Journey To Become A True God Chapter 194

194 Peeping Woman Bathing In Lake
Ye Chen himself got quite a lot of Yinqi from Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng tried to rest, she still did not have the strength to leave this room.

seeing Qing Chen unable to get up, Ye Chen decided to exit the room, let this woman rest in her room.

If Ye Chen continued to be here, maybe he would land his evil claws on Qing Cheng's seductive body.

Ye Chen returned to wearing a bamboo hat and robe, he flew towards the forest, the scenery around this place was still very natural, above the sky Ye Chen saw a rather large and beautiful lake.

With bright moonlight, the lake is like emitting light from the lake.

When Ye Chen approached, he saw something very interesting, in this lake there were 5 women who were bathing.

Which woman would take such baths in the cold lake water at night.

When Ye Chen looked sharper, he saw a familiar figure.

This is the Mu Lanyin fairy from the Frozen Ice Sect, Mu Lanyin is not completely naked, she still uses a plain white cloth to wrap her body, when this clothes is exposed to water, Mu Lanyin's snow white skin looks seductive.

Ye Chen descended in the tree, from a distance he saw 5 women bathing.

Today must be Ye Chen's lucky day, first he was seduced by Succubus Qing Cheng and now he looks at the extraordinary sight of 5 beautiful fairies bathing.

if Ye Chen was not mistaken the other 4 women should also be from the Frozen Ice Sect, while they were taking a bath they did not release the white veil that covered their faces.

This is very strange, why do all the people from the Frozen Ice Sect glorify the veil they wear, even when they are taking a bath they don't want to take it off.

Ye Chen still remembered how Mu Lanyin reacted when the veil she had worn was removed by Ye Chen.

Mu Lanyin was so angry that she immediately tried to kill Ye Chen.

From the perspective of the Ye Chen Frozen Ice Sect was a sect that gave priority to bodily purity, they would not let anyone stain their bodies even for an inch.

Ye Chen enjoyed this sight, the feeling of peeping at a beautiful woman bathing wasn't bad, it was only fitting that many men challenged the danger to peek at bathing women.

If Ye Chen was found to be peeking, the 5 beautiful fairies of the Frozen Ice Sect would definitely hunt down and kill Ye Chen.

"Crak. . . "There is a sound of broken branches.

" who is that ? "5 fairies from the Frozen Ice Sect who were enjoying the water, heard the sound of someone stepping on a twig.

The four beauties next to Mu Lanyin have the nickname Four Frozen Fairy.

Four Frozen Fairy, immediately went towards the origin of the voice, they had to make sure who it was, if it was a spy, they would definitely kill this pervert.

Ye Chen saw that it wasn't just him who was peeking at the fairies from the Frozen Ice Sect bathing, it turned out that far away on Ye Chen's left was a man who was hiding behind a bush.

"It's over, this guy definitely won't get a good ending." Ye Chen felt a little sorry for the man who had just been found by the Four Frozen Fairy.

, before being discovered by Four Frozen Fairy, this man tried to run as far away from the lake as possible, he tried to run away as fast as he could.

Too bad Four Frozen Fairy has locked the body of these obscene snoops, the four fairies won't be able to let go of this person who dares to peek at them bathing.

Ye Chen saw the Four Frozen Fairy chasing peeping men away from this lake.

Now the only person in the lake is only Mu Lanyin, Mu Lanyin doesn't catch up, she currently has a lot of thoughts.

After her meeting with Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin felt that she could not be the same as before, every time she cultivated she always remembered Ye Chen who had embarrassed her.

This made her cultivation become a fountain, if it continued like this Mu Lanyin would not be able to break through to the tenth level of Sky Realm.

Mu Lanyin still remembered that when she looked very frightened in front of Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin never showed the weakness she had to outsiders let alone men.

As sect lady, Mu Lanyin must look strong in front of all the students and elders who are in the Frozen Ice Sect.

This was all the greetings of the man Chen Ye Chen was, if it hadn't been for Mu Lanyin meeting with that man, maybe she would not have been like this.

"Ye Chen will see, if I meet you again I will castrate you" Mu Lanyin said this in a voice that was quite loud.

Ye Chen who was still in the tree heard Mu Lanyin's words just now, in his heart Ye Chen was slightly angry.

Who are the men who are not angry after hearing these words, the root of men's lives is an important part, if it is cut off then they will not be a man anymore.

"Looks like this woman needs to be punished" in the past Ye Chen released Mu Lanyin who tried to kill her, this time Ye Chen would let Mu Lanyin know how great a man was.

Ye Chen threw away the cloak and bamboo hat he was wearing, he disappeared from the top of the tree.

"Mu Lanyin fairy are you talking about me" from behind Mu Lanyin heard a familiar man's voice, she immediately looked back.

"Ye Chen, why are you here? " Mu Lanyin was surprised to see Ye Chen here.

"Indeed I can't be here, hehehe" Ye Chen chuckled at Mu Lanyin.

"What a coincidence that you are here, this way I don't need to look for you anymore" Mu Lanyin took out the sword from the storage ring she had.

"Too slow" Ye Chen was behind Mu Lanyin and held the hand of Mu Lanyin who was carrying a sword.

"What happened just now?" Mu Lanyin did not see what had just happened, a few milliseconds ago Ye Chen was still flying in front of her, how could Ye Chen be behind her now, Mu Lanyin could not see the movements Ye Chen did just now .

Back to the room that Ye Chen rented.

This time Qing Cheng felt she had recovered a bit, she was very annoyed at Ye Chen who made herself like this.

After tasting Ye Chen's amazing massage skills, Qing Cheng was afraid he could not be satisfied with others anymore "Damn, that person's hand skills are great, I wonder how the ability he has on the bed, wouldn't that be greater than the massage just now" Qing Cheng began to imagine Ye Chen's skills in bed.

if the ability of his hand alone had made her reach the peak many times, what about the ability in bed, wouldn't she be killed immediately in bed by the ability Ye Chen had.