Journey To Become A True God Chapter 179

179 Eternal Goddess Flower
"Father, please don't hit me" outside Xia Wuxan shouted for mercy.

Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu looked outside, they both wanted to know what had happened to Xia Wuxan out there.

When Ye Chen and Xia Qingyu came out they saw that Xia Wuxan was currently being hit with a cane by Xia Tian's grandfather.

on the ground Xia Wuxan curled up in pain and begged forgiveness to Xia Tian, Ye Chen was a little happy when he saw this sight.

"Wuxan, as a punishment for you, from now on I will take all the facilities you have." Xia Tian intends to block all facilities for Xia Wuxan, this way maybe Xia Wuxan can change.

Because Xia Tian's grandfather has recovered, he will begin to take back the family-owned business.

"Father please don't do that to me, I don't want to live a hard life" Xia Wuxan begged Xia Tian not to revoke all the facilities he had.

"This is a punishment for you, I hope you can change and no longer depend on money" Xia Tian then went into the house.

Xia Wuxan Looking at Ye Chen with an angry look, all of his facilities were now being pulled by his father, this was all Ye Chen's fault for appearing in this family.

Yi An tries to convince her husband to quickly turn into a good person like before.

Ye Chen didn't care about Xia Wuxan, he followed Xia Tian into the house.

Xia Qingyu was the first to leave, she hadreturn to completing the youngest work.

Ye Chen talked to Xia Tian until the day began at night, because it was already night Ye Chen also decided to go home.

he said goodbye to Xia Tian's grandfather, Xia Tian understood, he did not stop Ye Chen from leaving.

Ye Chen left the residence of Xia Tian's grandfather, and hurriedly flew back to the Villa.

Finally it was time to return to the villa, Ye Chen couldn't wait to spend the night together with Liu Yue and all his women.

Ye Chen entered the villa, he went to find where all the women were, right now Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin were in the living room, they were chatting with each other.

These four wives are currently wearing very sexy and transparent pajamas, Zhao Yanyan is wearing plain white pajamas, Liu Yue is wearing blue, Fu Lanling is wearing red, and for Su Mengxin is wearing black that is very seductive.

Among these four women, Su Mengxin was the most seductive, with a glamorous and graceful temperament, she had very tempting capital.

Zhao Yanyan was like a beautiful innocent goddess who was untouched by the filth of this world.

Liu Yue looks beautiful like the moon in the night sky that will never be bored when viewed.

For Fu Lanling she is a very beautiful woman who can bind everyone's soul, it is very difficult to hold Fu Lanling's charm.

the appearance of these four beautiful wives can make anyone excited.

only Ye Chen could enjoy the beautiful appearance of these four wives

"Wife, I'm home" Ye Chen greeted all the beautiful women.

"Welcome" These four women simultaneously welcomed Ye Chen.

Ye Chen immediately flew to the keemat side of his beautiful wife.

"Husband, where have you been" Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen.

"I just went to visit my grandfather's friend," Ye Chen explained to all the women.

"Mengxin, have you found a cultivation technique that is suitable for you? "Ye Chen wants to know what technique was taken by Su Mengxin.

Su Mengxin nodded "Yes, I have obtained a cultivation technique called Eternal Goddess Flower" Su Mengxin was quite fond of the technique that she had just acquired.

"Eternal Goddess Flower" Ye Chen muttered, from the name of this technique it must be related to flowers.

"Mengxin, why don't you show me the technique?" Ye Chen wanted to see if Su Mengxin had mastered this technique.

"Well, if the husband insists, I don't mind to show it", Su Mengxin got up from the couch, she began to show her technique.

Around Su Mengxin's body, many flower petals appeared.

This red flower petal can be used to attack the enemy, for now one flower petal has the power equivalent to a knife.

Su Megxin can control these flower petals at will, if Su Mengxin doesn't want to hurt people this flower petals will be like ordinary flowers, you won't get hurt when touching them, but if she wants to hurt people, this flower turns into something very sharp and dangerous .

"Looks like this technique matches your glamorous, awake temperament," Ye Chen praised Su Mengxin.

It seems like Su Mengxin took a technique to keep it looking glamorous and elegant while fighting.

Su Mengxin was a little embarrassed when being praised by Ye Chen, when the technique in canceling the flowers around Su Mengxin's body also disappeared.

"Yue, how do you deal with Jun's company, do you have your own plan or do you need help from me?" Ye Chen asked how Liu Yue wanted to deal with Jun Jing.

"Husband, you don't need to worry, first I will bankrupt their company, after that I will try to take over their company and kick the two people to the streets" Liu Yue already has her own plan to deal with Jun Jing.

"That's good, if you need anything to say, I'm ready to help you" Ye Chen was ready to help if Liu Yue needed help.

Liu Yue nodded at Ye Chen.

"Ahemmmm, Yue's wife, then what about the promise you said this afternoon" Ye Chen asked for the promise that Liu Yue had made.

Liu Yue's face reddened immediately after hearing this "Promise what?, I don't remember" she of course still remembers what she said this afternoon, the problem is Liu Yue is embarrassed to admit it in front of all her sisters.

Ye Chen hugged Liu Yue's body, "Apparently, Yue has forgotten, all right, let me make you remember" Ye Chen's hands began rubbing and playing with Liu Yue's body.

"Ah. . . . "Liu Yue groaned while being stroked by Ye Chen."

Ye Chen started to massage the sensitive point that was owned by Liu Yue, Liu Yue's body began to feel hot and began to soft, Liu Yue get pleasure from the massage done by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen began to kiss Liu Yue's cherry lips passionately, Ye Chen and Liu Yue both enjoyed this passionate kiss.

Both of them almost forgot that there are currently 3 women watching from the side.

Zhao Yanyan, Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin saw Ye Chen kissing Liu Yue, the faces of the three women turning red.

Even Fu Lanling who was on the surface looked calm, also seemed to start blushing.

just from watching these two people play, they feel that their bodies are getting uncomfortable.

Zhao Yanyan was the first to rise and go to the back side of Ye Chen, whe wanted to play with Ye Chen.

From behind Zhao Yanyan hugged Ye Chen's body and rubbed the two newly developing white rabbits on Ye Chen's back.

Su Mengxin also did not want to lose, she crouched under Ye Chen and stroked Ye Chen's younger brother who had enlarged.

Fu Lanling felt left alone, as the oldest woman Fu Lanling did not want to lose to her three little sisters.

she squatted by Su Mengxin's side, stroking Ye Chen's big brother.