Journey To Become A True God Chapter 178

178 Will You Be My Woman
Tearing off the engagement letter meant disgracing the faces of the two families, Xia Wuxan did not care about this at all, all he had in mind was money and money.

"Get lost" Ye Chen furiously raised Xia Wuxan's collar, he lifted Xia Wuxan out of the house and threw him out of the gate.

The guard was completely unable to stop Ye Chen, even though he knew the person who was thrown was Mr. Xia Wuxan, the guards felt very strong pressure approaching their bodies.

"Make sure he doesn't get in," Ye Chen told the guard not to let this person in.

"Well, I understand" the guard with a cold sweat immediately nodded at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen reentered Xia Xia's grandfather's house.

Inside Xia Qingyu and Yi An tried to wake Xia Tian's grandfather, they were both very worried about Xia Tian's grandfather.

"You two move aside, let me cure him" Ye Chen told the two women to stay away, he wanted to treat Xia Tian.

"Ye Chen, can you cure my grandfather? If you can heal my grandfather, I will do whatever you want" Xia Qingyu held Ye Chen's arm, she promised to do whatever Ye Chen wanted as long as her grandfather could recover.

"Let me try" Ye Chen moved closer to Xia Tian's body.

Xia Qingyu and Yi An moved aside so Ye Chen could take care of Xia Tian's grandfather.

Ye Chen first checked the pulse of Xia Tian's grandfather.

"Ye Chen, how is my grandfather, can he still be helped?" Xia Qingyu asked her grandfather's current condition.

" Shhhhh, don't be noisy, let me do it calmly " Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu not to be noisy.

Xia Qingyu immediately closed her mouth.

Ye Chen took a set of needles and started to stick it in several parts of Xia Tian's body, Ye Chen used a deep energy to smooth the circulation of blood and remove impurities from the veins.

one of Ye Chen's needles with a hollow hole which bled out a large amount of liquid, this was the dirt that had accumulated in Xia Tian's grandfather's veins.

After all the dirt was cleaned, Ye Chen took back his needle.

Ye Chen then took a pill to treat Xia Tian's heart, this was a quality internal organ healing pill, as long as the wound wasn't too serious the effect would work very quickly.

Ye Chen put the pill into the mouth of Xia Tian's grandfather, after the pill had been swallowed it was time to wait for the effect of this pill to work.

On the other hand Xia Qingyu and Yi An waited very patiently, they didn't even dare to speak out for fear of disturbing Ye Chen in treating Xia Tian's grandfather.

Xia Tian's grandfather opened his eyes, he saw Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu and also Yi An who was in front of him "where am I? "Xia Tian is still not fully conscious, he thinks he's dead.

"Grandfather" Xia Qingyu immediately ran to Xia Tian's side, she was very worried about Xia Tian's grandfather.

"Calm down, grandfather is fine" Xia Tian's grandfather stroked Xia Qingyu's hair, he tried to calm Xia Qingyu.

"Father-in-law, is there still an uncomfortable part" Yi An asked about her father-in-law's condition.

"I feel very healthy and fresh, I feel like I came back when I was young" Xia Tian's grandfather's body felt very fresh and healthy, there were no more diseased parts like before.

"Xia Tian's grandfather, why don't you try to stand up and start walking" Ye Chen asked Xia Tian's grandfather to try to walk like a normal person.

"I'll try" Xia Tian's grandfather couldn't walk for a long time, he almost forgot how to walk.

Xia Qingyu helped Xia Tian's grandfather to stand up, when Xia Tian's grandfather stood his legs no longer trembling, he tried to take one step, when Grandfather Xia Tian took one step nothing happened, he felt he could walk like a normal person.

Xia Tian's grandfather felt happy, he started to walk around the room to see if his body had really healed, after trying to walk a few turns Xia Tian felt his body was normal and there were no problems whatsoever.

Actually what was happening to his body, why his body could suddenly recover like when he was young, Xia Tian began to ask in his heart

Seeing this miracle Xia Qingyu and Yi An were very surprised, they could not believe that Ye Chen's medical ability was very great.

Even many doctors had given up on treating Xia Tian's grandfather, while Ye Chen only needed a few minutes to cure Xia Tian's grandfather's illness, this was truly amazing.

This showed that Ye Chen's abilities were far above the level of the best doctor in the city.

"Qingyu, what exactly happened when I passed out earlier? "Xia Tian's grandfather wanted to know what happened when he collapsed, how could he suddenly recover like this.

" that . . . , grandfather, Ye Chen is the one who has healed you. "Xia Qingyu said that the person who had healed Xia Tian's grandfather was Ye Chen.

"Hahahaha, great, it looks like Ye Hun's ability was passed down to you" Xia Tian very satisfied patted Ye Chen's back.

"Xia Tian's grandfather you praise me too much, my ability is far from being an expert" Ye Chen modestly.

"Hahahaha, yes yes I understand, you are not only great but also Low profile" Grandfather Xia Tian knew that Ye Chen didn't want to brag too much.

"Oh yeah, where is that unfilial son?" Grandfather Xia Tian immediately asked where Xia Wuxan was, he had to solve this problem.

"Ye Chen where did you take daddy? "Xia Qingyu is still angry at her father's behavior which almost killed Grandpa.

"I threw it out of the gate, you can see it outside" Ye Chen had thrown Xia Wuxan out of the gate, even he threatened the guards not to let Xia Wuxan enter inside.

"Let's see him, if I don't teach him a proper lesson, he will never change." Xia Tian wants to give a lesson to his son so he wants to change.

Grandfather Xia Tian and Yi An came out of the house and rushed to the courtyard.

Ye Chen wanted to follow and see what would happen to XiaWuxan.

"Ye Chen is waiting" Xia Qingyu stopped Ye Chen.

" What is wrong ? "Ye Chen wondered why Xia Qingyu stopped him.

"Thank you for healing my grandfather, I owe you a great debt," Xia Qingyu thanked me very sincerely.

Xia Qingyu's tone of voice also softened, this was no longer cold like before.

"Hehehe, I just hope you can fulfill your words earlier" Ye Chen chuckled, he remembered that Xia Qingyu would do anything as long as he could heal Xia Tian's grandfather.

Hearing this, Xia Qingyu's face turned red, she did not expect Ye Chen to still remember the promise she had said "as long as it does not conflict with my principles then I can do it".

"Alright, I'll say it straight away, I want you to be my woman" Ye Chen hugged Xia Qingyu's slender waist.

Xia Qingyu had no idea that Ye Chen was very brave to say words like this, Xia Qingyu's heart was confused enough to decide on the answer, but certainly Xia Qingyu began to like Ye Chen.

"So whether you want it or not" Seeing no response from Xia Qingyu, Ye Chen asked again.

Xia Qingyu did not speak, she only nodded to Ye Chen, because she was so embarrassed that Xia Qingyu buried her face in Ye Chen's chest, tagged Xia Qingyu also hugged Ye Chen's back.