Journey To Become A True God Chapter 197

197 Giant Golem
"Succeeded" after the barrier was destroyed, everyone cheered happily.

The four big sects immediately took recovery pills, they all took recovery pills very quickly.

"Let's go in" Jian Yan invited all the elders of the sect to enter.

The Seventh Sword Sect was the first sect to enter into ancient heritage.

"Let's also go in." Then behind, followed by Cherry Blossom \u0026 Fire Valley Sect \u0026 Frozen Ice Sect.

Cultivators in the intermediate stage and the Peak of the Sky Realm entered inside.

Whereas cultivators who were in the early stages of Sky Realm and below were waiting for the situation inside to become safe.

Ye Chen also went inside, who also wanted to give up the treasures inside to the people from the four big sects.

because here the road branched out, all the sects scattered to find their own way.

With a very fast speed, Ye Chen easily passed the group of the Four Great Sects.

inside here there are a lot of traps that have been very well hidden, all of these traps are enough to threaten the cultivators at the peak stage of the Sky Realm.

Cultivators from the four large sects must be very careful not to get hit by this deadly trap.

Ye Chen didn't care too much about this trap, he kept advancing through the trap in front of him.

Ye Chen wandered around this place looking for valuable objects or treasures.

After circling for a few minutes, Ye Chen could not find any valuable objects or treasures.

"What is this, why are all the contents in the room empty, there is nothing inside" Ye Chen had already checked dozens of rooms in this place, all the rooms he had checked were empty, in the room there was only dust and rubbish.

Ye Chen decided to move forward, whatever happened he had to get something valuable, after a journey so far he would not have returned empty-handed.

Ye Chen suddenly stopped, in front of him something started to come out from the stone floor, these rocks began to rise to the surface and formed a large monster.

This is a golem's magical beast, the height and width of this monster is about 3 x 1.5 meters, the golem has a strong defense and a rather strong attack, their weakness is very slow movements.

There were more than twenty golem magical beasts, which blocked Ye Chen's path

The hordes of golem magical beasts are in the seventh stage of the Sky Realm.

The hordes of golems started advancing towards Ye Chen, as they ran the ground around Ye Chen trembled because the weight of these golem monsters was very heavy.

The golem monster headed towards Ye Chen in a fairly slow motion.

"Get out of my sight" Ye Chen's heart situation is now not good, Ye Chen had not yet found an object or valuable treasure.

And now this ugly monster dares to get in his way.

"Bamm. . . . . , bamm. . . . . , bamm. . . . . , bamm. . . . . , bamm. . . . . "Ye Chen hit this pack of golems to pieces.

The fifteen golems that had not been destroyed retreated back, they knew that Ye Chen was far stronger than themselves, the fifteen golems began to unite into a golem that was far bigger than before.

Now that this golem had a height of about twenty meters and a width of ten meters, after joining the power of the golem it rose very rapidly, now the golem magic Monster was at the tenth level of Earth Realm.

The golem's breath came out like someone who was smoking, the golem's eyes were red like blood, now the giant golem looks very scary.

"So you unite the strength that you have, all right, no matter how great you guys are, I will crush you to pieces" Ye Chen punched his hand.

"Roar. . . . . . . . . . . ! "Golem monsters roar, it seems like the golems know the human language that Ye Chen just said.

Golem raises one hand, this golem intends to hit Ye Chen who is below.

"Bomm", the Golem struck Ye Chen very strongly, the stone floor that was around Ye Chen was hit with very strong strength, strangely the stone floor was not damaged at all because of the attacks of the giant golem monsters.

with the power of this fault, the floor under Ye Chen should have been destroyed and scattered everywhere.

The golem monster tried to pull his hand back, when he did this his hand seemed to be held up by something.

Under the hand of the giant golem, Ye Chen was currently gripping this stone hand very strongly.

"Hehehe, prepare yourself" Ye Chen pulled the monster golem's hand then slammed it on the floor.

This is a very rare sight, a small human can slam a giant monster measuring 20 meters.

"Boom. . . . " Giant Golem monsters were slammed by Ye Chen very hard.

Because the body was too big, the giant golem monster had difficulty getting back up.

Ye Chen rose above the head of a giant golem monster "Big monster seems like you are looking for an opponent" Ye Chen tapped the head of a large golem monster several times.

The big golem monster was furious, his body began to change into a soft-looking stone. This assistance envelops Ye Chen's body, Ye Chen is currently inside the body of a giant golem, the body of a giant golem now looks like a round marble.

Little by little the giant golem's body which was currently in the shape of a marble began to shrink to small.

It seemed like the golem wanted to crush Ye Chen's body to pieces.

"Breaking the meteor blow, Boom. . . . . . . . . ", Ye Chen destroyed the giant Golem's body from the inside.

The giant Golem's body was crushed into hundreds of pieces and scattered everywhere.

"Bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . ., bang. . . . " Golem body parts sound like a cave that is about to collapse.

Ye Chen stood in the middle of the rubble of the remains of the giant Golem's body.

Ye Chen looked around, he was looking for something in the pile of rubble, this golem should have a core, Ye Chen was looking for the existence of this core.

Nt writer = Core is the core of magical beasts, cores have many functions such as making magic artifacts or medicine pills, in the world of cultivator cores can be sold at a fairly high price, the higher the level of the core, the price will be more expensive.

Ye Chen tore apart the stone ruins, after searching for a while later Ye Chen found the cores belonging to the giant golem earlier.

There was only one core that Ye Chen could find, it seemed that from the beginning the 20 golems were a single unit, the golem had split into many to be able to fight in large numbers.

Ye Chen took this core and put it in the fairy gate storage room "not bad, at least I got something" this is better than not getting anything.

Ye Chen continued his journey, he wanted to find out what was ahead there.

He walked for a very long time, the ancient heritage site was truly like a maze that was misleading, Ye Chen had even been made to spin several times.