Journey To Become A True God Chapter 204

204 The Famous Frozen Ice Sect Rules
Ye Chen's fire immediately burned down the dantian belonging to these three people, "aghhhhh. . . . . ! "When Ye Chen did this the three elders from the Seventh Sword Sect roared in pain.

They all felt tortured when Ye Chen's fire burned their dancers.

After their dantian was destroyed by Ye Chen, these three people collapsed to the floor, from now on these three people would become vegetative.

Seeing the battle was over, Qing Cheng ran to Ye Chen's side "Ye Chen, that was very cool and great" Qing Cheng was amazed by the battle Ye Chen had just fought.

"Where did the people from Fire Valley Sect go? Ye Chen asked Qing Cheng where the two men had gone, because they were focused in battle Ye Chen did not see the Fire Valley Sect slipping away.

"The people from the Fire Valley Sect are as cunning as the Seventh Sword Sect, they use us as bait, while they run away to save themselves." Qing Cheng was a little dissatisfied with what the Fire Valley Sect did that put their own safety first. .

"I see, if I knew I'd better just let them die at the hands of the Seventh Sword Sect" people like that don't deserve to be saved, instead of being thankful after being saved they would rather save themselves.

"Forget them, let's see what we get from the bodies of these four people." Ye Chen wanted to know if in the bodies of these four people kept a valuable treasure.

Ye Chen searched the bodies of these four people, after searching for a while Ye Chen only found a few useless pills and four storage rings that had very small dimensions of space.

Ye Chen broke the owner's seal and saw what was inside the rings belonging to these four people, after rummaging through what was inside this Storage Ring, Ye Chen did not find anything of value, inside this ring there was only a technical book and a weapon of very low class, Ye Chen did not find a core or medicinal plant in this storage ring.

"Damn, these people are very poor" Ye Chen was really disappointed, inside the storage ring there was no valuables, these people only carried storage rings that contained trash.

"Ye Chen, what exactly is inside this storage ring?" Qing Cheng was very curious as to what contents of the storage ring that the four Elders of the Seventh Sword Sect had.

"Why don't you see the contents yourself?" Ye Chen threw the rings into Qing Cheng's hands.

Qing Cheng received a ring from Ye Chen, she was curious about what was in this storage ring.

when Qing Cheng saw what was inside she was quite surprised "how can these people be so poor" Qing Cheng could not believe that people of the sect's elders only had items like this.

"It seems like these people deliberately did not bring their valuables." Ye Chen made a conclusion that these people deliberately hid their possessions in the sect and did not take them out.

"Our efforts are in vain, we did not get anything of value from these four people." Qing Cheng was a little disappointed because he didn't get anything after fighting like that.

"Let's go" Ye Chen invited Qing Cheng to leave this place.

Ye Chen didn't care about the three people who had become vegetative, he just wanted to immediately go to the deepest part of the ancient heritage site.

"Come on" Qing Cheng put her arm around Ye Chen's left arm, the two peaks of Qing Cheng Mountain were currently pressing Ye Chen's arm.

Ye Chen's right hand gripped one of the top of this large and very soft mountain.

"Ahh. . . . . "Qing Cheng groaned softly when one of the top of the mountain was crushed by Ye Chen.

"Stop teasing me, or I'll do something like last night" After squeezing the top of the mountain several times Ye Chen let go.

Qing Cheng immediately sat on the stone floor very weak, with just a slight touch of Ye Chen's hand, Qing Cheng's body instantly became soft.

Qing Cheng was a little annoyed, every time she wanted to tease Ye Chen she always ended up like this.

After resting for a few minutes Qing Cheng finally recovered, she rose from the floor.

"Let's go" Seeing Qing Cheng has improved, Ye Chen invited her to continue the journey.

If Ye Chen didn't do something like that Qing Cheng might continue to tease him along the way.

Qing Cheng nodded slightly,she was not at all ashamed after that incident.

Ye Chen and Qing Cheng continued on their way, on the journey Ye Chen had not yet met anyone else.

The way out or the array was also not found, after walking for a long time Ye Chen found someone who fainted in the middle of the road.

As Ye Chen drew closer he finally saw a very familiar face, this was the beautiful fairy Mu Lanyin.

"What really happened to her" Ye Chen began to examine the state of Mu Lanyin's body, while checking Mu Lanyin's body, Ye Chen did not find any wounds or anything strange in Mu Lanyin's body.

from the results of Ye Chen's examination, Mu Lanyin's condition was currently sleeping deeply.

"Ye Chen, if I were you, I wouldn't want to touch the woman directly from the Frozen Ice Sect." Qing Cheng warned Ye Chen about the danger of touching Mu Lanyin.

" So what ? "Asked Ye Chen.

"Uh, did you not know about the rules in the Frozen Ice Sect? "Qing Cheng asked Ye Chen in disbelief.

The basic rules that came from the Frozen Ice Sect were already very well known in the world of cultivators, and Ye Chen was completely unaware of this.

"No, I have no idea about the four big sects." Ye Chen had never been associated with the four big sects, of course he did not know the rules that every sect had.

"If you don't know, I will explain to you, Frozen Ice Sect is a sect filled with only virgin women, to cultivate Frozen Ice Sect's techniques they must be still a virgin Yin, if the virgin Yin of that woman is lost, then the speed of cultivation. they will be very slow, that's why every woman who comes from the Frozen Ice Sect won't let a man stain their body even if it's only an inch of finger, the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect will kill every man who tries to stain their body have "Qing Cheng explained to Ye Chen the danger of making direct contact with the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect.

"Oh yes there is one more thing, they are not allowed to show their real faces to outsiders, I don't know the reason for this, but what I do know is that the violation is much heavier than tarnishing the female body of the Frozen Ice Sect" for This one rule Qing Cheng didn't know much about, because until now no one had been able to remove the veil that was worn by women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

There aren't many people who dare to harass students from the Frozen Ice Sect because of these very strict rules, just imagine because the trivial matter of touching their bodies can be hunted by women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

Now Ye Chen understood, so this was the reason why Mu Lanyin really wanted to kill Ye Chen because of the very trivial thing of removing the veil of Mu Lanyin, apparently for Mu Lanyin to remove the veil was an insult that was unforgivable.