Journey To Become A True God Chapter 209

209 Ye Xiu Came Ou
Mu Lanyin's heart started to become chaotic at the thought of this, if this was Ye Chen how should she face Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's DESOLATE PALMS technique began to approach the undead dragon's body, due to the intense pressure the undead dragon's body was pressed down and could not move.

When the DESOLATE PALMS technique appeared both Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng felt a very dangerous feeling from this technique.

They retreated further and made a layered barrier to protect themselves from unwanted possibilities

The DESOLATE PALMS technique gets closer and hits the undead dragon "booooommmmmm. . . . . . . " a very terrible explosion occurred.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng were already inside the barrier they made, unfortunately the barrier they made was unable to withstand the effects of DESOLATE PALMS and was swept away very easily.

After the barrier was destroyed Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng were blown away.

Mu Lanyin could not believe that at this distance they were still very badly affected.

Even though he was unable to destroy the stone here, Ten Chen Ye made the whole room shake a little.

Dust flew where the undead dragon stood earlier.

"Is this successful" at this time Ye Chen had run out of deep energy using the second finger DESOLATE PALMS technique.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng who had just been blown away began to wake up from the stone floor.

Both of them were very surprised at how the power Ye Chen had just displayed, it seemed that Ye Chen's strength was stronger than they had imagined.

With such great strength, the undead dragon should have been defeated.

The dust gradually begins to disappear, it's time to see what happens to the undead dragon monster.

From the dust that flew red eyes like blood again appeared "roar. . . . . . . . "The roar of the anger of the undead dragon came back.

" What . . . . . . ! "Ye Chen doesn't believe that the attack just now didn't immediately kill the undead dragon.

Undead dragon stood back from the floor, in some parts of the undead dragon's backbone was cracked, although it could not immediately kill the undead dragon DESOLATE PALMS technique Ye Chen could still injure the undead dragon's body.

The problem is the energy consumption to use the DESOLATE PALMS technique is too large, Ye Chen can only use this technique once.

This Undead Dragon was aiming at Ye Chen very quickly, he looked very angry at Ye Chen.

"Roar. . . . . "The undead dragon is butting into Ye Chen's body using his head.

"Bammm. . . . . . "Ye Chen was hit with such a powerful force that he retreated very far.

Ye Chen had run out of energy, he couldn't avoid the undead dragon attack just now.

Again the undead dragon headed towards Ye Chen with lightning speed, it seemed that the undead dragon would not release Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin simultaneously tried to stop the undead dragon heading towards Ye Chen.

Unfortunately the speed of the two women is not comparable to the undead dragon, they both lag far behind the undead dragon.

When the undead dragon was only a few meters from Ye Chen a yellow light appeared in front of Ye Chen.

A small creature appeared right in front of Ye Chen, this small creature was of course Ye Xiu's little fox.

Ye Xiu growled at the undead dragon for injuring Ye Chen, Ye Xiu made a contract with Ye Chen, if Ye Chen died Ye Xiu would of course also die with Ye Chen.

Because this was Ye Xiu coming out in such a dangerous situation, she helped Ye Chen in a dangerous situation like this.

The undead dragon stopped right in front of Ye Xiu, he looked at Ye Xiu with a hostile look, "Roar. . . . . "The undead dragon roared at Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu's originally small body began to enlarge to the size of an undead dragon.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng who intended to help, immediately stopped, they both saw that another creature had appeared right in front of Ye Chen.

Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng certainly knew what this creature was, this was a legendary magical Beast that was very famous, the nine-tailed fox.

Both of them did not expect to see a mythical creature in a place like this.

The nine-tailed fox is a creature that is very well known in the world of cultivators, this creature has special abilities that are difficult for cultivators to learn.

Ye Xiu attacked the undead dragon by using her nine tails, these nine tails were shaken violently to directly hit the undead dragon's body.

"Bamm. . . . . . . . "Ye Xiu's tail wagging can make the undead dragon retreat and fall to the floor.

Undead dragon that had just fallen began to rise again.

Ye Xiu didn't give the undead dragon a chance to wake up, she immediately bit Undead dragon's neck bone very strongly, Ye Xiu's tail began to wrap around the body of the Undead dragon to seal the monster's movements.

Ye Xiu bit down very hard, she tried to crush the Undead dragon's neck bone.

Ye Xiu's sharp teeth and strong jaws were still unable to destroy the undead dragon's neck bones.

The undead dragon movement was locked by Ye Xiu's tail, the undead dragon tried to use his free tail to attack Ye Xiu.

"Bamm. . . . "Ye Xiu was hit directly by the Undead Dragon's tail,she immediately retreated back due to the impact of the attack which was quite strong.

With Ye Xiu's current strength that was almost equivalent to the ninth level of the Overlord Realm, Ye Xiu was still having enough trouble fighting this undead monster.

This undead dragon monster might be in the tenth level of the Overlord Realm.

Ye Xiu's body began to glow in yellow, an extremely pure aura began to seep out from Ye Xiu's body, and flooded this room.

Ye Xiu no longer seemed to be holding back the power she had, suddenly this pure aura began to envelop Ye Chen's body and gave him a very comfortable feeling.

The energy in Ye Chen's body suddenly recovered at an incredible speed, this was a Yin-Yang legendary technique that only the Nine-tailed Fox had.

Ye Chen began to close his eyes and recover his strength.

Ye Xiu attacked the Undead dragon again "bammmm. . . . , bammmm. . . . , bammmm. . . . , bammmm. . . . , bammmm. . . . , "This time Ye Xiu's speed and attack were very fast and ferocious.

The Undead Dragon continued to be retreated by the attack launched by Ye Xiu.

"Roar. . . . . . "Undead Dragon looks very angry because it was beaten by Ye Xiu.

The Undead Dragon began to retaliate against Ye Xiu's attack with his dragon claws.

The fight between the two giant monsters was indeed very great, the whole room shook a little as the two of them began to fight.

In a short time Ye Chen's energy began to recover by around 70%, Ye Xiu's Yin-Yang Technique was very good at recovering Ye Chen's energy.

Ye Chen opened his eyes and saw the battle that was being fought by Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu was currently cornered by a very strong undead dragon attack.

Ye Xiu retreated back, seeing that the physical attack didn't work, she began to open her mouth, a yellow light began to gather inside Ye Xiu's mouth.

Ye Chen who saw this naturally knew what Ye Xiu was doing, this was the strongest technique used by Ye Xiu when she defeated the five Old Taoist.