Journey To Become A True God Chapter 181

181 Night Still Very Long 2
Ye Chen had no idea that Su Mengxin was very brave.

after showing it to Ye Chen, Su Mengxin began to swallow everything with one gulp of "Glup. . . . "All of Ye Chen's liquid was swallowed into Su Mengxin's mouth.

Su Mengxin's reaction was different from Fu Lanling's, Su Mengxin felt that Ye Chen's object tasted very good, this was even more delicious than the peach heaven she had ever eaten.

"From Lanling, you still have leftovers on your lips" Su Mengxin pointed to the white thing around Fu Lanling's cherry lips.

Fu Lanling took this white object by using her tongue then swallowed it, this view was very erotic.

"Why don't you share it with me" Zhao Yanyan also wants Ye Chen's Yangqi.

"Sister Yanyan, so far you already know that the taste of this object is very good, I never told us at all, you want to monopolize this thing yourself" Fu Lanling smiled wryly at Zhao Yanyan.

"I have never hidden anything from you, aren't you the ones who don't want to do it with, husband?" Zhao Yanyan tried to defend herself.

Fu Lanling could not answer, it was true that Fu Lanling initially refused, if she knew that this was fun and good for herself and her husband, she would have volunteered to do this.

Su Mengxin did not take part in the debate, she preferred to help Ye Chen clean up the remaining liquid that was still attached to this large object, in an instant Ye Chen's object returned clean.

"You two calm down, the night is still long, let's enjoy this together." Ye Chen tried to convince all his wives not to fight each other.

"Let's change location a bit" after that Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin turned into particles and disappeared from the living room.

They enter the dual cultivation room available inside the fairy gate, here they can do whatever they want.

"Let's get started" Ye Chen took off the pajamas and underwear that all women wore.

Now 4 beautiful women are all naked, no one has a piece of string on their bodies.

Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin, have their own characteristics, they all look very beautiful like fairies in fairyland.

Ye Chen wanted to take off his clothes.

"Husband, let me help." Fu Lanling helped Ye Chen undress.

After the clothes were stripped, Ye Chen headed to the side of Zhao Yanyan, Ye Chen looked at Zhao Yanyan's naked body with his breath up and down, this body was very beautiful, before Ye Chen had never dreamed of being able to enjoy such a beautiful body.

Ye Chen began to caress every inch of the skin on Zhao Yanyan's body "Yanyan you're so beautiful" Ye Chen whispered in Zhao Yanyan's ear.

Zhao Yanyan's body wriggled like a worm, Ye Chen's touch began to make her body comfortable and itchy, Zhao Yanyan wanted to immediately feel the majesty of Ye Chen's large object.

Ye Chen opened both of Zhao Yanyan's legs to form the letter M, Ye Chen saw the lips of Zhao Yanyan's pink honey cave.

This made Ye Chen excited, he brought his face close and began to suck Zhao Yanyan's honey cave.

"Ah. . . . Husband, don't suck it. . . . . . . . "Zhao Yanyan's body trembled because of the pleasure that spread throughout her body, Ye Chen's technique was truly great in just a few seconds Zhao Yanyan was already out.

Zhao Yanyan who had just climaxed was still very sensitive, Ye Chen did not stop at all he kept licking Zhao Yanyan's honey cave.

Zhao Yanyan was made weak by the pleasure given by Ye Chen.

"Husband, don't tease me anymore, I want your things" Zhao Yanyan couldn't take it, she wanted Ye Chen to do immediately.

"Wife, I don't understand what you mean, say it very clearly, if you don't say it clearly how can I understand what you want" Ye Chen rubbed his large object outside Zhao Yanyan's honey cave.

Zhao Yanyan understood that Ye Chen was teasing her "hate it, husband, use your big meat stick to dry me" Zhao Yanyan said in a very sassy voice.

"Alright, this is for you" Ye Chen inserted his large meat stick into Zhao Yanyan's honey cave.

"Ughhhh. . . " Zhao Yanyan was forced, Ye Chen's large flesh stick came in with a jolt into her.

Zhao Yanyan's body almost broke because Ye Chen's object drilled deep into her, this was Ye Chen's first time to drill deep into Zhao Yanyan's body.

In the core of Zhao Yanyan's flower it felt amazing, Ye Chen felt that at this time Zhao Yanyan's honey hole squeezed his property very strongly.

"Very tight" Ye Chen began to move back and forth.

"Husband, slower, you can kill me" Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen to be slower, Zhao Yanyan was not yet accustomed to Ye Chen's deep insertion.

every time Ye Chen's object hit Zhao Yanyan's innermost part, Zhao Yanyan's body twitched with pleasure that couldn't be said with a single word.

in Zhao Yanyan's flat stomach, there was a bulge that appeared, it could be seen that there was a large protrusion that rose to the surface, this was Ye Chen's meat stick which was very ferociously drilling Zhao Yanyan's honey hole.

"Wife, don't hold it in, enjoy everything" Ye Chen pumped very fast.

"Ah. . . Husband, my body will break. . . . . , I can go crazy. "This pleasure is a new world for Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan can't believe that the pleasure given by Ye Chen is getting more extraordinary.

All this time Ye Chen had always held back when dealing with all his women, but this time he was very earnest about wanting pleasure.

You can see that Ye Chen's objects almost 4/5 entered Zhao Yanyan.

Normally Ye Chen only used 1/2 to do all the women.

Zhao Yanyan didn't know how many times she had come out, her face showed satisfaction being Ye Chen's woman.

Zhao Yanyan felt so tired he involuntarily fell asleep, Zhao Yanyan passed out because the pleasure was too extraordinary.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan was no longer able to support Ye Chen pulled his younger brother out of Zhao Yanyan's body.

Liu Yue, Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin saw this with shocked eyes.

This was the first time they saw Zhao Yanyan defeated in just 5 minutes.

Although not as strong as Fu Lanling, Zhao Yanyan usually still can last for several hours, but this time Zhao Yanyan can only last for 5 minutes.

What kind of pleasure can make Zhao Yanyan become like this.

Ye Chen pulled Liu Yue to his side "Yue dear, now is your turn." Ye Chen first smoked Liu Yue's two cherries.

"Iyahhhh. . . . ", Liu Yue shouted very sassyly.

Ye Chen knew that the sensitive part of Liu Yue, was the two peaks of this mountain, every time Ye Chen played this large object, Liu Yue would definitely not be able to stand it.

Ye Chen began to bite, suck and pull Liu Yue's cherries.

"Well, husband, that's amazing." Liu Yue was happy with how Ye Chen sucked her two cherries.

After seeing that the preparation was enough, Ye Chen told Liu Yue to kneel, he placed his hands on Liu Yue's buttocks.

Ye Chen's younger brother began to aim at Liu Yue's honey cave which was already very wet with water.

"Wife, are you ready? Ye Chen asked Liu Yue, whose face was currently sinking into the pillow.

Liu Yue was ashamed of the position she was doing, she felt this was a shameful way to make love.