Journey To Become A True God Chapter 192

192 Visitors From Next Room
They simultaneously analyzed the strength of the barrier in the ancient heritage site, they all discussed the weak points that could be attacked so that the barrier could be destroyed easily.

the meeting lasted for more than 2 hours, all the sects had reached mutual agreement, they had also divided their respective place of formation so as not to be confused when attacking the barrier.

"Alright, let us rest first to restore strength, I hope tomorrow you are 100% recovered, it will make it easier to destroy the barrier in the ancient heritage place" after saying this the Seventh Sword Sect was the first sect to rise to the upper floor, long before. Seventh Sword Sect had booked a room at this inn.

Cherry Blossom Sect, Fire Valley Sect, Frozen Ice Sect all also booked a room to stay, because this building is very spacious, everyone gets their own rooms, each sect creates a barrier to minimize people who want to do evil, this can also make people outside do not know what is happening in the room occupied by them.

"What are you going to do now?" Ye Chen asked the middle-aged man in front of him.

"Moreover, of course, waiting for the Four Great Sects to open the barrier, we weak cultivators can only be behind the four big Sects, we only hope to get the remaining treasures left by the four big sects" Middle-aged men can only wait for large sects to move first, they will dare to enter after the situation is safe and under control.

all the cultivators in this guesthouse have the same thoughts as middle-aged men, they don't want to die silly because of their own greed

"Alright I'll rent a room and sleep, see you tomorrow" Middle-aged man stood up from his chair, he brought down a pumpkin of wine and climbed upstairs.

Since the event had not yet started Ye Chen also rented a room here, the rent for one night was not too expensive, Ye Chen quickly yelled to the floor, he looked for the room number he had rented.

The number of rooms that Ye Chen rents is 9, in rooms number 8 and 10 are occupied by the Cherry Blossom Sect \u0026 Frozen Ice Sect.

Both of these sects create a barrier around the room to block outsiders from peeking inside.

Ye Chen entered room number 9, in this room there was only 1 double bed and several tables and drawers, here there were no lights, only an oil that could be used as a lighting device.

Ye Chen opened the window of the room, he saw that the sky was getting dark, from here the stars in the sky looked very beautiful. Ye Chen wanted to find out what Zhao Yanyan and the other women were doing.

Because here it was very boring Ye Chen entered into the fairy gate.

When he reached the fairy gate, Ye Chen did not see the figures of Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue, Fu Lanling and Su Mengxin.

"Yuechan" Ye Chen called Chu Yuechan's name.

"What?" Chu Yuechan appeared in front of Ye Chen.

"Do you know where Zhao Yanyan and other women are," Ye Chen immediately asked for the whereabouts of Zhao Yanyan and his women.

"They are all shutting down and cannot be bothered" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that Zhao Yanyan and the women were closing in.

"Yes, then forget it" because all women are doing cultivation, Ye Chen did not want to disturb them.

Ye Chen slightly disappointed came out of the fairy gate.

"Master, if you want to do dual cultivation, you just choose on the left and right side of this room, they are all beautiful women." Chu Yuechan teased Ye Chen.

To the left and right of Ye Chen's room remained 10 beauties, if Ye Chen wanted to do these 10 women, they would all not be able to fight Ye Chen.

"Stop saying something that is not important, I'd better sleep" Ye Chen took off the bamboo hat he was wearing and put it on the table, he then lay down on the mattress, this mattress was very hard as a rock, it's worth the price of this room is cheap, goods everything here is not worth using.

When Ye Chen closed his eyes, he felt someone watching him, Ye Chen looked at the person who was staring at him.

"Come out quickly, what do you want from me" Ye Chen immediately exposed the location of the person who was watching him.

"Giggle, you're really a very attractive young man" a woman entered through the window of this room.

This woman was Qing Cheng the leader of the Cherry Blossom Sect, this time Qing Cheng did not wear a bamboo hat with a cloth covering, Ye Chen could see the beautiful face possessed by Qing Cheng, the clothes worn by Qing Cheng had been changed, now Qing Cheng wears very sexy Cheongsam clothes.

This woman can be said to have a beauty comparable to the fairy Mu Lanyin, the difference is very clear Qing Cheng has a body and charm that is very tempting, what's more the size of the second peak of the mountain Qing Cheng is the legendary G Cup, before Ye Chen was unaware because of the clothes worn by Qing Cheng is very loose.

Ye Chen wondered what Qing Cheng wanted at this time of night to watch over him.

"What is wanted by the leader of the Cherry Blossom Sect at this time of the night looking for this little person?" Ye Chen asked Qing Cheng's need to watch over him.

"Giggle, for some reason I'm a little interested in you," Qing Cheng chuckled, this woman's voice was really very seductive to Ye Chen.

"Indeed, what attracted you to me, was it because of my good looks" Ye Chen felt that this beautiful woman was a little confused, Ye Chen had behaved as normal as possible, how he still attracted the attention of beautiful women like Qing Cheng.

"The reason you are interested in me is, you are the first person who is not affected by my charm technique, it makes me even more curious about you, what method are you actually using to fend off the charm technique that I have?" Qing Cheng wanted to know what method was used by Ye Chen to fend off the charm technique that she had.

"Maybe because my mind and soul are so much stronger than you, that's what made your technique not work for me" Ye Chen very easily answered Qing Cheng's question.

Charm type technique is a technique that can be used with opponents who have weak minds and souls, charm techniques are powerful enough to confuse enemies, weaknesses of this technique are when meeting people who have strong minds and souls, people with strong minds and souls, one will not be affected by charm techniques.

In this world there are some very powerful charm techniques, even a strong soul and mind are hard to resist, one of which is the charm technique possessed by the king's heart.

If this technique falls to the wrong person, surely they will use this technique to improve women throughout the universe.

Fortunately in this world only Ye Chen was able to use the king's heart technique because the conditions required to have an Ancient (Yang) body.

"If it was for sure I would have trusted your words just now, unfortunately I just saw you easily find my being hiding, you must have hidden your true power by using a special artifact" Qing Cheng began to suspect that Ye Chen was hiding his cultivation base by using artifacts rare.