Journey To Become A True God Chapter 188

188 Heavenly Sky Sword
"Let's see if you can fight my Heavenly Sky Sword technique." Jin Wu controlled this wind sword to attack Ye Chen.

There are 7 stages of Heavenly Sky Sword, each stage represented by a wind sword that can be made, because Jin Wu can make 4 swords, Jin Wu's Heavenly Sky Sword technique is already in the fourth stage.

Jin Wu's wind sword aimed at Ye Chen with very high speed.

"Slash. . . . . . . , Slash. . . . . . . , Slash. . . . . . . , Slash. . . . . . . "This wind sword cut Ye Chen's body.

When the flying sword sliced into Ye Chen, Ye Chen just stayed still, he did not fight when this sword attacked him.

Jin Wu had landed hundreds of cuts on Ye Chen's body, but until now there was still no blood coming out.

Jin Wu felt Ye Chen's body was very hard, in fact it was far harder than steel, because with the technique of Heavenly Sky Sword Jin Wu could easily split a steel in two.

Jin Wu couldn't hurt Ye Chen at all.

"Is that the only ability you have, if only then you make me disappointed" Ye Chen cleaned his body like cleaning dust.

Seeing what Ye Chen did, it was an insult to Jin Wu.

"Shining Slash" Jinwu's flying sword slashed simultaneously, a blade of light headed towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen reached out his palm forward, the blade of light was easily deflected by Ye Chen.

"How could that happen?" Jin Wu was very surprised to see that his flagship technique could be easily deflected by Ye Chen.

Need to know to reach stage four of Heavenly Sky Sword, Jin Wu has practiced for 7 decades, every time he has spent is spent learning this technique.

Today he saw someone who was younger than him, very easily fending off his Shining Slash technique.

"Because you want to play sword cutting, I also have a flying sword technique, One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords" Ye Chen released the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords.

One hundred flame swords appeared around Ye Chen.

Jin Wu's eyes widened after seeing 100 flame swords appear around Ye Chen, he had never seen someone able to release so many swords made of deep energy. Even sect patriarchs who have made Heavenly Sky Sword up to the sixth level can only make 6 swords.

For Jin Wu this is an impossible thing to do.

Ye Chen controlled the one sword he had to destroy Jin Wu's four wind swords.

"Slash. . . "Jin Wu's wind sword was easily destroyed by Ye Chen.

"Coughing" Jin Wu spouted blood, because his technique was broken by Ye Chen, his profound energy turned against him, this made Jin Wu's internal organs injured.

"Actually, what kind of monster are you? "Jin Wu knelt while holding his chest.

"I am not a monster, I am an ordinary person who loves peace, if someone dares to disturb my life, they will not end well" Ye Chen's principle is very simple, as long as that person does not look for a problem with himself, Ye Chen also will not look for problems with people that.

"I am a student of the Seventh Sword Sect if you dare to kill me, my sect will definitely not let you go" Seeing he has no way to run, Jin Wu used the popularity of the Seventh Sword Sect to frighten Ye Chen.

"Oh, so you come from 4 large sects, you deserve to be very arrogant, it turns out that you have quite strong supporters" Ye Chen finally found out where these two people came from, it turns out they both came from the Seventh Sword Sect.

"Why?, Are you afraid after hearing the name of our sect, hahahaha, for our sect you are only a small ant." Seeing Ye Chen know the name of the sect for sure, Jin Wu thought Ye Chen wouldn't dare to kill himself.

"Afraid? Little ants, hahaha, you make me laugh" Ye Chen laughed at Jin Wu, this person thinks because behind him there is a great sect that can do whatever he wants.

, if Jin Wu met another cultivator and said this, surely the cultivator would be scared, unfortunately Jin Wu met with Ye Chen, for Ye Chen Seventh Sword Sect was not a serious threat.

Jin Wu was confused as to why this person was laughing, every cultivator who heard the name of the Seventh Sword Sect would immediately act respectfully.

Seventh Sword Sect is very famous for having the most powerful power among the four major sects, in the mortal world this sect ranks first in the list of strengths, then followed by the Cherry Blossom Sect, Frozen Ice Sect and finally the Fire Valley Sect.

Ye Chen approached towards Jin Wu, one hundred Ye Chen's flying swords aimed at Jin Wu.

"Wait, if my master returns and learns that you killed me, my teacher will definitely take revenge on you," seeing the threat not working, Jin Wu tried another way.

"So where is your master now, why don't you call him now to ask him for help" Ye Chen asked, Ye Chen felt funny about Jin Wu, if Ye Chen was not afraid of the Seventh Sword Sect for what he was afraid of the master of Jin Wu himself.

"My master, is currently having a meeting with the 4 major sects, when he returns he will definitely immediately look for our whereabouts, my master will definitely find the killer of us both easily" Jin Wu told Ye Chen not to kill him, or the master would take revenge on Ye Chen.

"The meeting of the four major sects" Ye Chen murmured, this seemed to be about the problem of exploring an ancient heritage site, If Ye Chen remembered carefully it should still be a few days before the meeting was held, it seemed that information from Li Sunhe was not very accurate.

If it was true that the four large sects did intend to explore the ancient inheritance, of course Ye Chen would also have to go there, who knows he might get valuable items or the like.

"Well, I won't kill you," Ye Chen pulled back the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords.

"Huft" Jin Wu was relieved to see Ye Chen afraid of the threat.

"But I will eliminate the martial arts that you have" from Ye Chen's fingertips appeared a speck of fire, Ye Chen directed this fire on Jin Wu's forehead.

Jin Wu tried to retreat, he would rather die than lose his cultivation.

Fire starts to enter Jin Wu's body, this fire starts burning Jin Wu's deep veins.

"Ah. . . . . . "Jin Wu howled like a wolf, the pain was incredible, because the pain that was too extreme Jin Wu's consciousness began to disappear.

After eliminating the cultivation of these two people, Ye Chen returned to his car.

Ye Chen was not afraid of these two people looking for trouble, for a sect of people with disabilities was a useless item, even though these two people returning to their sect would definitely be driven away from their sect.

"Sorry to keep you waiting long" Ye Chen apologized to Xiao Lulu, for taking too long when fighting two students from the Seventh Sword Sect

"Big Brother Ye Chen, was that just a magic?" Xiao Lulu had seen Ye Chen's battle, suddenly this wind sword and sword appeared, in Xiao Lulu's eyes this was a magic trick.

"Yes, you're right. That was a magic trick, let's go home." Ye Chen very easily fooled Xiao Lulu.