Journey To Become A True God Chapter 202

202 Fight With The Seventh Sword Sec
"Second Elder, why did you bother talking with this woman, let's just kill and solve this problem so we can get back together with the others" One of the three elders who had been silent finally spoke up.

"You're right there is no point in talking to people who are about to die" Jian Jin and three elders pulled their swords, all swords on their backs began to float above these four people, more than 20 swords currently hovering over these four people.

"Get ready to die" These four people hurried towards Qing Cheng.

At this time on Qing Cheng's side there were only two elders from the Fire Valley Sect who were in the eighth stage of the Sky Realm.

Whereas on Jian Jun's side there were 2 experts who were Level nine Sky Realm and 2 more experts at level eight Sky Realm.

In terms of combat strength clearly Qing Cheng's group lost far, moreover the two elders from the Fire Valley Sect had been very seriously injured.

The people of the Seventh Sword Sect ignored the existence of Ye Chen who was next to Qing Cheng, people like this did not deserve their attention.

What they thought was not worthy of attention, was the biggest threat to the Seventh Sword Sect.

"Clank. . . . ., clank. . . . . about. . . . . about. . . . . "Qing Cheng used his shawl to fend off any sword attacks or flying swords launched by Jian Jin and the four elders of the Seventh Sword Sect.

on the other hand Ye Chen only saw how Qing Cheng was fighting.

Qing Cheng was indeed worthy of being a sect leader, the fighting ability she possessed was quite great, she could fend off attacks carried out by Jian Jin and three elders.

"Clank. . . ., clank. . . . , clank. . . . "The sound of collisions between the sword and the shawl keeps happening.

Seeing this four people from the Seventh Sword Sect changed their attack patterns, they were now attacking more aggressively but with a very regular attack pattern.

It seems like these four people have been training very hard and very long to expel their movements.

With this attack Qing Cheng made a retreat, she seemed quite pressured by this aggressive attack.

Qing Cheng decided to use the ultimate technique she had.

"Cherry Blossom dance fairy" Qing Cheng began to dance with a very beautiful movement, every time she made a move, her shawl would launch attacks towards the people of the Seventh Sword Sect

with this technique Qing Cheng started to become much better than before.

four people from the Seventh Sword Sect were inconvenienced by Qing Cheng's attacks that could not be guessed.

"Damn, just watch out for you, Heavenly Sky Sword" finally Jian Jin could not take it anymore, he also brought out the strongest technique of his sect, Jian Jin raised one hand and began to cast a spell, after finishing chanting a spell there were six green colored wind swords appearing above Jian Jin.

Jian Jin's Heavenly Sky Sword technique had reached the sixth level, it was only one step further to the highest level of the seventh level.

Being able to master the sixth level of Heavenly Sky Sword was a very proud achievement in the Seventh Sword Sect.

Anyone in the sect who is able to master the sixth level of Heavenly Sky Sword, they will immediately be appointed to be the sect's elders.

Jian Jin pointed these six wind swords towards Qing Cheng, these wind swords were far faster than Jin Wu's that Ye Chen had ever seen, perhaps the difference in speed was influenced by Jian Jin's level which was already different in the sixth stage.

Qing Cheng who was fighting three elders did not see the sneak attack carried out by Jian Jin, she could only use her scarf to deflect the six wind swords that were heading towards her.

"Clank. . . . . " because the Heavenly Sky Sword's attack was too strong Qing Cheng had to retreat a few tens of meters back.

she looked at Jian Jin with a killing look, if only Qing Cheng had been a little late maybe she would have been seriously injured by these six wind swords.

"Now let me see how you will defeat us, hahahaha" Jian Jin burst out laughing, with Qing Cheng's Heavenly Sky Sword technique it would definitely be very difficult to approach him.

Qing Cheng's attacks were of the melee and medium range types, she was not suitable for long range fighting, this was her biggest weakness.

"Ye Chen, why don't you help me? "Qing Cheng complained to Ye Chen who did not want to help herself against these four people.

"Alright" seeing Qing Cheng was already unable to fight the people of the Seventh Sword Sect, Ye Chen decided to reach out to help Qing Cheng defeat these people.

Seeing Ye Chen come to join the battle, the two elders of the Seventh Sword Sect who were in the eighth stage of the Sky Realm immediately launched a killer attack on Ye Chen.

"Die, you weak ant" These two people thought Ye Chen was weak and unfit to waste time, they wanted to immediately kill Ye Chen.

"You idiot" Ye Chen used the nine-step step directly towards the two people in front of him.

"Bammmm. . . . . , bammmm. . . . . , "Unbeknownst to these two people Ye Chen immediately hit the chest of these two people so that it flew into the stone wall.

Ye Chen's attack this time was quite severe, the two elders immediately threw up a mouthful of blood.

"Impossible, how can you do it" Jian Jin could not believe what had just happened, how the two elders who were in the eighth stage of the Sky Realm could be defeated so easily by this person.

Who is this person and where are they from? , Jian Jin had never seen this person before.

The two elders who had just been hit by Ye Chen tried to get up from the floor with a little unsteady, Ye Chen's blow had made their internal organs badly injured.

"Are you all right? "Jian Jin asked the situation of the two elders who had just been hit by Ye Chen.

"We are fine, this person is quite dangerous, we should all be more careful," the two elders felt that Ye Chen was quite a dangerous person.

"Giggle, how do you do it? Do you still want to fight with us?" Qing Cheng now looked very confident, with Ye Chen's help, she had nothing to fear when fighting these four people.

"You bastard, it's only right you dare to challenge us, apparently behind you there is someone who is strong enough" Jian Jin cursed Qing Cheng, from the beginning Jian Jin had felt strange when he saw Qing Cheng dare to fight them.

"Enough pleasantries, let's fight" Ye Chen interrupted the conversation between Jian Jin and Qing Cheng, he did not have time to hear Jian Jin's babble.

"You are very arrogant, don't you know which sect you are dealing with, we are the Seventh Sword Sect, the most powerful sect. . . . , Bammm. . . " before Jian Jin could finish his words Ye Chen was already in front of Jian Jin and hit his face very hard.

Jian Jin who was not ready to be blown away hit a stone wall, Jian Jin collapsed on the ground, he vomited blood and dozens of teeth.