Journey To Become A True God Chapter 199

199 Save Qing Cheng
Qing Cheng could only hope that she would meet with the other three big sects to ask for help.

Too bad the front was a dead end, Qing Cheng immediately stopped, she tried to return to the crossing he had previously crossed.

when Qing Chen was about to turn around the Blood Tiger was already right behind her.

"Roar. . . . ! "Fifteen Blood Tigers roared towards Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng tried to retreat back, behind was a wall she would not be able to run again.

"Will I die in this place?" Qing Cheng had no hope anymore, she had no way to run, all her escape routes had been blocked by Blood Tiger.

Qing Cheng closed her eyes ready to accept a sad death

"Oh no, the dead end again" From the back of Blood Tiger came the voice of someone who was complaining.

The person who complained of course was Ye Chen, Ye Chen was getting frustrated because he had been constantly circling inside this annoying Maze.

Hearing someone's voice Qing Cheng opened her eyes, she wanted to see who the person who had just come.

Qing Cheng saw that this person turned out to be Ye Chen, even though Ye Chen was wearing a bamboo hat to hide his appearance, Qing Cheng could still slightly recognize that this was Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng began to remember what had happened last night, for Qing Cheng last night was a night she could not forget in this life.

Even though it was just a massage, the taste of Ye Chen's technique was the greatest in the world.

"Ye Chen, hurry and get out of here" Qing Cheng told Ye Chen to leave this place immediately.

Qing Cheng knew that Ye Chen hid his true strength by using an artifact, but in front of 15 Blood Tigers Ye Chen would definitely end tragically.

Hearing this voice Ye Chen looked forward, apparently in the midst of the hordes of Magic Beasts there was a beautiful woman Qing Cheng who looked very helpless.

The clothes that Qing Cheng was wearing right now had been covered in a lot of blood, his appearance was also a bit disheveled.

Seeing Qing Cheng who looked so pathetic made Ye Chen pity "do you need my help? "Ye Chen offered help to Qing Cheng.

"What are you saying, hurry up and get out of here, they are no match for you" Qing Cheng told Ye Chen to leave this place immediately.

This is a pretty monster, at least the power of Blood is equal to that of a cultivator in the 8 ~ 9 Sky Sky.

even if the cultivators who were in the tenth stage of Sky Realm would be very difficult if they had to fight this much Blood Tiger group.

Seeing that there was new excitement, half the Blood Tiger mob turned around and headed towards Ye Chen, they all looked very hungry.

Blood Tiger had already locked up Ye Chen, it seemed like the two of them would end up being eaten by Blood Tiger.

For Qing Cheng Blood Tiger is a monster that is very dangerous and can be life threatening.

As for Ye Chen Blood Tiger to look like a treasure, 15 Tiger Blood's cores would definitely be very useful to Ye Chen.

This could be used by Ye Chen to practice his forging and alchemical skills.

Ye Chen advanced and prepared to kill the Blood Tiger mob.

"Watch out" seeing what Ye Chen will do, Qing Cheng tries to stop him.

Ye Chen advanced and attacked the Blood Tiger mob

Qing Cheng felt that what Ye Chen did was in vain, the result was that Ye Chen would definitely lose to Blood Tiger.

Qing Cheng closed her eyes, she did not dare to see what would happen next.

"Bamm. . . . ., Bamm. . . . ., Bamm. . . . ., Bamm. . . . ., Bamm. . . . ., Bamm. . . . "The sound of battle began to echo, the battle was very short, it only happened a few seconds before the atmosphere returned to silence.

Qing Cheng certainly heard the sound of the battle being over, she wanted to peek a little and see what was happening.

When Qing Cheng opened her eyes, she quietly saw something she had never imagined.

Right now the pile of 15 Blood Tiger corpses was in front of Ye Chen, they all no longer breathed, it seemed they were dead.

Seeing this Qing Cheng's eyeballs widened slightly, she tried to rub her eyelids to make sure this was not a dream.

"This is not a dream, then how can this person defeat 15 Blood Tigers?" Because she had not seen the battle before, Qing Cheng was very curious about how Ye Chen defeated all Blood Tigers.

Ye Chen picked up a dagger and began to dig into the Cores that were inside the Blood Tiger's body.

Qing Cheng immediately rushed to Ye Chen's side "Ye Chen, how do you defeat this Blood Tiger?" Qing Cheng immediately asked the way Ye Chen defeated Blood Tiger.

"I only hit them" Ye Chen answered Qing Cheng's question.

Ye Chen had indeed only hit Blood Tiger to death, despite his deadly speed and attack, Blood Tiger was a Magic Beast that had a far weaker defense than the Giant Golem that Ye Chen had fought earlier.

" What ! ! ! "Hearing Ye Chen's answer which was very relaxing at night made Qing Cheng even more surprised.

"Actually, what level is this person, why is he so strong?" Qing Cheng said in her heart.

One by one the Core was removed from the Blood Tiger's body, after everything was removed Ye Chen disposed of the corpse of Blood Tiger.

"Why did you throw it away, it still has a bit of value" Qing Cheng told Ye Chen that the Blood Tiger's body still had other benefits that could be used.

"I don't need it, if you want you can take it" Ye Chen didn't need the body of a Blood Tiger, even though it still had benefits that were far lower than the Core Ye Chen had dug up.

"If you don't need it let me keep it" because Ye Chen said he didn't need it, Qing Cheng put 15 corpses of Blood Tiger into the storage ring he had.

"Ye Chen, what is your current level?" Due to the enormous curiosity Qing Cheng asked Ye Chen.

"It's a secret" Ye Chen smiled at Qing Cheng, he didn't want to tell his level to Qing Cheng.

"Cheapskate" heard the answer from Ye Chen, Qing Chen puffed her cheek dissatisfied.

Ye Chen ignored Qing Cheng's dissatisfaction "You should treat the wound and change the clothes you are wearing right now" Ye Chen told Qing Cheng to treat the wound and change clothes to a better one.

Ye Chen took a ointment from the fairy gate storage room "use this, with this your wound will quickly recover and not leave a mark." Ye Chen handed this ointment to Qing Cheng to treat the wound.

Qing Cheng accepted the ointment given by Ye Chen "thank you" she thanked Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng began to turn around and take off the clothes she had, she began to put ointment on the scars she had suffered.

This ointment feels very comfortable at all, this saleb smeared wound becomes cool and comfortable.