Journey To Become A True God Chapter 210

210 Berseker Pill
Ye Xiu really used the technique of mass destruction in such a small place

Ye Chen immediately went to the side of Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng, he made the strongest barrier he could make so as not to be affected by Ye Xiu's laser attack.

Undead dragon doesn't want to lose, from the mouth of Undead dragon starts to fire.

This huge burst of fire headed towards Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu released his laser towards the undead dragon, Ye Xiu's laser and the undead dragon bursts of fire met.

"Booom. . . . . . . . ., Booom. . . . . . . . ., Booom. . . . . . . . ., Booom. . . . . . . . ., Booom. . . . . . . . ., Booom. . . . . . . . . "When these two forces met a very strong explosion occurred.

Fortunately the barrier that Ye Chen made was able to withstand the impact of the powerful explosion that occurred.

Bursts of fire and lasers clashed with each other's strengths, the undead dragon added strength to his bursts of fire.

Ye Xiu's laser was suppressed by this burst of fire.

Ye Xiu herself didn't want to lose, she added strength to her laser attack.

Neither Ye Xiu and Undead Dragon wanted to budge.

Ye Xiu exerted all the power she had, the burst of undead dragon flames were hit backwards by Ye Xiu's laser.

"Booom. . . . "A very strong explosion occurred, Ye Xiu's laser managed to hit the undead dragon.

"Cracked. . . . . "The barrier Ye Chen made began to crack little by little.

Ye Chen used his full strength to reinforce this barrier.

A few moments later everything was finally over, there was only a puff of smoke from the explosion just now.

Ye Chen released the barrier he made, he wanted to see if Ye Xiu's attack just now was able to destroy the undead dragon.

After the smoke cleared, Ye Chen saw the undead dragon lying on the floor, several undead dragon bones cracked very badly.

Ye Xiu's Laser Attack was able to deal enormous damage to undead dragons.

Undead dragons with a little difficulty began to rise from the floor, "roar. . . . . . . "The undead dragon roared.

The bones in the undead dragon's body begin to turn red, flames start to come out from between the bones, this flame starts to envelop the undead dragon's body.

after being wrapped by fire, now the undead dragon really looks like a fire dragon.

After changing the form of the undead dragon became much stronger than before

"What kind of monster is this, why hasn't he been destroyed" Qing Cheng could not believe that after receiving two such powerful attacks, Undead was still alive.

Ye Chen gritted his teeth, the situation returned to being unfavorable, after using the technique Ye Xiu had only a little energy left, Ye Chen was afraid that Ye Xiu was unable to fight back against the undead dragon which had turned into a fire dragon.

Ye Chen began to think very hard about how to defeat this monster.

Finally he remembered something that could help him in a situation like this, right now Ye Chen still had a pill pill, with this pill Ye Chen was confident of beating an undead Dragon.

Ye Chen took a pill pill from the fairy gate storage room, he immediately swallowed this pill into his stomach.

After swallowing this pill from inside Ye Chen's body it overflowed with extraordinary power, Ye Chen had never felt such great power flowing into his body.

Increasing the strength of 25X was very much felt for Ye Chen.

"Boooom", Ye Chen's aura exploded, Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng who were behind Ye Chen immediately retreated.

Ye Chen released his fire vein again, after the fire vein was opened up, Ye Chen's strength was like an unstoppable sea.

"Ugly Dragon, prepare to accept your defeat" Ye Chen flew towards Undead Dragon.

"Baammm. . . . , Baammm. . . . , Baammm. . . . , Baammm. . . . , Baammm. . . . , "Ye Chen repeatedly hit the undead dragon's body.

Undead dragon was repeatedly hit by Ye Chen, now the undead dragon was like a toy being kicked and hit by Ye Chen.

"What really happened, how did Senior Chen's strength become this strong?" The increase in Ye Chen's strength did not escape Mu Lanyin's eyes.

"I don't know, maybe he used a forbidden technique or something" Qing Cheng did not know where the origin of the strength Ye Chen was getting was.

Ye Xiu retreated to Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng, she saw Ye Chen's fight against the Undead dragon, Ye Xiu was tired now, she no longer had the strength to help Ye Chen fight.

"Ugly Dragon, now it's your turn to feel what I felt before" Ye Chen wanted to take revenge on the undead dragon.

Undead Dragon was completely rendered helpless by Ye Chen.

The Undead Dragon used his fire to attack Ye Chen, too bad the fire attack didn't work on Ye Chen.

Undead Dragon didn't know that Ye Chen was immune to fire attacks, for Ye Chen right now the undead dragon was not a threat at all to him.

After being hit a few hundred times the fire surrounding the undead dragon's body began to dim, it seemed that soon the Undead dragon would lose.

Before losing the undead dragon collects fire above its mouth, a giant fireball forms above the Undead dragon.

This fireball is getting bigger and bigger, in a dark room, the ball is like a very bright and hot sun.

The temperature of the room immediately rose very sharply, Ye Xiu made a yellow barrier to protect the two women beside her.

This huge fireball is made with all the power possessed by the Undead Dragon.

Seeing this powerful attack, Ye Chen flew up, from above Ye Chen made a move to use the DESOLATE PALMS technique.

Because the undead dragon uses all of its power in this attack.

Ye Chen also used all his strength to use DESOLATE PALMS.

black clouds began to form, "DESOLATE PALMS second finger" from behind the clouds out the giant palm that goes towards the undead dragon.

"Booom. . . The undead dragon fired a giant fireball at Ye Chen.

The two great powers met, when the giant fireball approached the DESOLATE PALMS technique, the fireball was immediately wiped out without any resistance.

"Boooom. . . "The giant palm directly hit the undead dragon's body.

The undead dragon's body was immediately destroyed after being hit with such a powerful attack.

From the beginning to the end Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng saw the biggest battle in their lives.

The two of them had never seen such a great battle before, Mu Lanyin and Qing Cheng felt that their world and Ye Chen's world differed greatly, this was like heaven and earth.

"Huft" Ye Chen sighed, he was relieved everything was over.

At the moment Ye Chen didn't have any strength left, he felt weak and his vision began to blur.

Ye Chen who flew over immediately fell down, fortunately Ye Xiu acted quickly, he immediately caught Ye Chen who fell from the air.

Ye Xiu laid Ye Chen on the stone floor, she then returned to her original small and cute size.

Qing Cheng immediately headed to Ye Chen's side to see how Ye Chen was at this moment.

After checking Ye Chen's condition, Qing Cheng was relieved, there was nothing bad about Ye Chen's body, Ye Chen fainted from running out of energy after the battle.