Journey To Become A True God Chapter 201

201 Unload Real Face Of The Seventh Sword Sec
This was a very rare opportunity when all the higher-ups of the large sects came out together.

Especially in this place the group which originated from three large sects could not be together, this was the very moment of the place to kill and loot the items that were possessed by the sect leaders of the Cherry Blossom Sect, Fire Valley Sect Frozen Ice Sect.

"You guys from the Seventh Sword Sect are indeed very despicable people" the two elders from the Fire Valley Sect made a sneer out of Jian Jin.

These people are truly shameless, how they use opportunities in the misfortune of others.

"For what we care about the words of people who will die, anyway if you die surely those who find you think you die at the hands of a magical Beast in this place" Seventh Sword Sect is not afraid of this finding by others.

With the help of this very dangerous place, they need not fear being suspected by three other large sects.

in the distance Ye Chen and Qing Cheng heard the direction of the conversation between the Seventh Sword Sect and Fire Valley Sect.

It turned out that the people of the Seventh Sword Sect intended to kill all the higher-ups who came from the Cherry Blossom Sect, Fire Valley Sect Frozen Ice Sect.

Their plans have been very well prepared, they have estimated that in this place is a dangerous place and full of traps.

The Seventh Sword Sect did not warn the other large sects for this reason.

If the other three big sects knew this they would all be angry with the Seventh Sword Sect.

"The people of the Seventh Sword Sect are indeed very despicable, in a situation like this they want to get rid of all of the higher-ups in the sect." Qing Cheng who heard this was also quite angry.

Qing Cheng was worried about the situation of the 5 elders from her sect, she hoped they were fine and did not meet with the Seventh Sword Sect Group.

If up to the five highest-ranking elders die, it will be a disaster for the Cherry Blossom Sect, the strength of the Cherry Blossom Sect will definitely be greatly decreased due to the loss of the 5 pillars which are the pillars of life within the sect.

"Ye Chen, what should we do, will we help them or just watch them die?" Qing Cheng asked Ye Chen, Qing Cheng herself did not dare to deal with the four elders of the Seventh Sword Sect.

In terms of strength Qing Cheng herself was by no means a match for these four people.

"Let's go there," Ye Chen actually did not have much interest in this matter.

But because it involved the Seventh Sword Sect that had previously been touched on, Ye Chen had no objection to getting rid of these people.

No wonder Jin Wu and Xiao Kim act like that, it turns out their teacher is a bad and cunning person.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng appeared in front of the people from the Seventh Sword Sect and Fire Valley Sect.

When Ye Chen and Qing Cheng appeared, Jian Jin and the three elders of the Seventh Sword Sect were immediately alert.

"What are you all doing here, how come there are victims here" Qing Cheng immediately asked what was happening here, she acted like ahe didn't know anything.

"The leader of the Qing sect, actually we from the Seventh Sword Sect are on their way to find a way to go deeper into, when we were halfway in our journey, confronted by four elders from the Fire Valley Sect, they suddenly attacked us, so we retaliated their attack and finally there was an unwanted death toll. "Jian Jin was very clever he turned the facts around.

"Jian Jin, you despicable human being, how can you distort the facts, aren't you the one who ambushed us and launched a murderous attack?" The two elders from the Fire Valley Sect did not accept the lies made by Jian Jin.

"Elder Qing, don't listen to that old man's bullshit, don't our sect and your sect have a very good relationship, will you believe the elders of the Fire Valley Sect who always ask for a big reward when asked to make a pill?" Jian Jin said can make anyone believe it.

If Qing Cheng had not heard the conversation between the two parties before, maybe now she would really trust the words of Jian Jin.

Ye Chen slightly smiled when he heard Jian Jin's words, this person was very dangerous, he behaved well in front of everyone, while behind him he hid his very bad and despicable identity.

People like Jian Jin are very dangerous enemies, this is more dangerous than strong enemies visible to the eye, enemies like this can stab you at any time from behind.

Qing Cheng nodded at Jian Jin.

Seeing Qing Cheng trust him Jian Jin dared to head towards Qing Cheng.

Behind his back he hid a weapon ready to stab Qing Cheng.

"Die! ! ! "When it was a few steps from Qing Chen, Jian Jin immediately used his weapon to pierce Qing Cheng's heart.

Qing Cheng had prepared herself,she had guessed that Jian Jin would launch a surprise attack at her, Qing Cheng used her scarf to ward off the attack from Jian Jin.

"Bang. . . . " the collision between Qing Cheng's shawl and Jian Jin's Sword occurred.

As long as the scarf that Qing Cheng was wearing was her weapon, Ye Chen saw that it was a weapon artifact in tier two.

Not just attacking Jian Jin, Qing Cheng also landed one blow on Jian Jin's chest.

after being hit by a Qing Cheng shawl, Jian Jin retreated several tens of meters.

"You bitch, why don't you accept my sword and die" Jian Jin cursed Qing Cheng for attacking him.

"So all this time you have only been kind in front of all of us, behind us you want to destroy our sect" Qing Cheng said to everyone from the Seventh Sword Sect.

Jian Jin rose from the stone floor "heheh that's right, our Seventh Sword Sect wants to be the strongest sect, to do that we have to get rid of the other big sects, if we can do this, we will be the supreme ruler of all sects, we can even charge tribute to all the sects below us. "Jian Jin chuckled, he explained the plan that had been prepared by the Seventh Sword Sect to become the strongest sect there was.

"What nonsense are you saying, aren't you already the most powerful sect now, why are you still not satisfied with this?" Qing Cheng argued with Jian Jin.

It was clear that the Seventh Sword Sect sect was the first ranked sect which had the greatest power among the four major sects, with this kind of position whether they were not satisfied at all.

"We have indeed become the most powerful sect now, but at this time we are still sharing the forest with your sect, there is an old saying that two tigers cannot live on the same mountain, moreover we are talking about there are currently four, therefore we want to get rid of these three tigers so we can memono poly as all available sources, hahaha "Jian Jin actually lectured to Qing Cheng.