Journey To Become A True God Chapter 173

173 The Threat Of Xia Qingyu
"Who is that how dare he meddle in my business" Jun Moxi was very angry after hearing this news.

The woman who was above Jun Moxi was immediately frightened after hearing the roar of Jun Moxi, this woman immediately stopped the activity above Jun Moxi.

Xia Wuxan chuckled at Jun Moxi's angry voice, it seemed that Jun Moxi would take care of a man named Ye Chen.

"That person's name is Ye Chen, he is very arrogant, you must immediately get rid of that person from this city" Xia Wuxan told the person who had disturbed his business.

"Ye Chen !!!, are you sure that person named Ye Chen" Jun Moxi looked scared when he heard the name Ye Chen.

"Jun Moxi, do you also know this man named Ye Chen" Hearing Jun Moxi surprised, Xia Wuxan suspected that Jun Moxi knew Ye Chen.

"Yes, I know a man named Ye Chen, I thought he was Qingyu's bodyguard, I didn't think their relationship was more special" Ye Chen deserved to be angry when he approached Xia Qingyu, apparently the two had a relationship under the table.

"So can you deal with it?" Xia Wuxan was a little worried seeing Jun Moxi who was hesitating.

"Father-in-law, you don't need to worry, I will find a way to deal with that person." Jun Moxi began to think of a way to deal with Ye Chen.

"Alright, I'll wait for good news from you" Xua Wuxan turned off the call.

After the call was turned off Jun Moxi threw his cellphone.

"Damn, again that person interfered in my business, does he think he is great because he knows Ai Lang, just watch I will make him regret it for life" Jun Moxi gritted his teeth.

"Honey, why are you so angry, let's continue the fun thing" the woman above Jun Moxi's body started acting sassyly.

"Hahaha, you really are the best prostitute, let's quickly lift your beautiful butt" Jun Moxi continued to have fun with this woman.

In Xia Qingyu's room.

"Until when are you going to hug me, quickly release" Xia Qingyu scolded Ye Chen.

"Oh sorry, hugging you is too comfortable" Ye Chen smiled wryly at Xia Qingyu.

It's not that Ye Chen wouldn't let Xia Qingyu go, but the Yinqi that Xia Qingyu possessed was very pure and parrot, only by touching Xia Qingyu, Ye Chen could absorb a great deal of Yinqi from Xia Qingyu.

"Forget everything that happened today, you may leave now", Xia Qingyu did not thank Ye Chen at all, instead she drove Ye Chen out of her room.

"This woman" Ye Chen was annoyed to see that Xia Qingyu was very cold and arrogant, even though he had helped her but this was the reply he got.

If Ye Chen didn't show who his boss was, this woman would always be arrogant when in front of him.

"What are you waiting for, quickly get out of my room" Xia Qingyu shouted to drive Ye Chen away.

Ye Chen was still silent on the spot, he walked over to Xia Qingyu.

Seeing Ye Chen approaching herself with a sinister face, Xia Qingyu retreated slightly.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing? , quickly leave my room, "Xia Qingyu's tone ordered Ye Chen very firmly.

Ye Chen did not listen to Xia Qingyu at all, he continued walking towards Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu continued to retreat until she hit the wall behind, Xia Qingyu now had no way to run.

Ye Chen reached in front of Xia Qingyu, "bamm" one hand Ye Chen hit the wall behind Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu immediately closed her eyes.

Ye Chen's face was very close to Xia Qingyu's face, the distance between the two was only about 5 cm.

"Too close", Xia Qingyu could feel Ye Chen's breath from this close distance, Ye Chen's breath was enough to tickle her.

Xia Qingyu shrunk a little, she didn't think that the scene of the main character cornering a woman like in a movie would happen to her.

"So who are you?, Dare to tell me at will" Ye Chen went straight to the main point, he did not like the attitude of Xia Qingyu like this.

"I am your boss, if you dare anything I will immediately stop you" Xia Qingyu ventured to fight Ye Chen.

"Just fire it, do you think I will care?" Ye Chen is the owner of this company, Xia Qingyu can't do anything like that at all.

Ye Chen took Xia Qingyu's chin with one hand of hers.

"If you look closely you are pretty pretty too, but it's a pity your expression is so cold and scary, if you just want to smile a little, maybe you will be much prettier" Ye Chen saw the cold face of Xia Qingyu who looked very angry.

If this stare could kill, maybe Ye Chen had been killed hundreds of times.

"Obscene man, quickly release me, if you don't let me go I will scream, everyone will know that you are a pervert" Xia Qingyu threatened to shout if Ye Chen did not let go of her immediately.

"Shout as you wish, if the employees in this office see you, what will they think?" Ye Chen smiled wickedly.

Xia Qingyu was very confused about what she had to do at the moment, Xia Qingyu clearly could not fire Ye Chen, she had to get permission from the chief director to do this.

"Just look I'll definitely get you fired", Finally Xia Qingyu has a way, she took out her cellphone and called Liu Yue.

"Bipppp. . . . . . . ., bipppp. . . . . . . ., bipppp. . . . . . . , connected "Xia Qingyu's call was finally answered by Liu Yue.

Ye Chen saw what Xia Qingyu would do after calling Liu Yue.

"Xia Qingyu what do you need from me? "Liu Yue immediately asked what was needed by Xia Qingyu.

" that . . . . "Xia Qingyu did not immediately say,s he looked at Ye Chen and warned that if she did not release herself immediately ,she would report this to the chief director Liu Yue.

Ye Chen laughed inwardly, Liu Yue was his wife , she could not possibly help Xia Qingyu.

Seeing Ye Chen not want to let go of herself, Xia Qingyu immediately said to Liu Yue "the head of Liu Yue, I want to fire someone".

"Who is it ?, and what's the problem", Liu Yue wanted to find out who the person who wanted to be fired by Xia Qingyu.

"His name is Ye Chen, that person's mistake is against the boss" Xia Qingyu said Ye Chen's mistake.

With this Ye Chen would definitely be fired, Xia Qingyu couldn't wait to see Ye Chen after being fired.

"You can't fire that person, sorry I'm very busy, see you later" Liu Yue immediately turned off the call.

Xia Qingyu was astonished to hear what Director Liu Yue said, she was not allowed to fire Ye Chen, what was really happening here.

"Hehehe, now what are you going to do, no one can help you" Ye Chen smiled wickedly, Ye Chen didn't like the way Xia Qingyu threatened him.

"Me. . . . "Xia Xiayu turned her face to the side, she did not know what she should do at this time.

Ye Chen touched Xia Qingyu's chin again, he made Xia Qingyu look at him.

"You know, I don't like being threatened by anyone", Ye Chen prepared to let Xia Qingyu know who his boss was here.