Journey To Become A True God Chapter 200

200 Hidden Plan Of Seventh Sword Sec
When Qing Cheng tried to apply this ointment to her back, she felt difficult because she could not reach the wound with her hands.

"Ye Chen can you help me?" Qing Cheng asked Ye Chen for help applying this ointment to the wound on her back.

Ye Chen took the ointment from Qing Cheng's hand,he began to apply it on Qing Cheng's back which was very white and very smooth.

This time Qing Cheng didn't tease Ye Chen, she asked Ye Chen very sincerely.

Maybe because just facing a life and death situation made Qing Cheng unable to tempt Ye Chen as usual.

When touched with Ye Chen's fingers, Qing Cheng's body shivered slightly, Qing Cheng shivered not because of the pain, she felt Ye Chen's hand had magical power that could make a woman excited just from a touch.

Perhaps this was because Qing Cheng cultivated the female heart sutra technique, when meeting with Ye Chen's heart technique, the two seemed to have a separate connection.

"Alright, everything's over." Ye Chen had applied this ointment to Qing Cheng's wound.

In just a few moments all the wounds suffered by Qing Cheng healed and disappeared without leaving a trace, the medicine from Ye Chen was very effective.

"What medicine is this, the effect is extraordinary" Qing Cheng had to praise the ointment of this ointment, she had never seen an ointment that could heal wounds as fast as Ye Chen had.

"Of course ointment to treat external wounds" Ye Chen answered Qing Cheng's question, actually this product was not made by Ye Chen himself, this was something that Gu Xuan gave Ye Chen to heal wounds during heavy training.

This ointment was very effective, the wounds Ye Chen had suffered while doing exercises could all be healed very easily by this ointment.

"Turn around I want to change clothes" Qing Cheng told Ye Chen to turn around, she wanted to change this dirty clothes.

Ye Chen helplessly turned his back to Qing Cheng, behind Ye Chen heard the chirping sound of the clothes being removed.

Seeing that Ye Chen had already turned around, Qing Cheng took a plain white ancient female outfit, she immediately put on this outfit on her body.

It's over, you may turn around" Qing Cheng let Ye Chen turn around

Ye Chen turned and looked at Qing Cheng's current appearance.

Ye Chen saw that Qing Cheng was currently wearing a plain white dress, she was in after the white shirt looked like a graceful innocent fairy.

Qing Cheng came forward and stood in front of Ye Chen "thank you for helping me earlier" Qing Cheng thanked Ye Chen for helping her from the brink of death.

"You're welcome" Ye Chen nodded, he was slightly fascinated by the beauty possessed by Qing Cheng.

It turns out that when not wearing flashy clothes Qing Cheng looks more beautiful.

Seeing Ye Chen fascinated with herself, Qing Cheng was very happy, she now knew what kind of taste Ye Chen had, it seemed like Ye Chen's taste was a woman who looked innocent.

"If there isn't anything else then I'll leave" Ye Chen prepared to find a way out of this place.

"Wait a minute" Qing Cheng stopped Ye Chen from leaving.

" What else ? "Ye Chen asked Qing Cheng.

"Are you going to leave a weak woman like me in this very dangerous place?" Qing Cheng wanted to go with Ye Chen, she felt safe feeling with Ye Chen.

"Then what should I do with you," Ye Chen asked.

"Of course take me with you" Of course Qing cheng intends to come with Ye Chen.

"Alright, but don't stop me" Ye Chen didn't mind finding a way out together with Qing Cheng, at least he wouldn't be bored when accompanied by a beauty like Qing Cheng.

"Thank you very much" again Qing Cheng thanked Ye Chen.

"Let's go find a way out" Ye Chen invited Qing Cheng to find a way out together.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng ran together to find a way out.

"Have you found a treasure in this place?" Ye Chen asked whether Qing Cheng and her group had found a treasure in this place.

"Not yet, from the very beginning we did not find any objects or valuable possessions, all the rooms we checked were empty," Qing Cheng told Ye Chen the findings.

Qing Cheng and her group had opened up a lot of rooms, what they got was not a treasure, but a disaster.

The last room they opened contained fifteen Blood Tigers, they were very unlucky because they had opened a room whose contents were filled with Blood Tigers who were sleeping.

Qing Cheng began to wonder where these magical beasts came from, how they could live in a place like this.

This was a riddle that Qing Cheng could not answer.

Apparently it wasn't only Ye Chen who didn't get anything, the Cherry Blossom Sect Group also had the same fate as Ye Chen.

Looks like Ye Chen's guess was right, this was not an ancient inheritance chamber, it seemed like this was a maze designed to kill all those who tried to break into the deepest parts of the ancient heritage site.

Ye Chen began to think there must be a way for them to get out of this deadly Maze.

"Let's get out of this place immediately" Ye Chen slightly accelerated his footsteps.

Qing Cheng followed behind Ye Chen, both of them down this very confusing hallway.

Far ahead Ye Chen heard the sound of battle, this seemed to be friction between iron against iron.

"Distinguish your aura, let's see what is happening in front." Ye Chen told Qing Cheng to hide the aura she had.

Ye Chen felt that the battle ahead was carried out by the cultivator against the cultivator.

The problem is which cultivator is fighting ahead.

there is clearly no treasure what these people are fighting over.

As Ye Chen and Qing Cheng approached they saw four elders of the Seventh Sword Sect fighting against two elders from the Fire Valley Sect.

The battle between these people happened quite fiercely, two elders from the Fire Valley Sect had died, the sisan was currently fighting furiously against four people from the Seventh Sword Sect.

"You elders from the Fire Valley Sect get ready to catch up with your two friends, hahahaha" the person who was speaking was Jian Jin.

The group of four Seventh Sword Sect was currently led by Jian Jin.

"Jian Jin, are you not afraid that our sect leader knows, if this is known by our sect leader, then it can be ascertained that there will be a battle between our Fire Valley Sect \u0026 your Seventh Sword Sect" the two elders of the Seventh Sword Sect warned Jian Jin to apologize immediately and compensate for the killing of their two elders.

These four people had dared to kill 2 elders from their sect, this was a huge loss for the Fire Valley Sect.

"Hahaha, why should we be afraid, from the start we did intend to get rid of all of you in this place, that way we will become the most powerful sect in the whole land." Jian Jin burst out laughing.

Seventh Sword Sect's initial intention was to get rid of the higher-ups in the 3 large sects.