Journey To Become A True God Chapter 185

185 I Think Youre Much More Beautiful Than This Flower
When Ye Chen arrived at the medicinal garden, he saw an astonishing sight, at this time the little fox Ye Xiu was eating some of the high-quality medicinal plants in the garden.

Seeing this Ye Chen immediately ran towards Ye Xiu's little fox, he immediately pulled Ye Xiu away from the medicinal plants in the medicinal garden.

"Nyuu. . . . . , nyuu. . . . . , nyuu. . . . . , nyuu. . . . . , nyuu. . . . . , nyuu. . . . . "Ye Xiu tried to get away from Ye Chen, she seemed to dislike it when Ye Chen bothered her while eating medicinal plants.

"Naughty fox, how dare you eat my medicinal herbs" Ye Chen scolded Ye Xiu's little fox.

Ye Chen had no idea that this fox could come out as she pleased, he thought Ye Xiu could only come out when Ye Chen called her out, apparently Ye Xiu could come out as she pleased.

It would be dangerous for all the medicinal plant assets that Ye Chen had, Ye Chen had to immediately use a barrier to protect the medicinal garden from Ye Xiu's little fox.

Ye Xiu turned her face to the side, she looked angry at Ye Chen.

"Husband, what are you doing" Zhao Yayan and Chu Yuechan came over to Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan walked with a slight limp, it seemed like the bottom of Zhao Yanyan was swollen from being too strong when entered by Ye Chen's object.

"I'm catching a small pest that's eating my medicinal garden" Ye Chen showed Ye Xiu.

"Hehehehe, maybe you didn't feed her enough so she stole in this garden" Chu Yuechan chuckled.

"Every day I have given her enough food, this little fox is too greedy" Every day Ye Chen had fed Ye Xiu, this little creature was still not satisfied with the food Ye Chen gave and stole in this medicinal garden.

"Husband, how can you be so stingy about this funny creature?" Zhao Yanyan took Ye Xiu from Ye Chen's hands.

Zhao Yanyan likes funny things, so she was very kind to Ye Xiu, Zhao Yanyan always spoiled Ye Xiu by giving her heaven peaches or medicinal plants in this medicinal garden.

"Instead I was stingy, medicinal plants are something that is very valuable to increase strength, if I let this little fox eat everything, then what about our fate" Ye Chen would not let the fox Ye Xiu eat all the medicinal plants in the medicinal garden.

"Yuechan, is there a special barrier function available at the fairy gate" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan to know about the details of the fairy gate.

"Of course there is, if the blocking function is activated except for you, no one can enter this medicinal garden, including your woman too, will not be able to enter," Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen.

"I understand, just activate that function, I don't want the medicinal ingredients that are here exhausted by this little fox" Ye Chen told Chu Yuechan to activate the blocking function.

Chu Yuechan waved her hand, immediately a transparent barrier enveloped the entire medicinal garden.

Ye Xiu broke free from Zhao Yanyan's embrace, she used her tail to try to attack the barrier that covered the medicinal garden.

"Clank. . . . . "Ye Xiu's tail punch did not make the barrier unmoved, this barrier was very strong, Ye Xiu could not possibly destroy this barrier.

"Now the problem is over" Ye Chen was happy that the problem was finally over, now the Ye Chen medicine garden was safe from predator Ye Xiu.

"Nyuu. . . . , nyuu. . . . , nyuu. . . . , nyuu. . . . "Ye Xiu protested to Ye Chen, she was angry because her favorite eating place was closed by Ye Chen.

"Calm down, this is for you" Zhao Yanyan tried to calm Ye Xiu by giving her a heavenly peach, Zhao Yanyan knew that Ye Xiu was very fond of heavenly peaches.

Initially Ye Xiu refused the peaches in front of her, she was not easy to bribe with just one peach.

seeing one peach could not bribe Ye Xiu, Zhao Yanyan released one more "what if two" Zhao Yanyan showed two peaches in both hands.

Ye Xiu immediately took the two peaches from Zhao Yanyan's hand, Ye Xiu's fox was very easy to guess.

Zhao Yanyan stroked the head of Ye Xiu who was eating a heavenly peach.

"Oh yes, husband, you should buy clothes for Lulu, I see that Lulu only has 3 sets of maid clothes, she has no other clothes." Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen to buy some clothes for Xiao Lulu.

Actually Zhao Yanyan wanted to give some of her clothes, unfortunately it was too small to be used by Xiao Lulu, especially on the chest of Xiao Lulu which was bigger than Zhao Yanyan.

For this reason Zhao Yanyan wanted Ye Chen to invite Xiao Lulu to shop for new clothes, another reason was for the two to become closer, Zhao Yanya was sorry to see Xiao Lulu always left at home alone.

"Alright, then I'll take Xiao Lulu to shop for new clothes." Xiao Lulu has worked hard enough, giving a little gift isn't too bad.

"What are you waiting for, hurry up and go" Zhao Yanyan pushed Ye Chen away from the fairy gate.

"But" actually Ye Chen still wanted to stay at the fairy gate for longer, he wanted to see the artifact warehouse that had just opened.

"Hurry up, Lulu is now alone in the villa" Zhao Yanyan looked like chasing Ye Chen out of the fairy gate.

Because Zhao Yanyan insisted, Ye Chen came out of the fairy gate, when he appeared in the living room of the starting place where he entered the fairy gate.

Ye Chen searched for Xiao Lulu's whereabouts, Xiao Lulu was currently in the front yard, Ye Chen wanted to find out what Xiao Lulu was doing in the front yard.

When Ye Chen reached the front yard, he saw Xiao Lulu watering flowers around this place, it seems like Xiao Lulu was very fond of ornamental plants like flowers.

Ye Chen approached Xiao Lulu who was watering the plants.

heard someone approaching, Xiao Lulu immediately turned around "Big Brother Ye Chen, you are awake" Xiao Lulu greeted Ye Chen with a smile.

"Well, I just woke up" Ye Chen was standing next to Xiao Lulu.

"Just what are you doing" Ye Chen was asking what Xiao Lulu was doing.

"I am enjoying the beauty of these flowers, the flowers planted by sister Lanling are very beautiful, I have never seen such beautiful flowers even when I still live in the village" Xiao Lulu admired the flowers embedded in the front yard of Ye Chen's villa.

If I'm not mistaken this flower is similar to the flower inside the fairy gate, it looks like Fu Lanling took this flower from the fairy gate, then planted it in the front yard of Ye Chen Villa.

"Yeah, you're right this flower is beautiful, but in my opinion you're much more beautiful than this flower," Ye Chen told me the truth.

After hearing Ye Chen's words, Xiao Lulu's face turned red, for some reason Xiao Lulu was happy when she was praised by Ye Chen, Xiao Lulu didn't dare look at Ye Chen.

"Big brother Ye Chen, I will prepare breakfast for you" Xiao Lulu tried to run away by making an excuse.

"No need, come with me" Ye Chen held Xiao Lulu's hand to stop her from running away.