Journey To Become A True God Chapter 175

175 Fiancee?
The guards took Ye Chen to a room that was dedicated to receiving guests.

There was an old grandfather who was around 70 years old, now an old man was sitting in a wheelchair.

When Ye Chen came this grandfather gave a smile to Ye Chen "welcome grandson from Ye Hun, I'm glad you want to visit this old grandfather" This grandfather immediately welcomed Ye Chen with a warm greeting.

"I am happy to be able to visit here, my name is Ye Chen, happy to meet you" Ye Chen immediately introduced himself to this grandfather.

"I have known your name for a long time."

"Oh, I see, are you really Grandpa's friend? "Ye Chen asked if this old man was really his grandfather's friend.

"Has Ye Hun ever told you about me? "This grandfather immediately asked whether Ye Hun did not tell Ye Chen at all.

Ye Chen immediately shook his head "grandfather never told me anything about you".

"Alright, let me introduce myself first, my name is Xia Tian, I was a friend of your grandfather when he was very young, at that time your grandfather worked as a drug ingredient seeker, while I was a seller of medicinal ingredients, our relationship was very good, I owe a great debt. much to your grandfather "Xia Tian told me that he has a debt with his grandfather Ye Chen.

This was truly new information for Ye Chen, he had never known that his grandfather had been a seeker of medicinal ingredients, it was fitting that his ability to survive in the forest was very great, apparently since young he had lived in the forest in search of medicinal ingredients.

"Please sit" because Xia Tian was too excited to forget to let Ye Chen sit.

Ye Chen sat in the chair opposite from Xia Tian.

"Xia Tian's grandfather, I want to know more about grandfather's life, can you tell me?" Ye Chen wanted to know grandfather's life when he was young.

"Okay, but this will be a little long." Xia Tian will tell you the story of Ye Hun.

Ye Chen nodded.

"At first we met when we were running for the army, we both happened to be in the same team, your grandfather was a great person, during the exam he got full marks in everything whether in terms of strength or knowledge" Xia Tian explained that Ye Hun is a strong and knowledgeable person.

"With good grades he should have been a great soldier, but while carrying out the final test of survival in the jungle, our group experienced a serious problem. We were trapped in a terrible flood, some strong people immediately rescued themselves and left people who are trapped in floods, I'm also one of those trapped in floods ".

"Your grandfather is the only person who wants to save people who are trapped by a big flood, we were swept away by water to a very remote location from the test site".

"When we were all conscious, our bodies were covered with wounds and could not move, for a few days your grandfather was the one who had treated us until healed completely, after we were all healed, we decided to immediately return to military camp, unfortunately the test was over and we declared failed because he was incompetent in a survival test, because of our mistakes our grandfather failed to become a soldier ", Xia Tian was a little sad when he told me about this, if it wasn't for him and some people being swept away by the flood, surely Ye Hun was already a soldier now great.

"After that incident we all became close friends, your grandfather started working as a search for medicinal plants, while I myself decided to set up a drugstore, after that our lives both improved" Xia Tian told me that Ye Hun's life was getting better.

"Well after that your grandfather met a woman who can melt his heart, the relationship between the two develops to the level of marriage".

It turned out that Ye Chen didn't know much from his grandfather, why did he hide this from him?

"But your grandfather's happiness did not last long, your grandfather's wife's body became weak, the doctor said to cure your grandfather's wife need a 1000-year-old ginseng medicine, 1000-year-old ginseng is something that is very difficult to find and find, even if it has a price can reach hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. "

"How could your grandfather have that much money, even if we all lent the money we had, it wouldn't be enough to buy a 1000 year old ginseng.

"Because he could not buy 1000-year-old ginseng using money, your grandfather ventured to find 1000-year-old ginseng, after months of searching he finally found 1000-year-old ginseng, when your grandfather found 1000-year-old ginseng, his wife had died, it was the beginning of the destruction of your grandfather's world, after that incident your brother became very closed and moody. "Xia Tian sighed, he was still quite sad to see his best friend end up like that.

Hearing this story Ye Chen also became sad, he did not expect in every smile grandfather turned out he kept this sad thing alone.

Xia Tian returned to continue the story "many years your grandfather lived in solitude, at that time my daughter-in-law who was pregnant experienced the same pain as your grandfather's wife's wife, I immediately came to your grandfather to buy 1000-year-old ginseng, hearing this news your grandfather immediately handed over ginseng 1000 years to me for free, again I owe it to your grandfather, in this world I owe a lot to your grandfather ", in this life Xia Tian has been very indebted to Ye Hun.

"A few years later your grandfather suddenly disappeared and I did not know how he was, when I found out the location he was gone" Xia Tian shed tears while remembering Ye Hun who no longer exists.

Ye Chen finally found out his grandfather's dark past, After a few minutes finally Xia Tian was able to calm down

"Xia Tian's grandfather, thank you for telling me about my grandfather's past that I never knew." Ye Chen thanked grandfather Xia Tian for wanting to spend a lot of time talking about his grandfather's past.

"It doesn't matter. I am happy to be able to share with you, oh yes, I almost forgot to say one thing, before your grandfather disappeared, that night he came to me, he asked for an engagement with my little granddaughter, I'm quite confused why your grandfather arrived asking for an engagement, because it was a request from your grandfather I could not refuse and immediately agreed to it. "Xia Tian said that Ye Chen had been engaged since he was a child.

"Hmmm, hands? "Ye Chen didn't expect that his grandfather had betrothed him to grandfather Xia Tian's granddaughter.

"Xia Tian's grandfather, in fact I already have a woman, so maybe I will reject it" Ye Chen apologized to Xia Tian for having to refuse this.

"It is not possible I have made your engagement letter together, it is a sacred promise I made with your grandfather, if until this ends how can I meet with your grandfather in the wild" Xia Tian strongly disagreed with Ye Chen's refusal.

Ye Chen still doubted whether this fiancee could accept the other Ye Chen women, moreover this was what his grandfather wanted, Ye Chen was also quite difficult to reject this.

Seeing Ye Chen still in doubt, Xia Tian immediately said "you don't need to worry, my granddaughter is pretty enough, you definitely won't regret being with her, wait here I will call her here" Xia Tian went to call his granddaughter.