Journey To Become A True God Chapter 171

171 Golden Lotus Flower
"Huh, what treasure is that?" Ye Chen wanted to know what treasure Yu Chuechan meant.

"Quickly destroy the mountain, you will find out later" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to destroy the mountain behind the poison sect.

The mountain that Chu Yuechan pointed at was at least 2 kilometers away from the location of the poison sect, there were several cave mouths that were around this mountain, it seemed like the mouth of this cave was used by the poison sect to carry out cultivation.

Ye Chen destroyed the place where Chu Yuechan was pointing.

When Ye Chen destroyed the place, in the hole Ye Chen had destroyed, a golden yellow light appeared.

Upon seeing this Ye Chen became even more curious, he approached towards this golden light.

When it arrived Ye Ye was surprised to find a flower that gave off a golden light.

The golden light emitted by this flower is very pure, seen from the aura emitted by this flower, the age of this flower must be above 300 years.

"This. . . . . "Ye Chen didn't expect to find this very rare medicinal plant.

How could the poison sect not know that there was a rare treasure behind this mountain.

"What master are you surprised, I told you this is a very extraordinary treasure" Chu Yuechan said with great pride.

Chu Yuechan was indeed worthy of pride, if it wasn't for Chu Yuechan's help, Ye Chen might also not have known of the existence of this flower.

What Chu Yuechan found was that the Golden Lotus Flower, this medicinal plant if perfected into a pill, would have a very powerful effect on its users.

it is said that someone who takes pills made from Golden lotus can break into the Peak of the Sky Real or Emperor Realm.

Ye Chen was very happy to find this plant, it would definitely be very useful for the women he had.

Ye Chen was very careful in picking the Golden Lotus Flower, he did not want to damage the content contained in the Golden Lotus Flower.

After finishing picking the Golden Lotus Flower, he put the Golden Lotus Flower into the fairy gate storage room.

Ye Chen was relieved, there were no obstacles during the process of picking the Golden Lotus Flower.

After picking the Golden lotus Flower Ye Chen went to where Liu Yue was.

Seeing Ye Chen turn back fine, Liu Yue shouted "husband", she was glad Ye Chen was fine.

"Yue let's go home", Ye Chen invited Liu Yue back to the city, here was not a suitable place for the two of them.

Without waiting for Ye Chen, Liu Yue embraced Ye Chen's body, she knew that Ye Chen would take her flying.

"Boing. . . ., Boing. . . . . This sensation ah, Ye Chen felt that Liu Yue's large object was too strong when pressing against the chest.

"This girl must have done this on purpose" Ye Chen looked at Liu Yue who smiled softly at him.

Ye Chen hugged Liu Yue's waist "Yue wife, did you deliberately tease me?".

Ye Chen's claws grabbed Liu Yue's two large soft rabbits.

"Ah. . . . , husband what are you doing? "Liu Yue groaned, her body began to soften as Ye Chen touched the weak point she had.

After repeatedly conducting dual cultivation with Liu Yue, Ye Chen now knew the weak point in Liu Yue's body, when Ye Chen touched that weak point for just a moment, Liu Yue immediately turned into a lustful woman.

Ye Chen opened Liu Yue's shirt "Ah. . . . Liu Yue was surprised to see Ye Chen take off her clothes.

This place was a forest, how Ye Chen wanted to do shameful things in a very open place like this.

Husband, wait, this is the forest, we cannot do anything like this in the forest" Liu Yue told Ye Chen to stop.

If it continues like this Liu Yue can lose his sanity.

"Don't you want to do this with me" Ye Chen said sadly.

"It's not like that, the problem at the company is still very chaotic, I still have to solve the problems that were there, I can give you tonight, now you let me go, okay?",Liu Yue asked in a very soft voice

Hearing this gentle request, Ye Chen could not refuse. "Okay, I understand." Ye Chen immediately kissed Liu Yue's cherry lips, Liu Yue responded to the kiss from Ye Chen, the adult kiss between Ye Chen and Liu Yue lasted quite a long time.

After Liu Yue was breathing heavily and out of breath, finally Ye Chen let go of Liu Yue.

Liu Yue immediately tidied up the clothes that she belonged to.

"Let's go back" Ye Chen this time really brought Liu Yue back to the city.

15 minutes later, Ye Chen and Liu Yue re-entered the city.

"Husband, let me down at the company" Liu Yue did not want to go back to the villa first, she first had to resolve what had happened at her company.

Ye Chen understood, he also had to help Liu Yue get rid of the poison in the company building.

If the poison wasn't removed the prescription medicine that Ye Chen had given would be useless.

Ye Chen and Liu Yue descended above the company, from above here Ye Chen could see what was happening below.

under the circumstances it still looks pretty chaotic, a lot of people run to and fro to help victims who are poisoned.

"Yue, you take care of the ones downstairs, I will clean the poison in this building." Ye Chen decided to divide the tasks, Liu Yue was in charge of taking care of the employees, while he himself would take care of cleaning the poisons.

Liu Yue immediately ran down to resolve the chaos that had occurred, while Ye Chen went to clean the poison in this building.

After finishing cleaning this building, Ye Chen moved to another branch belonging to Liu Yue's company.

Ye Chen worked very hard to get rid of the poison that was in each branch of Liu Yue's company.

After an hour of cleaning Ye Chen finally finished cleaning the poison that had been spread by Du Gou.

"Ringing. . . . . . . . . "Ye Chen's cellphone rang, Ye Chen immediately saw who was the person who called him.

It turned out that this was a call from Cold Ceo Xia Qingyu "Ceo, what's up? Ye Chen immediately asked why Xia Qingyu called himself.

"Ye Chen, where are you?, Quickly come to the company" on the phone Xia Qingyu's voice was very soft, it was unusual for Xia Qingyu to talk like this.

"I'll be there soon" Ye Chen answered, after that Ye Chen closed the call from Xia Qingyu.

Because the problem at Liu Yue's company was resolved, Ye Chen could go to his company.

Ye Chen arrived at his company building, he immediately went to Xia Qingyu's room.

When he got into Xia Qingyu's room, there was a man aged around 42 ~ 45 years who stood in front of Xia Qingyu, this man was arguing with Xia Qingyu about something.

"I told you, I don't want to marry Jun Moxi, don't you understand?" Xia Qingyu looked very angry when he said this.

"Qingyu, this marriage proposal is very important for our family, if you want to marry Jun Moxi, then our family-owned medicine business can certainly grow even more" This uncle continued to encourage Xia Qingyu to marry Jun Moxi.