Journey To Become A True God Chapter 182

182 Night Still Very Long 3
Ye Chen did not immediately put it in Liu Yue's honey cave, he first wanted to hear Liu Yue ask him to put his belongings in Liu Yue's hole.

Ye Chen rubbed his large object around Liu Yue's honey cave.

Liu Yue was very itchy, she felt very uncomfortable. "Husband, quickly put it in." Liu Yue took the object belonging to Ye Chen and guided him to her honey.

After finding an entrance to drill, Ye Chen immediately drove his object into Liu Yue's honey cave.

"Uhhhhh. . . . " Liu Yue felt a very full feeling, Ye Chen's object entered Liu Yue's deepest flower path.

Liu Yue began to feel that the flower's core was broken due to Ye Chen's object being too big.

Without waiting for Liu Yue to adapt Ye Chen immediately did the piston up and down.

"Ah. . . . ., ah. . . . ., ah. . . . ., ah. . . . ., ah. . . . , "Liu Yue bit down on the pillow to resist Ye Chen's invasion, which was too strong.

Her body felt like she was in a sea that was very very bumpy, even though it was a bit sick, her body enjoyed the pleasure she got from the large object Ye Chen.

"Husband, your big object is very strong, Yue can be destroyed by it" Liu Yue screamed hysterically, she felt that her mind was already very chaotic.

What was on Liu Yue's mind right now was enjoying this pleasure.

"Do you not like my big thing? "Ye Chen asked whether Liu Yue liked his big object or not?.

"Well, I really like it, ah. . . . . , yours is very big, this makes me comfortable. "Liu Yue expressed the pleasure that her body and mind received.

Now that Liu Yue knew how strong Ye Chen's objects were, it was proper for Zhao Yanyan to make a satisfied face, apparently this pleasure was extraordinary.

Liu Yue shouted like a prostitute, the business queen who usually acted with great authority tonight moaned under Ye Chen's body.

"Husband, I'm out, ahh. . . . . . . "Liu Yue easily reached the top.

Ye Chen did not stop moving at all, instead he accelerated the speed of pumping, right now he had to make Liu Yue remember a pleasure that would never be forgotten.

10 minutes later Liu Yue lost consciousness and fainted, Liu Yue's sleeping face looked very happy.

Until now Ye Chen hadn't come out yet, his large meat stick was still as hard as before.

"It's time for your turn" Ye Chen hugged Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin at the same time.

Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin were currently in Ye Chen's arms, Ye Chen kissed Fu Lanling's lips and Su Mengxin alternately.

Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin can work together very well.

Not satisfied with kissing Ye Chen playing with the two mountain peaks that belonged to Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin.

Fu Lanling's is a little smaller than Su Mengxin's, Fu Lanling has an E Cup size while Su Mengxin F Cup, Fu Lanling's is more resilient and flexible, while Su Mengxin feels softer and smoother.

Both Su Mengxin and Fu Lanling have their own characteristics.

When thinking of the two mountain peaks that belonged to Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin Ye Chen had an idea "wife, can you two help me with something?" Ye Chen whispered something to Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin, he wanted the two women to do something for him.

Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin looked at each other as they nodded in agreement with Ye Chen's request.

Ye Chen was very happy to know that these two women wanted to do what he wanted.

Ye Chen immediately lay on his back, Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin were on Ye Chen's left and right sides, they both knelt under Ye Chen's crotch.

Fu Lanling and Su mengxin brought their two mountain peaks closer and began to wrap Ye Chen's younger brother.

"Yeah. . . . . "Ye Chen felt he was surrounded by two very soft objects, this feeling was quite comfortable for him.

Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin saw how Ye Chen was enjoying this, both of them started eagerly shaking the objects Ye Chen was using their soft milk.

Every now and then the two peaks of cherry blades Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin rub against each other which made their bodies both aroused.

Because Ye Chen's object was too big, Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin couldn't completely wrap Ye Chen's object, Ye Chen's object came out of the gap created by Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin.

Seeing this Ye Chen object, Fu Lanling wanted to eat it once again, she was addicted to Yangqi released by this object.

"Slurpppp. . . ., Slurpppp. . . ., Slurpppp. . . ., "Fu Lanling sucked Ye Chen's object very strongly.

Su Mengxin also began to lick Ye Chen's shaft, he and Su Mengxin took turns serving Ye Chen's objects by mouth.

Ye Chen saw how the two women were passionate, Ye Chen could not take it anymore, he erupted white magma all over Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin's upper body.

Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin were not ready to accept this, they only knew that their entire face was covered in white and warm objects that Ye Chen had just released.

In order not to waste Yangqi Ye Chen, the two of them began to lick each other.

Ye Chen saw how Fu Lanling became a lustful woman.

When he first met, Fu Lanling was an ancient woman, he had not thought that within a few days Fu Lanling would be a very brave woman like this.

It seems like after hanging out with Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue and Su Mengxin Fu Lanling's thinking patterns began to change.

After everything was clean they looked at Ye Chen passionately.

"Husband, we want to" Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin both want Ye Chen to do a small hole that belongs to both of them.

Ye Chen piled these two women into One, below was Fu Lanling and above was Su Mengxin.

The two honey caves belonging to Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin overlap, both having red colors and different characteristics.

Since the two were already wet enough Ye Chen could easily get inside, the first to enjoy Ye Chen's large object was Fu Lanling.

When Ye Chen's large object entered, Fu Lanling's body formed an arc.

Ye Chen could put all his possessions into Fu Lanling's body, Fu Lanling's cave was deep enough to be able to eat all of Ye Chen's objects and only leave a little.

Ye Chen had crashed into a dead end, he could no longer put his belongings into Fu Lanling Cave, the depth of Fu Lanling's honey cave might be influenced by Fu Lanling's high body factor.

Ye Chen started pumping inside Fu Lanling's body, Fu Lanling continued and continued to moan, enjoying Ye Chen's large meat stick.

"Ahh. . . . . , husband, I came out "after 2 minutes Fu Lanling came out.

Ye Chen immediately pulled out his object and put it in Su Mengxin's.

After Ye Chen's large object entered Su Mengxin immediately closed her teeth to endure Ye Chen's pain.

Su Mengxin had no idea that Ye Chen's object had entered into a part that had never been explored before, this was very different from last night, last night Ye Chen's object had only entered half, but this time, almost all of Ye Chen's objects had entered her honey cave.

After a while the pain begins to disappear, the pain is replaced by unrivaled pleasure.

"Ah ... . . . Husband, you are so great, I will be your wife forever. "Su Mengxin could not possibly leave Ye Chen, he would always be loyal with Ye Chen.

Her heart, body and mind had been dominated by Ye Chen.

After Su Mengxin reached the peak, Ye Chen re-entered Fu Lanling.

Ye Chen continued to do this until the two women fainted.

Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue were awakened by the loud sounds made by Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin.

Seeing Zhao Yanyan and Liu Yue waking up, he hurried to the side of the two women to have intercourse again, Ye Chen wanted to bring out his essence in the wife's honey cave

Tonight will be a sleepless night for these four people.

In the night sky of the fairy gate there was a woman flying with her wings.

This was Chu Yuechan, Chu Yuechan looked towards the dual cultivation room where Ye Chen was, because Ye Chen and Chu Yuechan were connected, Chu Yuechan could see how Ye Chen was having fun with Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling, and Su Mengxin.

They all seemed to really enjoy the dual cultivation session with Ye Chen "master, I hope you soon become strong, I'm very impatient having fun with you" Chu Yuechan giggled, she then disappeared from the night sky.