Journey To Become A True God Chapter 203

203 Sword Spiri
Seeing a white object that looked like Gigi, Jian Jin immediately touched his teeth, when Jian Jin touched his teeth there were no more teeth left in his mouth.

It seems like Ye Chen's punch just knocked out all the teeth Jian Jian had.

Seeing that all of his teeth fell out, Jian Jin was very angry, he gave off a very heavy killing aura to Ye Chen "Damn, how dare you sneak up on me" Jian Jin roared so loudly.

The green aura began to cover Jian Jin's body, when this aura came out all over the place began to become windy, all the sect's elders also did the same thing as Jian Jin did.

They all started using the Heavenly Sky Sword technique, there were twenty-four swords that appeared above the Seventh Sword Sect group.

This time the shape of the sword was slightly different, this was a little bigger than before "You all die" Jian Jin shook his six swords towards Ye Chen and Qing Cheng.

Three other elders from the Seventh Sword Sect also directed their 18 swords towards Ye Chen and Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng who saw this attack approaching immediately put up a defensive position, the six swords of Jin Jin earlier were already quite powerful.

And now there were more than twenty swords that rushed towards the two of them.

"You back away, let me take care of this alone" Ye Chen told Qing Cheng to retreat back, if Qing Cheng joined it would even be troublesome for Ye Chen.

"Be careful, don't die" Qing Cheng worried about Ye Chen, after saying Qing Cheng's warning backwards, she kept as far away as possible so as not to interfere with Ye Chen's battle.

When Qing Cheng looked at the two elders from the Fire Valley Sect, she had not seen the whereabouts of the two elders from the Fire Valley Sect.

the corpses of the two elders from the Fire Valley Sect have also disappeared "damn, we were decoyed by the two men" it was appropriate that no one helped when Qing Cheng was fighting it turned out that two people from the Fire Valley Sect would rather run away than help her and Ye Chen.

If Qing Cheng knew this earlier, she would have preferred not to help the Fire Valley Sect and let them both die at the hands of the people of the Seventh Sword Sect.

After venting her irritation at the Fire Valley Sect, Qing Cheng returned to see the battle between Ye Chen and four people from the Seventh Sword Sect.

At this moment Ye Chen stopped twenty-four wind swords by using his hands.

The people of the Seventh Sword Sect tried to control their flying swords forward, their wind swords were stopped by something invisible to the eye, even all the wind swords stopped in the air.

"Whoosh" Ye Chen waved his arm, when Ye Chen's arm was wagged, all swords were immediately knocked back, even the person controlling this sword was also knocked back.

"Cough" the people from the Seventh Sword Sect threw up blood again, they all didn't believe that they would be defeated so easily by someone like this.

"Actually who you are, and what you want to meddle in our sect's affairs" Jian Jin asked who exactly this person was, why a strong person like this would interfere in his sect's affairs.

"Hahahaha, I don't need to tell the person who is going to die" Ye Chen burst out laughing.

He returned the words Jian Jin had always said before.

"You. . . . ", Jian Jin pointed at Ye Chen with a look of hostility.

"Good good, this time I will be very serious in fighting you" Jian Jin put his palms together, he closed his eyes and began to recite words that Ye Chen did not understand.

A few moments later Jian Jin's forehead let out a very dazzling green light, this green colored light came out of Jian Jin's dantian.

This green light formed a sword, this sword circled in the air.

"This. . . . ? "Ye Chen saw a sword circling in the sky.

if Ye Chen is not mistaken this is a sword spirit, sword spirit is a life that is possessed by the user, usually the spirit of the sword is only possessed by those who walk the path of becoming true swordsmen, if this sword spirit is destroyed then the soul of the user will also be destroyed .

Ye Chen had no idea that Jian Jin would risk his own life to kill himself.

The three elders immediately stood by in front of Jian Jin, they didn't let Ye Chen to attack Jian Jin's physical body, right now Jian Jin's soul was in this sword spirit.

After spinning several times in the air, this sword spirit immediately swooped towards Ye Chen, this sword spirit intended to chop off Ye Chen's neck.

"One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords" in front of Ye Chen appeared hundreds of fire swords.

"Clank" Jian Jin's soul spirit and Ye Chen's fire sword collided, when it collided with Ye Chen's fire sword, the sword spirit trembled.

A little blood began to leak out of Jian Jin's mouth.

Qing Cheng closed her mouth, she was very surprised to see Ye Chen could make a hundred blazing swords.

This is the highest number of flying swords Qing Qing has never seen in this life.

The three elders from the Seventh Sword Sect were more surprised when they saw Ye Chen could make this much flying sword.

"Hehehe, I wonder what will happen if I destroy this sword spirit" Ye Chen chuckled at the people of the Seventh Sword Sect.

"Don't do it" Three elders from the Seventh Sword Sect tried to stop what Ye Chen would do.

If Ye Chen broke the sword's spirit, Jian Jin's soul would be destroyed and he would die.

Jian Jin's sword spirit tried to escape, he seemed to want to go back into Jian Jin's dantian.

How could Ye Chen allow this to happen, Ye Chen's flame sword moved far faster than Jian Jin's sword spirit.

"Slash. . . . . ., slash. . . . . .slash. . . . . . "Jian Jin's sword spirit was cut into pieces by Ye Chen's fire sword.

" not . . . . ! "Three Elders of the Seventh Sword Sect shouted simultaneously.

After the sword spirit shattered Jian Jin vomited a lot of blood, Jian Jin's eyes looked bulging and he finally died.

Three sect elders who saw this immediately tried to help Jian Jin "second elder, please hold on, you will definitely be fine" one of the elders tried to treat Jian Jin.

Seeing Jian Jin was dead, three sect elders looked very sad and very angry, they had to avenge Jian Jin.

"You bastard, how dare you kill one of us, we will take revenge for Jian Jin's death." Three elders of sorts threatened to kill Ye Chen.

"You can kill people as you wish, but when your colleague dies you blame people, are you making a joke?" Ye Chen laughed at Seventh Sword Sect's behavior.

"Die. . . ! "Three Elders of the Seventh Sword Sect advanced towards Ye Chen.

"I don't have time to deal with you guys, let's end it." Ye Chen's flame sword stabbed their foreheads then entered this third dantian.