Journey To Become A True God Chapter 193

193 Please Massage Me
"Hehehe, it looks like the leader of the Cherry Blossom Sect is a very smart woman." Ye Chen no longer acted as a weak cultivator, this woman was smart enough to analyze the circumstances around her.

"Giggling, you praise me too much, so what is your name? "Qing Cheng doesn't know Ye Chen's real name yet.

"My name is Ye Chen," he told Qing Cheng his real name.

"Ye Chen, a pretty good name" Qing Cheng praised the name that Ye Chen had.

"So Ye Chen may I know whether you are now attached to a sect or a government-owned organization?" Qing Cheng asked Ye Chen if he was bound to a sect or government organization.

"None, I am an independent cultivator, I am not attached to any sect or organization" Ye Chen had never tried to enter a sect or government organization.

"That's good, then are you interested in joining my sect? Qing Cheng tried to invite Ye Chen to join the Cherry Blossom Sect.

"Huh? "Ye Chen did not think that Qing Cheng would invite him into the Cherry Blossom Sect, actually what was the reason this woman invited him into the Cherry Blossom Sect.

Seeing Ye Chen doubt, Qing Cheng immediately said "Ye Chen you don't need to worry, our sect is a sect that doesn't have many rules like the other sects, we also won't force our students or members to do things they don't want" Qing Cheng explained to Ye Chen about the Cherry Blossom Sect sect.

"Thank you for the invitation, I will think about your offer." Ye Chen refused Qing Cheng quite subtly.

"Huft" Qing Cheng sighed, "Ye Chen, are you sure? If you join our sect you will definitely be popular among female students, after all you are still the most handsome man I have ever seen." Qing Cheng offered something very set it aside for all men.

There are so many male cultivators who want to enter the Cherry Blossom Sect, they want to enjoy the beauty that is in the Cherry Blossom Sect, unfortunately the requirements to enter the Cherry Blossom Sect for men are very strict.

Even the male population in the Cherry Blossom Sect is only about 10%, mostly dominated by women.

"If one day I change my mind, maybe I'll go there" Ye Chen still refused Qing Cheng's invitation to enter the Cherry Blossom Sect.

"Too bad" Qing Cheng was a little sad when she was rejected by Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng had a few bad thoughts on Ye Chen, she suddenly lay on her stomach on the mattress that Ye Chen had just used to sleep.

"Ye Chen, can you massage me for a while, I am very tired after a very long journey" Qing Chen very boldly cast the white thigh she had.

With her current appearance there is definitely no man who can hold her charm.

"You have to calm down, calm down. . . . . . . . "Ye Chen tried to calm himself, this woman is indeed a natural teaser.

"Come on, help me for a moment" Seeing Ye Chen still standing like a statue, Qing Cheng tried to ask Ye Chen in a very soft and seductive voice.

Qing Cheng really hated Ye Chen who always ignored her, even though Qing Cheng was already more than 70 years old, but the appearance and charm of beauty that he had was still like a 20 year old girl.

Qing Cheng is one of the 3 most beautiful women in the Cherry Blossom Sect, her beauty need not be questioned.

Seeing this woman keep on teasing himself, Ye Chen thought of evil thoughts in his head, he smiled wickedly at Qing Cheng who was lying on his bed.

"Hehehe, I will make this woman regret for having seduced me" Ye Chen said in his heart.

He approached the bed, Ye Chen began to relax his fingers. "Leader of the Cherry Blossom Sect, prepare yourself." Ye Chen told Qing Cheng to prepare to receive his massage.

"You don't need to be too formal, you can call me Qing Cheng" because she couldn't recruit Ye Chen into the sect, at least she had to be good friends with Ye Chen.

"Qing Cheng, I'll start" Ye Chen's fingers began to massage Qing Cheng back.

"Ah. . . . . . "When Ye Chen's fingers started massaging Qing Cheng's body, Qing Cheng groaned softly.

Ye Chen's touch made Qing Cheng's body stunned by electricity, it felt very good.

"How can this person's skill be this great, with just a touch of my body feels soaring to the sky" Qing Cheng's body began to squirm like a caterpillar, she even almost came out with just Ye Chen's touch.

"Ah. . . . . . . . Ye Chen, wait, let me rest for a moment. "Qing Cheng told Ye Chen to stop, she felt he was on the verge of the peak, as a cultivator cultivating the Dual Cultivation technique how could she be defeated so easily.

Qing Cheng, who intended to tempt Ye Chen, was defeated by Ye Chen's massage technique.

"The massage is still just beginning, you should enjoy it" Ye Chen smiled wickedly, he did not hold back the skills he had.

"Wait, wait, ahh. . . . . . ,Please stop" Qing Cheng is going crazy, Ye Chen's massage skills cannot be spoken with words, this is truly something Qing Cheng has never felt in this life.

" not . . . .,not . . . "I'll be the fastest climax Qing Qing has ever experienced, her body twitching because of the pleasure she got from Ye Chen."

Ye Chen smiled at seeing Qing Cheng like a fish that had just come out of the water, this was only the beginning Ye Chen continued to massage Qing Cheng's entire body.

Qing Cheng's skin was very soft and elastic, surely this woman cared for her body very well.

"Ye Chen, please stop, I want to massage again" Qing Cheng tried to stop Ye Chen's hand, she said Qing Cheng already did not have the strength to stop Ye Chen's actions, her body really felt very soft.

Qing Cheng was horrified, Ye Chen's skills were too extraordinary, she who from the beginning wanted to tease Ye Chen, now turned to a sheep that was ready to be slaughtered.

"Ah. . . . . . . ., ah. . . . . . . ., ah. . . . . . . ., ah. . . . . . . .ah. . . . . . . .ah. . . . . . . .ah. . . . . . . .ah. . . . . . . ., Help me . . . .,Help me . . . .,Help me . . . . "Qing Cheng is trying to find help from the members of the sect in the next room.

Too bad this room had been put up by a barrier by Ye Chen, so the people outside could not hear the moans of Qing Cheng who were inside here.

From beginning to end Ye Chen tried to restrain himself, Qing Cheng's sassy moans almost made Ye Chen's heart waver, fortunately Ye Chen managed to hold back his libido.

After 15 minutes of massage sessions Qing Cheng lay very exhausted, this is the first time Qing Cheng has felt very tired.

Qing Cheng's breath up and down, all parts of her body could not be moved, Ye Chen's massage technique was too extraordinary, it was like being in the sky that Qing Cheng had never felt in this life.

at this time Ye Che's bed had been soaked with liquid coming out from the bottom of Qing Cheng, this woman had come out dozens of times since Ye Chen had started a massage session.