Journey To Become A True God Chapter 172

172 Was Told To Pretend To Be Xia Qingyus Boyfriend
"Without Jun Moxi's help, even though our family business can also grow, isn't this originally the father's fault for making Grandpa's medicine business like this, you are always easily fooled by others, with the lure of big money you easily trust them all, you end up just being used by them ". it turns out that this uncle is Xia Qingyu's father, Xia Qingyu scolded her own father who was incompetent in running the business that grandfather owned.

"How can you say that, I am your father" This uncle looked unacceptable when Xia Qingyu said that the family medicine business was destroyed because of his mistakes.

Xia Qingyu's father was named Xia Wuxan, at this time Xia Wuxan was even 45 years old.

"If only I knew the world of medicine, I would definitely take over my grandfather's business," Xia Qingyu is a business major.

she was not at all fit to take over the drug ingredients business, Xia Qingyu did not know how to judge medicinal ingredients and analyze whether these ingredients were fake or genuine, if she insisted on taking over Grandpa's business, maybe she could be tricked by the drug ingredients other seller .

The drug ingredients business is an easy business, as long as you know whether the ingredients are genuine or fake, the business will continue to grow very well.

If you do not know this material is authentic or fake, and still insist on selling it, then you can be sure that the customer who has purchased is sure to complain.

that's why grandfather entrusted the drug business to her father who was already very skilled in the field of evaluating drug ingredients.

Unfortunately, Xia Wuxan's biggest weakness is being too greedy with profits, he is often used by business partners to promise big profits.

The promised benefits did not arrive either, while the grandfather's medicinal ingredients business became increasingly chaotic.

"Therefore you must marry Jun Moxi, Jun Moxi's family is very rich, they can certainly provide more capital to our medicine ingredient business" Xia Wuxan told Xia Qingyu how to get married to Jun Moxi.

"I don't want to, I already have a boyfriend" Xia Qingyu said in a very cold voice.

"Huh, since when did you have a boyfriend, with that cold temperament, how could you possibly let a man close to you?" Xia Wuxan could not believe that Xia Qingyu had a man, with his daughter temperament like that, there could not be a man who can be close to Xia Qingyu.

"You don't believe? I will prove it to you, Huft ", Xia Qingyu then looked towards the entrance.

It turned out that Ye Chen had been at the front door, Ye Chen had heard the conflict that this father and daughter had done.

"Ye Chen finally you came" Xia Qingyu walked closer towards Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu's tone of voice was not too cold as usual "father, introduce this Ye Chen, my boyfriend" Xia Qingyu introduced Ye Chen to her father, Xia Qingyu's expression was still cold, this made the two look like lovers.

" What !! "When Ye Chen was about to scream, Xia Qingyu immediately pinched Ye Chen's waist very strongly.

Seeing the look on his scary face, Ye Chen knew what Xia Qingyu wanted from him

Surely Ye Chen was told to be a fake boyfriend again.

"This man? "Xia Wuxan pointed at Ye Chen, he saw the clothes worn by Ye Chen were too ordinary, surely this man was just a normal man who was not too rich.

Xia Wuxan already branded Ye Chen as a man who wasn't very rich.

"Qingyu is this your boyfriend, he looks not too rich" Xia Wuxan immediately underestimated Ye Chen.

"I do not care if he is not rich, the important thing is I can be with him" Xia Qingyu denied her father's words.

Xia Wuxan gritted his teeth with extreme anger, whatever happened, he had to force his daughter to marry Jun Moxi.

"You, I will give you 2 million dollars, as long as you want to leave my daughter, I will give you 2 million dollars for free" Xia Wuxan dared to pay a high price as long as Ye Chen wanted to leave Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen looked towards Xia Qingyu, Xia Qingyu immediately shook her head at Ye Chen to refuse herfather's offer.

Seeing this Ye Chen smiled there was a mischievous glint in Ye Chen's eyes.

"Uncle, isn't the price you offered too small, your daughter so beautiful, how can 2 million dollars replace Xia Qingyu?" Ye Chen said to Xia Wuxan.

Xia Qingyu was very happy to hear this from Ye Chen, it seemed like she was not wrong in judging Ye Chen.

"But if you want to improve it a few times, maybe I'll start thinking again" Ye Chen rubbed his hands together, as if to indicate that he wanted more money.

"Boom", in Xia Qingyu's mind all the good shadows about Ye Chen were destroyed, Ye Chen turned out to be like her father, greedy with money.

Xia Qingyu looked at Ye Chen very coldly.

"You are too easy, okay I will increase it to 5 million dollars, if you want to leave my daughter, I will immediately give this money to you" Xia Wuxan immediately promised 5 million dollars to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen could feel the piercing gaze of Xia Qingyu, Ye Chen ignored this gaze.

"Uncle, are you kidding? Are your daughter only worth 5 million dollars, then what if I buy your daughter with 5 million dollars, do you want to give it to me?" Ye Chen asked back to Xia Wuxan.

"You" Xia Wuxan pointed at Ye Chen, he did not know how to answer Ye Chen's question.

"If you already know, then the answer is the same as you have, I will not give Xia Qingyu for your 5 million dollars" Ye Chen hugged Xia Qingyu's slim waist.

Hearing the next words from Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu's sharp gaze immediately vanished, it turned out she was mistaken with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen actually wanted to tell her father, that a princess could not be replaced with a paper money.

Xia Qingyu's body trembled as Ye Chen's hand touched her waist, Xia Qingyu had never been hugged by a man.

Even though Xia Qingyu's face was still cold, inside Xia Qungyu's heart was beating very fast.

"You bastard, you will regret your decision today" Xia Wuxan left this room, before leaving Xia Wuxan cursed Ye Chen several times.

Xia Wuxan will make Jun Moxi deal with Ye Chen, with Jun Moxi's strength, it should not be difficult to get rid of this young man without this background.

Xia Wuxan called Jun Moxi's number "bippppp. . . . . ., bippppp. . . . . .bippppp. . . . . "The voice of the telephone called.

"Connected" It took a while for Moxi to answer a call from Xia Wuxan.

"Ah. . . . . , hello father-in-law. . . . , How ?. . . . can you persuade. . . . . Qingyu married me. "Jun Moxi's voice was a little choked up, besides Jun Moxi's voice there was a female voice who was sighing in pleasure, Xia Wuxan certainly knew what Jun Moxi was doing right now.

"Jun Moxi I have bad news, it looks like Qingyu has a boyfriend, if you want to get Qingyu you must get rid of that person" Xia Wuxan went straight to the main point, he wanted Jun Moxi to get rid of Ye Chen, so he could control Xia Qingyu.