Journey To Become A True God Chapter 207

207 Undead Dragon
Seeing Ye Chen very brave to enter inside, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin looked at each other.

"How, do you want to come in or not? "Qing Cheng asked Mu Lanyin whether she would come or not.

"Of course I go inside, it's better to go inside than to spin around in a place like this" Mu Lanyin threw away all her doubts and entered into this dark room.

Seeing Mu Lanyin enter, Qing Cheng also entered.

When everyone has entered the wall behind the back closed.

Now it is very dark here they cannot see anything.

Ye Chen used his fire as lighting so they could see what was inside here.

after Ye Chen put out his fire for lighting, this place became visible.

This is a very large room, in the middle of this room there is an altar, above this altar there is a statue with three animals namely Dragon, Phoenix and a very large butterfly.

Ye Chen approached this altar, he wanted to see what this statue meant at a place like this.

The two women also approached this altar.

As Ye Chen, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin approached, the altar suddenly shined.

when the light appears this room starts to shake like it wants to collapse.

"Everyone retreat" Ye Chen told the two women to retreat backward.

Ye Chen and the two women immediately backed away.

Ye Chen immediately made a barrier to protect himself and these two women.

"What happened?" Mu Lanyin asked what was happening to this place.

"How do I know, I'm not the maker of this place" Ye Chen reflexively replied to Mu Lanyin's question.

"Booooommmm. . . . . . . " a large object fell right in front of the altar and made a very loud noise.

When this object falls in the dust in this room starts to fall everywhere.

"Roarrrrrr. . . . . . . . "In the dust came the sound of monsters roaring.

After hearing the roar of the monster, Ye Chen, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin immediately put on standby.

A blood-like red eye appeared from behind flying dust.

When these blood-like red eyes appeared, both Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin began to shiver in fear, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin had never met a monster that could make them both cringe from the look in their eyes.

"Roarrrrr. . . . . . . "The roar of the monster the second time is even louder, this makes the dust around the scattered swept away.

Now Ye Chen could see what kind of creature was in front of them.

This is not a magical Beast, rather this place is an undead monster.

A large dragon that had only bones left, stood in front of Ye Chen and the two women.

Undead Dragon looked at Ye Chen, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin with blood red eyes, the undead Dragon wagged its tail at the barrier Ye Chen made.

"Crack. . . .. "With just one flick of the dragon's tail the barrier that Ye Chen made was destroyed.

Ye Chen wrapped his arms around Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng's waist to avoid this attack.

If Ye Chen didn't do this, Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng could die.

"Let me go" Mu Lanyin tried to get away from Ye Chen, she did not want to let this person touch her body.

on the other hand Qing Cheng was calmer, she looked towards the undead Dragon which was very frightening.

Qing Cheng's intuition said that this undead monster was very dangerous.

"If you don't want to die you should be quiet and not move much" Ye Chen shouted angrily at Mu Lanyin who still had time to think of such a thing in a dangerous situation like this.

If Ye Chen hadn't brought Mu Lanyin just now, Mu Lanyin would definitely have been killed by the flapping of a dragon's tail that was that strong.

This undead Dragon monster was very strong, he could easily break Ye Chen's barrier, when Ye Chen made this barrier he did not hold his strength at all.

so the barrier Ye Chen threw out just now was very strong, but Undead Dragon was very easy to destroy the barrier he made, this showed that this undead Dragon was very strong.

After being rebuked by Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin no longer rebelled in Ye Chen's hands.

Ye Chen retreated as far as possible to escape this undead monster, unfortunately behind was a stone wall, he could no longer retreat backwards.

"Damn" Ye Chen cursed very loudly, in a situation like this it would be very difficult for Ye Chen to have to fight while protecting these two women.

Ye Chen released his hands from the waist of Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng "You two should stay as far away as possible, the power of this Undead Dragon is quite strong, you two are not opponents to this undead monster," Ye Chen told Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng to stay away as far maybe when Ye Chen fought with Undead Dragon.

"Wouldn't it be easier to defeat this monster if we unite the forces we have?" Qing Cheng suggested to Ye Chen and Mu Lanyin join forces to defeat this undead monster.

"I agree with the advice of the Qing sect leader, let's unite the strength of the three of us in order to defeat this monster." Mu Lanyin agreed to unite the forces together with Ye Chen and Qing Cheng.

"No" Ye Chen immediately denied the advice of the two women, "you two are no match for this Undead Dragon, this monster and you both are in different worlds, you should stay away as far away as possible" these two women have no idea what they are facing This undead monster is stronger than Ye Chen right now.

It is likely that this undead monster has strength equivalent to that of a cultivator in the eighth level or the ninth level Overlord Realm.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng who were at the peak stage of the Sky realm were not opponents of this monster.

Ye Chen came forward trying to attack this Undead Dragon "breaking meteor blow, Bamm. . . . . . Ye Chen hit the head of the Undead Dragon without even holding back his strength.

Undead Dragon did not retreat or collapse at the ground, this monster shook its head as if Ye Chen's punch had absolutely no effect on him.

"Roarrrrr. . . . . "Undead Dragon monsters use their dragon claws to attack Ye Chen, this claw attack is very fast, Ye Chen has no time to dodge this attack.

Ye Chen was struck by an undead dragon right in the chest "Bang. . . . !! "Ye Chen was flown hundreds of meters before hitting the stone wall.

"Damn it" Ye Chen rubbed his chest which was quite painful after being hit by a direct attack from Undead Dragon.

"Ye Chen, are you alright?" Qing Cheng approached Ye Chen, Qing Cheng was worried about Ye Chen's condition.

"I'm fine, hurry up and go away, this monster is very strong, you two are not the opponents." Ye Chen rose again, he told Qing Cheng to immediately get away from the undead monster.

"Booom. . . . . . "When Ye Chen and Qing Cheng were talking there was the sound of a thumping battle.

at this time Mu Lanyin attacked the undead dragon using the Ice technique she possessed.

"This woman, does she not know what powerful creature she is facing?" Ye Chen scolded Mu Lanyin for not listening to his words earlier to get as far away from the undead dragon monster as possible.