Journey To Become A True God Chapter 206

206 Secret Room
A few moments later the darkness disappeared, the darkness was replaced by a very dazzling light.

Mu Lanyin could not see anything else, when she opened her eyes , she saw the ceiling of the ancient heritage site, beside her stood Ye Chen and Qing Cheng.

Seeing the two strangers beside her, Mu Lanyin immediately got up from the floor, she took a sword from the storage ring, she then brandished this sword towards Ye Chen and Qing Cheng "what did you just do to me? "While brandishing her sword, Mu Lanyin asked these two people.

"Mu sect leader, calm down we didn't do anything bad to you" Qing Cheng tried to calm Mu Lanyin still looking confused.

Mu Lanyin finally realized that this was Qing Cheng, while the person beside Qing Cheng, Mu Lanyin did not know, because this person hid his appearance by wearing a mask.

Mu Lanyin's intuition felt that she was familiar with this masked man.

"Mu Sect leader, actually what just happened to you? , when we arrived we found you lying in the middle of the road. "Qing Cheng wanted to know how Mu Lanyin could be affected by Dream powder.

Mu Lanyin began to remember what had happened before, initially she was with the Four Frozen Fairies, until when Mu Lanyin stepped on a trap and finally she entered the wall.

Mu Lanyin who was trapped on the other side tried to destroy the wall, unfortunately the wall in this place was very strong, even Mu Lanyin's attack could not scratch the walls in this place.

Because he could not destroy the wall Mu Lanyin had to find another way to rejoin the Four Frozen Fairy.

When Mu Lanyin walked back without her consciously there was a colored powder which when enveloping her body, when Mu Lanyin sucked the powder in, she felt her body and eyes begin to weight, without realizing Mu Lanyin fell into a dream.

"I stepped on a trap and ended up lost, after that I breathed in a powder, then I don't remember anymore" Mu Lanyin summarized the story to Ye Chen and Qing Cheng.

Mu Lanyin deliberately did not tell the dream she had just experienced, Mu Lanyin felt that the dream was caused by the powder she breathed.

"So that's the story" After hearing it from Mu Lanyin, Qing Cheng finally knew why Mu Lanyin could be in this place alone, it turns out that Mu Lanyin separated from her group.

"Qing sect leader, who is the person next to you? "Mu Lanyin returned to speaking in a cold voice, asking Qing Cheng who was the person next to her.

"Oh this is senior Chen, I happened to meet him when I was lost in this Maze, did you know that senior Chen is very strong?" Qing Cheng deliberately called Ye Chen like this.

"Greetings to Chen Chen" Mu Lanyin greets Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng are a generation, if Qing Cheng calls this person by a senior name, then Mu Lanyin also has to do it.

Behind Ye Chen's mask only nodded at Mu Lanyin.

"Mu sect leader, what are you going to do next? "Qing Cheng asked Mu Lanyin what she would do next.

"I will look for my sect group, I'm afraid they are in trouble," Mu Lanyin worried about the Four Frozen Fairy.

"What a coincidence, I'm also looking for my group and way out of this place, do you want to join together with us? "Qing Cheng invited Mu Lanyin to join this group, with Mu Lanyin this group will be even stronger.

Mu Lanyin was still hesitant to join Ye Chen and Qing Cheng, she still doubted the identity of Senior Chen who was beside Qing Cheng.

Even though they had just met, Mu Lanyin felt that she hated the masked person very much, Mu Lanyin herself did not know the reason why she hated this person.

"If she doesn't want it to be okay, let her find her own way in this dangerous place." Ye Chen, who had been silent, finally wanted to talk, Ye Chen made his voice sound like an old man.

After saying those words Ye Chen walked forward, Seeing Ye Chen leave, Qing Cheng immediately followed behind him.

Mu Lanyin began to consider Ye Chen's words, it was true that this place was very dangerous, if she was alone she might end up like that.

Mu Lanyin silently followed behind Ye Chen and Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng smiled seeing Mu Lanyin following behind, Ye Chen's words earlier could easily convince Mu Lanyin to follow behind the two of them.

"Giggle, Ye Chen you are so great, with just a few sentences you can make the cold elf Mu Lanyin sure and follow behind us both" Qing Cheng sent a telepathic message that only Ye Chen could hear.

Ye Chen who had just heard the telepathic voice earlier, immediately turned his head towards Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng gave Ye Chen a wink of teasing.

These three people keep running around trying to find a way out while finding the Frozen Ice Sect \u0026 Cherry Blossom Sect Group.

Unfortunately after walking for more than an hour, the three of them did not see anyone else anymore, all they encountered was a troublesome magical beast.

Ye Chen looked at the two women who were behind him, both of them already looking very tired after running at high speed for a long time "let's rest first" Ye Chen stopped and told the two women to rest for a while.

"This is very tiring since we were just spinning around, if only we could use spirit sensei maybe we wouldn't get lost like this" Qing Cheng complained that she had not found a way out after this greeting.

in this place the spirit sensei cannot be used, if they can use their spirit sensei, maybe now they have come out of this annoying place.

She was increasingly concerned about the five elders from her sect, whether they had all managed to find a way out or not.

On the other hand Mu Lanyin was very disappointed because he could not find anything in this place, even though she really hoped that here there were some resources that could be used for cultivation.

Right now the Frozen Ice Sect really needed resources, because this was Mu Lanyin and Four Frozen Fairy who wanted to come to this place.

Unfortunately this is not like the expectations they imagined, here there are only deadly dangers and traps.

"I want to sit and rest" Qing Cheng found a stone to make a seat.

When Qing Cheng occupied the stone, the stone suddenly dropped down, Qing Cheng was very surprised and immediately stood up, she thought that the stone she just sat on was a monster or trap.

"Rumbles. . . . . Rumbles. . . . . . , Rumbles. . . . . "The stone wall behind Qing Cheng was lifted up.

Ye Chen immediately headed to the wall that had just opened, he peeked into this room a bit, inside there looked very wide and dark, no light could enter inside.

"Let's try going inside" Ye Chen invited the two women inside.

"Senior, are you sure that this isn't a trap? "Mu Lanyin looked very careful, she had experienced something like this and the result was that she was separated from her group.

"We have to try it, it's better than continuing to go round and round in this place" Ye Chen could not stand the continuous circling in this Maze.

"Maybe this is a secret room where treasure can be stored." Qing Cheng was more positive, she thought that inside there might be treasure.

"If we want the answer, let's go in." Ye Chen was the first person to enter