Journey To Become A True God Chapter 176

176 This Is My Fiancee
"What's wrong grandfather called me ?, I'm busy working" the woman on the other hand answered Xia Tian's grandfather's call.

"You come to grandfather's house, grandfather wants to talk about something with you" Xia Tian's grandfather told his granddaughter to immediately come to this house

"But grandfather, I'm very busy," the woman on the other side answered that she couldn't return home.

"Cough. . . .,cough. . . .,cough. . . , hurry up and come here, grandfather feels unwell "seeing his granddaughter not want to come here, grandfather Xia changed his strategy so that she would come here.

"Grandfather, wait a minute, I'll be right there," the woman on the other side of the phone said in a panic.

After successfully convincing his granddaughter, Xia Tian hung up the phone.

"My granddaughter will come here soon, you just wait, hahahahaha" Xia Tian's grandfather laughed in satisfaction.

Ye Chen smiled wryly, Xia Tian's grandfather was smart enough to deceive his granddaughter.

Ye Chen saw that Xia Tian's grandfather had heart disease and blood vessel blockages which made him unable to walk normally.

15 minutes later the sound of the car was heard outside, it looks like grandfather Xia Tian's granddaughter had arrived here.

The sound of footsteps running echoed in front of the entrance "Bamm. . . . "The door opened very loudly.

"Where are you grandfather? "The tone of this woman looks very worried about Xia Tian's grandfather.

Ye Chen wanted to see what the appearance of Xia Tian's granddaughter looked like, when Ye Chen looked he was very surprised, the woman who had just opened the door was no stranger to Ye Chen.

"So this is my fiancee," Ye Chen muttered.

This was the cold CEO Xia Qingyu, Xia Qingyu immediately ran to the side of her grandfather.

"Grandfather, are you okay, tell me which part feels uncomfortable" Xia Qingyu immediately checked her grandfather's condition.

"Qingyu, grandfather is okay, you don't need to worry" Xia Tian told Xia Qingyu not to worry about his situation.

"But you said that you felt uncomfortable, grandfather did you trick me again" Xia Qingyu began to realize that she was tricked by her grandfather.

"Hahaha, if I didn't do that you definitely wouldn't want to come here" Xia Tian's grandfather was happy to see Xia Qingyu coming.

"Huftt, again you do something like that" Xia Qingyu looked angry because she was deceived by her grandfather.

Xia Qingyu looked back, she found Ye Chen sitting in the chair opposite "Ye Chen, what are you doing at my grandfather's house? "Xia Qingyu immediately asked why Ye Chen could be here.

"I coincidentally came here" Ye Chen scratched his head, he did not regret that his fiancee was Xia Qingyu.

"You two already know each other? "Seeing that Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu were already quite familiar, Xia Tian's grandfather concluded that they already knew each other.

" Yes, No!!! "The answers Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu said were different.

Ye Chen replied that he knew Xia Qingyu.

Whereas Xia Qingyu answered as if she did not know Ye Chen at all.

Hearing this answer Grandfather Xia Tian became confused, it seemed like something had happened between Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu was still angry over what had just happened at the office, ahe looked at Ye Chen with a bit of hatred.

"Never mind, I'll clarify Qingyu right now, this is Ye Chen who is also your fiance" Xia Tian told Xia Qingyu that Ye Chen was her fiance.

" What ? ? ? "Xia Qingyu was shocked and shouted, she was not wrong to hear what her grandfather had just said, Ye Chen was her fiance, how could that happen.

"I will explain, Ye Chen is the fiance that I have decided since you were a child", Xia Tian explained to Xia Qingyu that Ye Chen was the fiance who was set up when Xia Qingyu was a child.

"Grandfather, how could that happen, why did I never know this? "Xia Qingyu just found out that she has a fiance, before Grandfather never told this.

"It's my grandfather's fault for not telling you earlier, whatever happens now you two are engaged, Ye Chen, how is my granddaughter pretty pretty? Xia Tian asked how Xia Qingyu looked.

"Grandfather, Xia Qingyu is very beautiful, I'm quite satisfied" Ye Chen no longer refused, how could he refuse Xia Qingyu who has a Pure Yin body.

It's like a gold that fell from the sky, Ye Chen would certainly accept this fallen gold.

"Grandfather, I don't agree, I don't want to be this person's fiancee" Xia Qingyu pointed at Ye Chen with a piercing look, who would want to marry a pervert like Ye Chen.

"Qingyu grandfather's decision is unanimous, nothing can change it" Xia Tian was angry at Xia Qingyu who refused this engagement.

"Grandfather, are you? "Xia Qingyu was very rarely scolded by her grandfather, all of this was Ye Chen's fault.

Xia Tian sighed "Qingyu you should know why grandfather did this, you know if it wasn't for Ye Chen's grandfather you and your mother now might not exist in this world, our family has a debt with Ye Chen's grandfather, this is just a small request from the grandfather of Ye Chen, if I can't grant this small request how can I meet with Ye Hun in another realm? "Xia Tian's grandfather told Xia Qingyu the truth.

Xia Qingyu could not say anything, seeing how her grandfather felt she decided to continue this matter, if this was continued and grandfather's mood was chaotic then her grandfather's heart disease would recur .

Xia Qingyu began to think of a way that this engagement could be canceled, she had to find a solution so that she would not marry Ye Chen.

"You two wait here, I'll get your engagement letter" Xia Tian moved the wheelchair and headed back.

Ye Chen smiled at seeing Xia Qingyu.

"Why are you smiling, are you satisfied seeing this" Xia Qingyu said quite coldly.

"Hehehe, of course I'm happy, I have a beautiful fiancee, how can I not be happy to know this?" Ye Chen chuckled at Xia Qingyu.

"Who are you to call a fiancee, I am not willing to be set up with a pervert like you" in the eyes of Xia Qingyu Ye Chen is now a pervert.

"It seems like the previous lesson is still lacking for you" Ye Chen stood up and walked towards the side of Xia Qingyu.

"Ye Chen, what do you want to do? " Seeing Ye Chen approaching, Xia Qingyu became afraid.

Without saying much Ye Chen hugged Xia Qingyu's body "A naughty fiancee must be punished " Ye Chen squeezed the two rabbits that belonged to Xia Qingyu.

"Ah. . . . "Xia Qingyu began to moan softly,, she felt that her body felt a very pleasant feeling.

Again, Xia Qingyu could not resist being touched by Ye Chen, her body betraying Xia Qingyu's mind.

"Ye Chen, please stop this, someone will see us" Xia Qingyu begged Ye Chen to release her.

ia Qingyu was very unlucky for provoking Ye Chen back.

"I won't let you go" Ye Chen bit Xia Xiayu's ear and started teasing Xia Qingyu.

"Ah. . . . . Xia Qingyu's body instantly became weak, she leaned on Ye Chen.

Ye Chen discovered something new, it seemed like he had found Xia Qingyu's weak point, so far Ye Chen had not in vain learned the king's heart technique, with this technique he found it easier to find a woman's weak point.