Journey To Become A True God Chapter 187

187 Blocked By Enemy
Ye Chen took Xiao Lulu to go to the fast food restaurants around here, though it wasn't too fancy it seemed that Xiao Lulu really enjoyed the food here.

Some people who were buying food occasionally glanced at Ye Chen and Xiao Lulu, a handsome young man and a beautiful woman would definitely attract a lot of public attention.

Xiao Lulu didn't pay much attention to these people, she was now enjoying a meal together with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was happy to see how Xiao Lulu ate, she was like a child who had good food.

"Don't be in a hurry, look at the sauce stain on your cheek" Ye Chen wiped the sauce stain on Xiao Lulu's cheek.

Xiao Lulu was very ashamed, she was enjoying this too much, until she didn't realize there was a stain on her cheek.

When Ye Chen and Xiao Lulu were cool eating, in a corner of a tree there was an origami bird who was watching Ye Chen's movements, this origami bird had found Ye Chen's whereabouts, after finding Ye Chen's whereabouts had returned ownership to report the results.

After finishing eating, Ye Chen immediately invited Xiao Lulu back to the villa.

On the way back to the villa, the road around here is very quiet, no one passes through this area

Seeing this oddity Ye Chen continued to drive the car forward, a few moments later in front of two people standing in the middle of the road, they were both carrying a sword on the back, this sword was not a toy sword, this was real.

Ye Chen began to suspect this was a killer sent by the Yun family to kill him, Ye Chen felt he only had enemies from the Yun family, so it was likely the Yun family was the one who sent a murderer, to take revenge for Yun Hao's death.

In fact when he was at a fast food restaurant, Ye Chen already felt someone was watching him, Ye Chen had no idea that person would act this quickly.

Ye Chen stopped his car a few meters in front of these two people.

"Lulu, you wait here, let me take care of these two people," Ye Chen told Xiao Lulu not to be afraid and stay in the car.

"Ye Chen's big brother, be careful" Xiao Lulu wanted Ye Chen to be careful when dealing with these two people.

Ye Chen nodded, he got out of the car and approached these two people.

Xiao Lulu was still afraid to see the two people in front carrying a sword on their backs.

the two people who blocked Ye Chen's path were Xiao Kim and Jin Wu, after getting the location where Ye Chen was, Xiao Kim immediately went to clear Xiao Luman's account.

Seeing Ye Chen get out of the car, Xiao Kim immediately said "so you are Ye Chen, you are brave enough to beat my niece".

"Who is that ?, I feel like I don't know you two" Seeing that this person wasn't the killer sent by Yun's family, Ye Chen began to wonder who these two people were.

"You still dare to dodge, aren't you the one who beat Xiao Luman yesterday" Xiao Kim made it clear who his nephew was to Ye Chen.

"Oh, so you guys have a relationship with Xiao Luman, hahaha, well, then what do you want from me, looking for trouble? "Ye Chen doesn't mind dealing with people who are trying to find problems with him.

Moreover, both of them are only in the early stages of Earth Realm, and the other one is at the peak of Earth Realm.

"You young man who is quite arrogant, let me give you a lesson that makes you know the limits" Xiao Kim intends to attack Ye Chen.

Xiao Kim immediately headed towards Ye Chen, Xiao Kim extended his palm intending to hit Ye Chen's chest.

How could Ye Chen let Xiao Kim manage to hit himself, Ye Chen punched Xiao Kim's face first? . . . ! "Xiao Kim was flown tens of meters away.

Xiao Kim fell down on the asphalt road, His mouth was bleeding a lot, almost half the teeth that belonged to Xiao Kim fell out after receiving a fist from Ye Chen.

Jin Wu was quite surprised at Ye Chen's strength, he immediately retreated tens of meters to secure his position.

"You bastard, how dare you hit my face" Xiao Kim tried to get up from the road, he issued a pretty deep killing intent on Ye Chen.

Xiao Kim pulled one of the swords on his back, the other sword threw himself into the sky, it can be seen that this must be a flying sword technique.

"Get ready to die damn brat" with a mouth full of blood, Xiao Kim said he wanted to kill Ye Chen.

Ye Chen used the nine step shadow, he reached Xiao Kim's side "breaking meteor blow, Bammm" Ye Chen hit Xiao Kim down and hit the road.

a hole formed by Xiao Kim's impact with the road.

This blow was far stronger than before, although Xiao Kim could survive, he would no longer be able to become a cultivator.

Xiao Kim who was hit by Ye Chen's attack immediately collapsed.

Jin Wu did not see the movement Ye Chen did just now, that he knew Xiao Kim had been defeated by Ye Chen, Jin Wu immediately attacked Ye Chen by using three flying swords on his back, three flying swords controlled by Jin Wu wanted to cut off the vital parts of Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen parried this sword attack by using bare hands, "clank. . . . . . . , clank. . . . . . . , clank. . . . . . . , "The sound of a collision between Ye Chen's hand and the flying sword, like a collision between an iron against an iron.

Jin Wu was quite surprised to see how Ye Chen parried the attack he was carrying out.

Jin Wu had felt Ye Chen's cultivation base, even though this person's strength was only in the second stage of the Earth realm, how could this person easily fend off the attacks that he launched.

Ye Chen picked up all three of Jin Wu's ears and began squeezing "Crak. . . . Crak. . . . Crak. . . . , "Jin Wu's three flying swords were destroyed by Ye Chen to pieces.

Jin Wu was the person who was most surprised when he saw all the flying swords he had destroyed by Ye Chen.

Jin Wu was the person who best knew how strong the sword he had, this sword was very strong, there was no way someone in the realm of the second Earth Realm could easily destroy this sword.

"Who exactly are you" Jin Wu asked who this person really was.

"You've heard from your own colleague, I am Ye Chen, remember my name carefully" Ye Chen told Jin Wu to remember his name.

"Alright, Ye Chen. I admit that you have a bit of skill, but I still haven't been serious about fighting you, if I'm serious, you're already dead." Jin Wu warned Ye Chen that he wasn't serious, if he was serious Ye Chen would definitely have lost before.

"Really, then show your true abilities, I really want to see how great your bragging power is, is it really as good as your speech or a gimmich to scare me?" Ye Chen laughed, he wanted to see what if Jin Wu was as serious as fighting.

"You are brave enough to underestimate me" seeing Ye Chen challenging himself, Jin Wu did not remain silent, he raised one hand and started to recite a special spell, after finishing chanting the spell, 4 green wind blades appeared above Jin Wu's head.

Unlike the iron sword, the four swords were made by using the deep energy possessed by Jin Wu.