Journey To Become A True God Chapter 177

177 Engagement Letter In Torn
"Qingyu, what are you doing? "A voice came to interrupt Ye Chen's pleasure.

Ye Chen immediately saw the direction of this sound coming, this sound came from the direction of the entrance, in front of the entrance, Ye Chen saw a 40 year old woman who had a little in common with Xia Qingyu.

This woman now carries a grocery bag, looks like this woman just bought groceries.

Ye Chen guessed that this woman's identity was Xia Qingyu's mother.

"Ah, mother" Xia Qingyu frantically broke away from Ye Chen, because there was someone else Ye Chen released Xia Qingyu.

Xia Qingyu's mother, Yi An, is currently around 42 years old.

"Qingyu who is the person next to you?" Yi An immediately asked who the man was hugging her daughter.

Xia Qingyu didn't dare to answer, her body was still weak because of the act of Ye Chen.

"Auntie, introduce me Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu's fiance" Ye Chen introduced himself to Yi An.

"Ah. . . , fiance ?, how can that be? "It turns out Yi An doesn't know anything like this either.

Since when was her daughter engaged to why she never knew this.

Finally, Xia Tian's grandfather returned to the living room, "Yi An, you are back. Please let me introduce the future husband of Qingyu." Xia Tian introduced Ye Chen to Yi An.

"Father-in-law, how can they get engaged? "Yi An wants to know how her daughter can be engaged without her knowledge.

"Come here, I'll explain" Xia Tian's grandfather began to explain to Yi An about Ye Chen's origins and why he could be engaged to Xia Qingyu.

Yi An began to understand after Xia Tian's grandfather explained everything.

"Ye Chen, auntie is very grateful to your grandfather for helping me and Qingyu, aunt did not have time to thank your grandfather" aunt Yi An bowed her head to Ye Chen.

Yi An owed Ye Hun a life, if it wasn't for the 1000-year-old ginseng given by Ye Hun, she and Xia Qingyu would not have existed in this world.

"Aunt, wake up, you don't need to do something like this" Ye Chen helped Yi An to stand up, he was uncomfortable seeing Aunt Yi An thank you like this. The person who helped Yi An's aunt was his grandfather, Ye Chen didn't deserve thanks from Yi An's aunt.

"Ye Chen, you keep this well" Xia Tian's grandfather gave an engagement letter to Ye Chen.

The letter given by Xia Tian's grandfather looked very old, this might have been more than 10 years old, this paper was still written by a handwriting.

On this paper there are names Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu, and this was signed by Xia Tian and Ye Hun.

"Here, let me see it" Xia Qingyu has improved somewhat, she wants to see the contents of this letter.

"This" Ye Chen handed the engagement letter to Xia Qingyu.

After seeing this engagement letter, it was true that she was engaged to Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu wanted to tear this letter, unfortunately my grandfather and mother were still here, she helplessly returned the engagement letter to Ye Chen.

"Father, where are you? I have something to discuss with you" from outside came a voice looking for Xia Tian's grandfather.

Ye Chen was already very familiar with this voice, this was Xia Wuxan.

Xia Wuxan finally entered the house, he immediately saw his father's whereabouts.

When Xia Wuxan approached, he saw a person who was completely familiar, this was Ye Chen who had interrupted his plans.

Xia Wuxan wondered why this person was in this house "Qingyu why did you bring this ordinary person here, do you want to show off this little man to your grandfather? "Xia Wuxan immediately shouted bad-mouthing at Ye Chen.

"Hupffff" Xia Qingyu did not reply to her father's words,she turned her face to the side as if she had not heard Xia Wuxan's speech.

"Wuxan, what did you just say? "Xia Tian roared at Xia Wuxan, Xia Tian was angry because his son dared to insult Ye Chen.

"Father, why are you yelling at me, so what is my fault?" Xia Wuxan was upset seeing being angry by Xia Tian.

"You still ask, Ye Chen is an important guest in this house, you dare to be rude to him, quickly apologize to him" Xia Tian told Xia Wuxan to apologize to Ye Chen.

Xia Wuxan was surprised to hear that Ye Chen was his father's important guest, indeed who was this young man who could be his father's important guest.

Xia Wuxan began to guess the identity of Ye Chen, because of his father's orders, Xia Wuxan apologized to Ye Chen "forgive my rudeness just now" Xia Wuxan's apology was not sincere at all.

"Well, I forgive you, don't worry about it" in front of everyone, Ye Chen was forced to forgive Xia Wuxan.

"Father, who is this person?" Xia Wuxan asked Ye Chen's identity, how could he be an important guest in this family.

"He is Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu's fianc" Xia Tian told Xia Wuxan who Ye Chen was.

"Huh! ! ! , Fianc, how can that be, father you know I already intend to match Qingyu with Jun Moxi, how can you go about doing this "Xia Wuxan was upset to find that his father had matched Xia Qingyu to a man like this.

"This decision was made 16 years ago, nothing can change it" Xia Tian was angry and shouted at Xia Wuxan.

"Until at any time, I will not accept this" Xia Wuxan would never agree that Xia Qingyu married this man.

Whatever happened, Xia Qingyu had to marry rich Jun Moxi, Jun Moxi was the hope that Xia Wuxan had to be able to revive this family-owned business.

"I don't care if you don't accept this, this time I won't let you mess up" Xia Tian's grandfather warned Xia Wuxan not to mess this up.

Xia Tian's grandfather had been very patient seeing his efforts become gloomy in the hands of Xia Wuxan, this time he would not let the future of his granddaughter end Gloomy.

"Let's wait and see if you can stop me" Xia Wuxan was very confident that he could get rid of Ye Chen with the help of Jun Moxi.

"You can't do anything else, the engagement contract was made long ago" Xia Tian's grandfather said that the engagement contract was made long ago, nothing could change this.

"Engagement contract" Xia Wuxan looked at the paper held by Ye Chen, he forcibly seized the engagement letter in Ye Chen's hands.

Xia Wuxan began to read the contents in this engagement letter "this is only writing written on a piece of paper, this is meaningless" Xia Wuxan tore the paper right in front of everyone.

"How dare you" Xia Tian's grandfather roared with extreme anger, this unfilial son made him angry again.

"Cough" due to extreme anger Xia Tian vomited blood, she held her left chest in pain.

"Grandfather !! , father-in-law !! ", Xia Qingyu and Yi An shouted towards Xia Tian's grandfather who was pinned on the wheelchair.

Ye Chen was angry at what Xia Wuxan was doing, this person for the sake of money was willing to harm his own family, even though Xia Tian's grandfather had heart disease, this fool still provoked Xia Tian's grandfather.