Journey To Become A True God Chapter 208

208 Against The Undead Dragon In Full Force
At the moment under the undead dragon monster appear hundreds of large ice whose edges are like sharp needles, this sharp ice begins to envelop the undead dragon's body.

The undead Dragon's entire body was covered by hundreds of ice with sharp edges.

"Cracked" as the body of the undead dragon moved slightly, Mu Lanyin's Ice technique immediately broke into pieces.

Seeing that this technique didn't work, Mu Lanyin used another technique to defeat this undead dragon.

"Ice pillar" a very large Ice pillar came out from under the Undead Dragon.

Undead dragon's body is immediately wrapped by this Ice pillar. Now Undead Dragon is trapped in Mu Lanyin's Ice Pillar technique.

Undead Dragon is not moving anymore, "this is easier than I thought" Seeing Undead Dragon has been sealed. Mu Lanyin turned then headed towards the altar.

As Mu Lanyin turned around the eyes of the undead Dragon slightly moved towards Mu Lanyin "Crack" the pillar of Ice that wrapped the body of the Undead dragon destroyed.

Undead Dragon gave off extremely hot flames towards Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin made an ice shield to fend off bursts of fire that were released by the Undead Dragon.

When struck by the fire of the Undead dragon, Mu Lanyin's ice shield immediately melted without any resistance.

Mu Lanyin was very surprised and intended to retreat, but she already had no time to retreat, the fire that was released by Undead Dragon was very close to her body.

Mu Lanyin could only close her eyes waiting for this fire to come.

A few milliseconds before a burst of fire hit her body, Mu Lanyin felt that her body had been hugged by someone.

The fire struck Ye Chen's body, fortunately the bursts of fire had no effect on Ye Chen, so this did not hurt Ye Chen at all.

When Mu Lanyin opened her eyes, she saw Senior Chen save herself, she had no idea that this person would save herself from the deadly attack just now.

"Stupid, I told you to stay away from this undead dragon, why are you so stubborn and do not want to obey" Ye Chen scolded Mu Lanyin who acted very carelessly because fighting a dragon monster that was far more powerful than herself.

Mu Lanyin said nothing more, she just turned her face to the side.

Ye Chen brought Mu Lanyin to Qing Cheng's side "You two stay here and don't come any closer, I will take care of this monster." This time Ye Chen gave absolute orders to Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng.

Ye Chen refocused on the undead dragon.

"Qing sect leader, do you know what level of senior Chen is? Mu Lanyin asked Qing Cheng what level of cultivation Ye Chen had at this moment.

"I don't know either, what I know is that Chen's senior is very strong, we'll see how the battle is when fighting these undead monsters", Qing Cheng herself was not sure what level of cultivation Ye Chen was at this time, for Qing Cheng Ye Chen was a very mysterious person, this really attracted Qing Cheng's interest to dig deeper into the secret Ye Chen had.

Women are strange creatures, they really like something that interests them, even though they know it's dangerous they will still find out what interests them.

Ye Chen returned to the front of the Undead dragon. this time he will be very serious against this undead monster.

Ye Chen immediately opened his flame vein, Ye Chen's strength instantly became very strong.

The aura of fire that Ye Chen released was very strong, even Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng who were far from Ye Chen felt shivering.

"A very fierce aura" Mu Lanyin with a slight shiver admired the power released by Senior Chen.

Ye Chen used the nine shadow step to attack this monster.

"Bang. . . . . , Bang. . . . . , Bang. . . . . , Bang. . . . . , Bang. . . . . , Bang. . . . . , Bang. . . . . "Ye Chen attacks all parts of the body that can be attacked, unfortunately Undead Dragon's bones are very hard, Ye Chen's attack does not really affect the Undead Dragon's body.

Because the nine shadow step was too fast, the Undead dragon had only just attacked Ye Chen's shadow.

"Roar. . . . "The undead dragon was very angry, he started to roar with a very loud voice, this strong roar made Ye Chen's ears hurt.

"One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords" Ye Chen used his fire sword technique, a thousand flame swords appeared around Ye Chen's body.

"Forward" Ye Chen made a thousand flying flame swords attack the Undead dragon's body.

"Slash. . . . . ., slash. . . . . ., slash. . . . . ., slash. . . . . ., slash. . . . . ., slash. . . . . . "A thousand swords of fire began to slash the Undead dragon's body.

Mu Lanyin was surprised to see Senior Chen being able to make this much flying flame sword, this was something that was unexpected to Mu Lanyin, Mu Lanyin's surprise just before she returned to her cold nature.

On Mu Lanyin's side, Qing Cheng looked even more astonished after seeing the sight of a thousand flying swords, if she had seen a hundred swords before hse was already very surprised, a thousand more swords made Qing Cheng distrustful of her eyesight.

Qing Cheng began to wonder how strong Ye Chen really was.

"Clank. . . . . Ye Chen's flame sword was suddenly eaten by an undead dragon like a delicious snack.

after eating Ye Chen's flame sword, the undead dragon began to become larger than its original size.

"Master, this undead monster seems to come from a race of fire dragon gods, ordinary fire power won't be able to hurt him, it will instead be absorbed by him to become stronger" Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen not to use fire techniques when fighting this undead dragon.

"Why didn't you say this from earlier" Chu Yuechan gave information very late, if Ye Chen knew this from earlier he would not have used the fire technique to fight this Undead Dragon.

After eating Ye Chen's undead dragon's fire sword became bigger and stronger than before.

"Why did this monster become bigger, what actually happened" Qing Cheng saw that the undead dragon became much bigger than before.

"It seems like this monster uses the fire from Senior Chen to become stronger" Mu Lanyin very quickly analyzed what had just happened.

Ye Chen flew over the undead dragon "if my fire ability doesn't work I will use that technique".

Ye Chen began to make special movements, as Ye Chen made this movement black clouds began to form in this room.

This strange phenomenon made Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng surprised, how could there be a black cloud that appeared in a closed room like this, actually what was happening to this place.

This cloud is very concentrated "DESOLATE PALMS second finger" Ye Chen uses the desolate Palms technique of the second finger.

From behind the clouds came a giant palm that was headed towards Undead dragon.

"Isn't this technique belongs to that person" Mu Lanyin still remembers this technique very well, this is the technique used by Ye Chen to destroy her Ice Sword of Destiny technique, how can senior Chen have the same technique as that person "what is the true identity of this person is Ye Chen? In Mu Lanyin's heart began to guess who Chen's senior identity was.