Journey To Become A True God Chapter 205

205 Fear Possessed By Mu Lanyin
"So does he have a wound or something? "Qing Cheng asked about Mu Lanyin's condition.

"It looks like she just breathed in a dream, right now she's trapped in the world of dreams", Ye Chen who had examined the state of Mu Lanyin began to draw the conclusion that Mu Lanyin inhaled the dream powder.

This is the only thing that can make a cultivator who is at the peak stage of Sky Realm sleep very soundly like this.

"Then why didn't you wake her up? "Qing Cheng told Ye Chen to immediately wake up sleeping Mu Lanyin.

"It's not as young as you imagine, we have to stimulate this woman to wake up, the fastest method is usually to give her extreme pain" Ye Chen told me the method to wake Mu Lanyin.

"I don't think that's a good method, if she wakes up and knows we hurt her, she might get very angry" in a situation like this Qing Cheng didn't want to make a dispute with another sect.

"Well maybe you're right, it's not good to hurt a sleeping woman" This time Ye Chen quite agreed with Qing Cheng's way of thinking.

"Let's try the other way" Ye Chen took a mask from the storage room and then put it on his face.

Qing Cheng was a little confused about what Ye Chen would do after wearing a mask.

"What are you going to do with that mask?" Qing Cheng could not guess at all what Ye Chen would do after taking this mask.

"Of course waking up Mu Lanyin, I also don't want her to see who I am" this is done by Ye Chen so that when Mu Lanyin wakes up later, she does not immediately attack himself.

"Indeed, do you have an enmity with this fairy woman?" If nothing happened, surely Ye Chen would not hide his true identity.

"Actually there is a slight misunderstanding between me and him, I hope you can work with me and hide my true identity from this woman." Ye Chen told Qing Cheng to work together to cover up his true identity.

"Well, I'll do it" Qing Cheng agreed to play a drama with Ye Chen.

"Good" after getting the answer he wanted, Ye Chen began

use a method to wake Mu Lanyin.

Ye Chen's hand began to touch Mu Lanyin's body and began massaging it.

"Emmmmm . . . . ." When Ye Chen massaged Mu Lanyin's body, Mu Lanyin moaned very gently.

The best way to develop Mu Lanyin is to stimulate Mu Lanyin's body.

Ye Chen enthusiastically began to massage some of the parts that the Mu Lanyin fairy had.

Qing Cheng who was behind gawked, she was surprised to see Ye Chen very boldly touching the body of the fairy Mu Lanyin.

This person was very brave to touch the body of Mu Lanyin who was the leader of the Frozen Ice Sect.

If at this moment Mu Lanyin woke up and saw this surely she would immediately chop Ye Chen into several pieces.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing? , are you not afraid of being chased by the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect? "Qing Cheng warned Ye Chen to immediately stop what he was doing.

"Why are you so afraid of this woman? "Ye Chen had felt that Qing Cheng was very afraid of Mu Lanyin.

"Of course I am afraid, this woman is very strong, I was once defeated by this woman in only two steps" Qing Cheng told the reason why she was quite afraid of Mu Lanyin, for Qing Cheng the woman from the Frozen Ice Sect was stronger than anyone people from the Seventh Sword Sect.

"Aren't you two in the same stage, how can you be defeated easily by her ? "Ye Chen increasingly wants to know how easily Qing Cheng can be defeated by Mu Lanyin.

"The women of the Frozen Ice Sect cultivate the most powerful technique among all of us, if only they lack the people and qualified resources, maybe now the Frozen Ice Sect is the strongest sect above the Seventh Sword Sect." Qing Cheng told Ye Chen that Frozen Ice Sect is a very strong sect.

Unfortunately the women of the Frozen Ice Sect only amounted to a small amount, even less than 40 people, this sect was also very minimal with resources to cultivate, because they rarely opened themselves to the outside world.

This was the reason why the Frozen Ice Sect could not become the first rank Sect, if only the Frozen Ice Sect were given resources and a large number of students maybe they would become the strongest sect at this time.

"You should not mess with this woman, even the leader of the Seventh Sword Sect did not dare to mention Mu Lanyin alone" Qing Cheng told everything she knew to Ye Chen.

"Hehehe, so what if she strong, I'm not scared of her" Ye Chen's hand grabbed Mu Lanyin's big rabbit.

"Ah. . . . . ., ah. . . . . ., ah. . . . . . ", As Ye Chen Ye Chen squeezed this thing, Mu Lanyin groaned in a sassy voice.

"You. . . . . "Qing Cheng couldn't believe hearing that Mu Lanyin's cold fairy would make such a sassy voice.

In this world maybe only Ye Chen could make Mu Lanyin's cold fairy let out a cheeky voice like this.

in Mu Lanyin's Dream.

Mu Lanyin now saw herself in a vast expanse of snow, here she did not see anyone.

Wherever Mu Lanyin walked, she only saw endless expanses of snow.

Mu Lanyin continued to walk along this expanse of snow, far ahead of Mu Lanyin seeing several women from her sect, these women were seen fighting with someone, some of whom were even lying on the snow with bodies covered in blood.

Mu Lanyin who saw this incident immediately went to help them. When Mu Lanyin approached, she felt that if they were even further away, the scenery around her also began to turn dark.

Mu Lanyin's vision suddenly darkened, she felt in the abyss of despair after seeing the incident earlier, she felt failed because she could not save people from the Frozen Ice Sect.

Mu Lanyin curled up and began to hug her body, this was the biggest fear that Mu Lanyin had, which was loneliness.

in the past before Mu Lanyin entered the Frozen Ice Sect, she was a little girl who lived in a long loneliness, no one wanted to be with her, until one day her teacher picked up Mu Lanyin and gave her a new name, after this incident Mu Lanyin start to find a comfortable place that is the Frozen Ice Sect.

Mu Lanyin was afraid that one day her most comfortable place would be destroyed by someone, if that happened she would be lonely again.

Mu Lanyin practiced harder than anyone else to protect the Frozen Ice Sect from being destroyed by others, seeing from before Mu Lanyin felt she had failed to protect the most comfortable place she had .

Mu Lanyin felt lonely as before, when this happened Mu Lanyin felt that someone touched her body very comfortably.

When she looked back, Mu Lanyin saw that the person who touched her was the person she hated the most and wanted to kill, while being hugged by this person Mu Lanyin felt very comfortable.

Without Mu Lanyin realizing, she sank into this feeling.