Journey To Become A True God Chapter 198

198 Maze
"Wait, didn't I already pass this place twice?" Ye Chen felt that he had passed this place twice, clearly the path Ye Chen had taken was different, but why did he return to this place continuously.

"Don't say that the walls in this place can move" Ye Chen began to suspect that the walls in this place could move, if it really could move then Ye Chen had only been manipulated by this place.

to try it out Ye Chen stepped forward, he began to remember the structure of the road he was on.

After walking a few hundred meters, Ye Chen turned and returned to the road he had just passed.

When Ye Chen walked back to the previous place, Ye Chen saw that the structure of the wall had changed, the road Ye Chen had taken before was now covered by a wall.

"Damn so all this time I was really played with in this maze" Ye Chen didn't expect that he had been played by this place.

"Alright, I'll destroy this wall." If this is the case, Ye Chen just needs to smash all the walls in front of him, so he can easily find a way out.

"Breaking meteor blow" Ye Chen used the breaking meteor blow technique to destroy this wall.

"Bammmm" a very loud boom occurred.

Strangely with the thunderous attack earlier the wall in front of Ye Chen was not scratched.

" What ! ! ! "Ye Chen was quite surprised to see that the wall he had just hit was not scratched in the slightest, this was very strange.

"I'll try one more time" Ye Chen wanted to try one more time, this time Ye Chen would not hold back the strength he had.

"Breaking Meteor Blow, Bammmmmm. . . . . "This time the boom was much harder than the previous one.

With the full power that Ye Chen had just launched, this wall was still broken without a scratch.

"Damn, what kind of wall is this" the wall in this place is very strange, it's even harder than all the rocks on earth.

Ye Chen intended to try it one more time, this time Ye Chen intended to use another technique and open his flame vein.

"Master, what you do will be in vain" Chu Yuechan spoke into Ye Chen's mind.

"Yuechan, what do you mean? "Ye Chen wants to know what Chu Yuechan's intentions are about just now.

"You know, the stones used to make this place come from the God Realm, though not a rock that can be said to be good, it is still strong enough to withstand cultivators' attacks in the Divine Realm's Lower Stage." Chu Yuechan explained in detail about the stone used to make this wall.

"You mean the person who made this place came from the God Realm" After hearing this answer, Ye Chen began to speculate that the person who left this legacy was from the God Realm.

"It's possible, judging from the formation of this place, it must have been formed by a creature from God Realm that was quite strong." Chu Yuechan had been watching this place for a long time, he began to guess who had made this maze.

"That's great news" Ye Chen looked quite happy, if it was true that this place was left by someone who came from the God Realm, surely this place had a lot of treasure items stored here.

This made Ye Chen very eager to conquer this labyrinth.

"Then do you know where the exit from this labyrinth is?" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan where the exit from this labyrinth was, because Chu Yuechan's knowledge was broader than hers, Chu Yuechan should have had a way to get out of this labyrinth.

"Master, this is a little difficult, I can't find the core array that controls this place, you have to find it yourself" Chu Yuechan had difficulty finding the core array that controlled this place, it seems like there is something power that has hidden the location of this array.

"Well, never mind, I'll look for it myself" Because Chu Yuechan didn't know, Ye Chen decided to find a way out on his own.

Ye Chen wanted to try a way, he flew at a very high speed, Ye Chen's idea was very simple, if he could be faster than the movement of the wall then he might be able to get out of place.

Ye Chen felt that this method was worth trying.

Elsewhere the Cherry Blossom Sect Group didn't look too good, they all looked pretty badly injured, they were all injured by the attack of a magical beast named Blood Tiger.

This magical beast has a special characteristic with the color of red fur with black pattern. Thismagical beast is very fast and also very ferocious in attacking its prey.

With the power of the Cherry Blossom Sect at this time they still suffered a fatal loss, if only one of them might be able to handle it, but the one they had just met was 15, the Blood Tiger mob very easily suppressed Qing Cheng and the 5 settings of the Cherry Blossom Sect.

Unable to fight, the six of them were forced to flee from the pack of Blood Tiger.

Unfortunately the wound they got was instead used by Blood Tiger to trace back the existence of the Cherry Blossom Sect Group.

Blood Tiger is a magical Beast that is very sensitive to blood, they can smell someone's blood hundreds of miles away.

"All of you go find a way out, I will distract the mob of this magical Beast" Qing Cheng told the five elders to leave this place immediately.

If they remained here, they would likely die of being eaten by the Blood Tiger Squad who were currently heading towards them.

"Sister, but how about you? "Four women are worried about Qing Cheng's situation, if they leave what will happen to Qing Cheng.

"There is no other way, this is better than we all die, hurry up and get out of here" Qing Cheng told the five sect elders to leave this place immediately.

"But. . . "One of the four women tried to refute Qing Cheng's orders.

"Nothing but, quickly leave here, this is a direct order from your sect leader." Qing Cheng used the position he had to give orders to the five elders to immediately leave this place.

"Let's go" the only male elder invites the four women to leave here immediately, if they continue to argue then they will all die here.

When the four women left they all looked back, they were sad to find Qing Cheng sacrificing themselves for their safety.

After seeing the departure of five elders, Qing Cheng also went to the opposite side, she ushered the Blood Tiger mob towards her.

Qing Cheng did not think that this place would be very dangerous, if she knew this beforehand she would not want to come to a place like this.

Regret always comes late, everything has happened, what she can do now is go away from the pack of Blood Tigers behind her.

Qing Cheng used all the power she had to get away from the Blood Tiger mob, even though Qing Cheng could buy time, it would not last long, with the remaining profound Energy she possessed, surely she would not last much longer.