fire is set on fire.

"Roar. . . . . . "This monster's despair screams were heard echoing throughout the forest.

Ye Chen's flame burned the king's poisonous body without leaving anything.

Du Ran can't believe that the legendary poison king just lost, the sacrifice they all made was in vain.

When the poison king was destroyed, the sky was clear again.

Ye Chen walked towards Du Ran who was currently dying "all the things you did were useless".

"Hehehe, you monster" Du Ran chuckled to Ye Chen, after saying the last words Du Ran closed his eyes, he had died his body turned into a lump of disgusting black liquid.

"What do you want to say, it means nothing to me" Ye Chen didn't care much about Du Ran's talk.

Finally everything was over, the poison sect had been destroyed, now no one could disturb Liu Yue's life.

now that he's dealing with Jun Jing who is involved in this matter, Ye Chen and Liu Yue will definitely not let Jun Jing just let go.

Ye Chen wanted to pick up Liu Yue who was in the distance back home.

"Master, wait, it looks like I feel a very nice treasure aura" Chu Yuechan suddenly spoke in Ye Chen's mind.