Journey To Become A True God Chapter 183

183 Seventh Sword Sect Sect Disciples
At the moment on top of a building stand two people in old Chinese clothes. On their backs are hung a sword.

one of them carried three back swords, another one carried two swords on his back

"Xiao Kim, so this was where you lived when you were in the mortal world? "The man with three swords on his back asked Xiao Kim.

"Jin Wu's brother is my family 20 years ago, even though I have entered the path of a cultivator I still cannot forget them" The man by the name of Xia Kim spoke to Jin Wu.

The names of these two people are Xiao Kim and Jin Wu, Xiao Kim is in the first stage of the Earth Realm, while Jin Wu is at the peak stage of the Earth Realm.

both of them were disciples of the Seventh Sword Sect sect.

"Worthy of your speed in long cultivation, it turns out you still cannot leave your mind from the mortal world, Xiao Kim, if you want to become a great cultivator you must forget the mortal world and focus on the world of cultivators" Jin Wu who is a senior advises Xiao Kim to forget life mortal world.

As cultivators they can live for hundreds of years, whereas mortal humans are on average short-lived, there is no point in having a relationship with mortals even though it is a family.

"Well, I know, but I still can't do that, blood ties are thicker than anything else" Xiao Kim frankly couldn't do what Jin Wu said.

"I understand, we only have a few days to stay in the mortal world, if the master comes back and does not find our whereabouts, we will definitely be punished by the master." Jin Wu said that if they did not return on time, then the master would give a punishment for leaving the sect without permission.

"Brother Jin Wu, where exactly has the master gone? I only know the master will go away for a few days, but I don't know where the master will go "Xiao Kim doesn't know where their master is going.

"Master, currently going to the big 4 sect meeting, I don't know the full details" Jin Wu told me where the master had gone.

"I understand" Xiao Kim doesn't ask many questions anymore, he knows that, he hasn't been able to find out more details.

"Let's go" Xiao Kim invited Jin Wu into the Xiao family's residence.

Xiao Kim knocked on the door of Xiao's residence, a few moments later the door was opened, the person who opened the door was Xiao Luman.

"Who are you guys? "Xiao Luman's first reaction was to ask who these two people were.

Xiao Luman was afraid when he saw these two men carrying a sword on their backs, he began to think that this was a killer sent by someone.

Xiao Kim had no idea who this young man was, but this young man's face was almost similar to his brother's.

"Is your father inside? "Xiao Kim asked if Xiao Luman's father was in the house.

"Of course, let me call" Xiao Luman feels familiar with people who are looking for his father, he immediately went to call his father.

Xiao Luman walked a little unsteady, Xiao Luman's back still hurt because he was kicked by Ye Chen, Xiao Luman really wanted to take revenge on Ye Chen for the treatment he received yesterday.

A few moments later, Xiao Luman's father came, Xiao Luman's father was named Xiao Lim.

"Brother, you're back," seeing who was at the doorstep Xiao Lim welcomed.

"My brother, it's been a long time since we met" Xiao Kim hugged Xiao Lim's body very tightly, he just missed his brother.

"Brother Kim, you haven't changed at all in the past two decades." Xiao Lim was surprised to see Xiao Kim not aging at all, she still looks like 20 years ago.

"Hahaha, you can do it" Xiao Kim laughed at this praise.

"Kim's brothers, who is this? "Xiao Lim asks who is the man next to Xiao Lim,

"This is my senior Jin Wu in the sect" Xiao Kim looks very respectful of Jin Wu.

"Greetings Senior Jin" seeing how his brother highly respects Jin Wu, Xiao Lim also respects Jin Wu.

Jin Wu only nodded and didn't say much.

"Let's go in, a meal has been prepared." Xiao Lim invited these two people to enter the house.

"What father is uncle, why is he still so young" Xiao Luman was shocked to see that his uncle was still very young, his uncle's age should be above Xiao Luman's own father, so Xiao Luman thought his uncle looked like a middle-aged man.

"That's because he is a cultivator, he is difficult to age," Xiao Lim told me that cultivators have a longer life than ordinary humans.

"Oh" Xiao Luman nodded at his father.

Xiao Lim and Xiao Luman went to the dining room at the banquet hall, there is currently a middle-aged man sitting on a chair.

This is Xiao Luman's grandfather, he is named Xiao Xian.

"Welcome" At this time Xiao Xian welcomed the arrival of Xiao Kim and Jin Wu.

"Dad" Xiao Kim bowed to his father, it's been 20 years he has not met his father.

"You are still the same as before, never change" Xiao Xian saw that Xiao Kim still looks the same as 20 years ago.

"Let's eat" Xiao Xian asked everyone to take their seats.

Xiao Kim and Jin Wu took their seats, on the table there was a lot of food that had been prepared very carefully.

Even the most expensive wine is available on the table, Xiao Xian poured his dinner into his glass "Let's toast" Everyone followed what Xiao Xian did.

Only Jin Wu was still silent, he didn't want to try wine from the mortal world, he had already tried the taste of wine in the mortal world, it tasted very bad.

Seeing that Jin Wu did not want to drink, Xiao Xian did not mind this, he could not possibly force a cultivator to do what they did not want.

After a toast at the start of the meal, Xiao Lim and Xiao Xian immediately asked about the experience Xiao Kim had been through for the past 20 years.

They even asked why in 20 years Xiao Kim had never returned to this family.

Xiao Kim answered Xiao Lim and Xiao Xian's questions, some of the questions were not answered by Xiao Kim because it was a sect's secret that should not be leaked.

If Xiao Kim divulges the sect's secrets, then he will be executed by the sect, even his family in the mortal world will not be released by the Seventh Sword Sect.

That's why Xiao Kim was very careful when answering questions related to the sect.

"Uncle, I want to ask for help from you" Xiao Luman asked Xiao Kim for help.

"What help?" Asked Xiao Kim.

"I want you to teach someone, yesterday that person beat me up" Xiao Luman wants his uncle to teach Ye Chen a lesson.

at least make it deformed, or lie in a hospital bed for several months.

"Who is that, tell me, no one can bully Xiao's family" Xiao Kim was very angry to hear someone dare to bully his family

"That is Ye Chen, this is his photo" Xiao Luman gave Ye Chen's photo to Xiao Kim.

Xiao Luman told the members of the martial arts club to secretly photograph Ye Chen

Xiao Kim accepted Ye Chen's xylophone "is this the person who beat you? "Asks Xiao Kim.

"Yes, that person is someone who has beaten me very hard" Xiao Luman exaggerated the problem in front of Xiao Kim.

"Calm down, I will report the account you have" After this Xiao Kim intends to look for Ye Chen's whereabouts.

Jin Wu was not at all interested in this matter, with Xiao Kim's power dealing with this person it would be very easy.

even if Xiao Kim wanted to kill Ye Chen, Jin Wu would not interfere, for him people in the mortal world such as ants, these people's life and death were nothing to him.

Xiao Kim took a spell paper, Ye Chen's picture was placed on this spell paper, the spell paper turned into an origami bird.

The basic principle of this origami bird is the same as a drone, it will monitor every corner to look for Ye Chen, the difference is that it can search for people more easily and a wider range.

now this origami bird will look for Ye Chen's whereabouts, Xiao Kim only needs to wait for the results.