Journey To Become A True God Chapter 211

211 Gods Inheritance
Mu Lanyin approached towards Ye Chen, she stopped beside Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin extended her hand towards Ye Chen's mask.

Her curiosity made Mu Lanyin unable to take it anymore,she wanted to see the true face of senior Chen.

"Wait, what are you doing? "Qing Cheng tried to stop Mu Lanyin.

Too bad Qing Cheng was to be a little late, Mu Lanyin had removed the mask that covered Ye Chen's face.

After the mask came off, Ye Chen's handsome face was seen, seeing this face Mu Lanyin's heart was very chaotic.

If this was Ye Chen then what she experienced last night was reality, not a dream.

Mu Lanyin aimed her sword at Ye Chen's neck, she hated those who had stained her sacred possession.

Seeing this, Qing Cheng immediately held Mu Lanyin's hand "stop! ! ! "She tried to stop Mu Lanyin from doing anything dangerous to Ye Chen.

"Why did you stop me? , quickly release me. "Mu Lanyin's tone was very cold, this was the first time Qing Cheng heard this tone from Mu Lanyin.

"Of course I have to stop you, how can you want to kill the person who saved you?" Qing Cheng tried to advise Mu Lanyin.

However Ye Chen had saved them many times, if Ye Chen had not protected them both, surely they would now have died at the hands of the Undead dragon.

Mu Lanyin's ice sword was currently on Ye Chen's neck, just one move Mu Lanyin could kill Ye Chen.

Mu Lanyin's heart found it very difficult to do this, even though Mu Lanyin hated this person, but her heart felt painful when she wanted to try to kill Ye Chen.

Mu Lanyin repeatedly strengthened her resolve in her heart, unfortunately she was still unable to kill Ye Chen.

Mu Lanyin who could not do this, she put her sword away from Ye Chen.

"The reason I didn't kill you is because you saved me, Hempfff" After saying this Mu Lanyin turned around, she moved away from Ye Chen's body, in her heart Mu Lanyin was unable to see Ye Chen.

Every time Mu Lanyin saw Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin's heart would be very chaotic, she did not know what was really happening to her at this time, this was the first time a man had made herself confused like this.

Qing Cheng was relieved that Mu Lanyin did not do bad things to Ye Chen, if Mu Lanyin did bad things to Ye Chen, Qing Cheng would be very difficult to stop Mu Lanyin.

The only thing that can stop Mu Lanyin might be a nine-tailed fox.

Ye Xiu was currently standing next to Ye Chen, from the start he had not stopped Mu Lanyin because Ye Xiu did not feel the killing aura from Mu Lanyin.

Qing Cheng took Ye Chen's head so that he had a back when resting, she waited patiently Ye Chen to get up again.

30 minutes later Ye Chen opened his eyes, he felt a comfortable feeling behind his head, when Ye Chen opened his eyes completely he saw two large mountain peaks in front of his eyes.

Ye Chen naturally knew who this large object was, this large object must belong to Qing Cheng, right now Ye Chen was on Qing Cheng's lap.

Seeing Ye Chen have woken up, Qing Cheng immediately asked "are you feeling better? "

Ye Chen immediately got up from Qing Cheng's lap, when he rose unintentionally, Ye Chen's head bobbed the two soft mountain peaks of Qing Cheng.

"Ah. . . . . "Qing Cheng groaned a little because of this.

Ye Chen had just woken up, he hadn't realized that his head had just touched a soft object belonging to Qing Cheng.

"Yes, I'm fine" Ye Chen touched his forehead.

When Ye Chen touched his face, he realized that the mask he was wearing had disappeared, it seemed like someone had taken his mask.

"Where is my mask? Ye Chen asked Qing Cheng where his mask was.

" that . . . . , Mu Lanyin had taken it "while saying this Qing Cheng lowered the tone of her voice so as not to be with Mu Lanyin who was in the distance.

Ye Chen looked towards Mu Lanyin in the distance, right now he could only see Mu Lanyin's back.

"Actually, what happened when I passed out earlier?" Ye Chen asked what had happened when he was injured.

Qing Cheng related everything that happened when Ye Chen fainted.

Ye Chen heard the story from Qing Cheng.

"So that's how it happened" after hearing the story from Qing Cheng, Ye Chen learned what happened when he collapsed.

Ye Chen did not regret that when he was pinched, Mu Lanyin intended to kill him, fortunately Mu Lanyin did not do that.

Ye Chen rose to Mu Lanyin "Mu sect leader, long time no see" Ye Chen smiled wryly at Mu Lanyin.

Because his identity was known Ye Chen did not hide anything from Mu Lanyin.

Mu Lanyin did not hold greetings from Ye Chen at all, she kept turning her face towards the other direction, as if Mu Lanyin did not currently want to talk to Ye Chen.

Seeing Mu Lanyin indifferent to him, Ye Chen sighed, it seemed like the fairy Mu Lanyin was angry at him.

"Let's go to the altar and see what's there." Ye Chen invited Qing Cheng to go to the altar in front.

Seeing Ye Chen go to the altar, Mu Lanyin also followed behind Ye Chen, she deliberately kept her distance from Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen arrived in front of the altar he looked around, Ye Chen wanted to know what was the use of these three large statues.

As Ye Chen was thinking, the three large statues began to glow with dazzling light.

"Congratulations to the three of you who have made it through every obstacle to get here" an ancient voice came from the light.

Because the light was too blinding Ye Chen could not see who was talking to him.

When the blinding Light disappeared, he saw 3 giant creatures hovering in front of him.

These 3 giant creatures are Dragon, Phoenix, and Butterfly.

All three gave off a very strong aura.

"Master, this is the Azure Dragon God, Phoenix Ice, and Purple Butterfly." Chu Yuechan looked very happy while telling Ye Chen this.

After hearing this from Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen was quite surprised, he did not expect to see an extinct god being from the God Realm.

although he only learned from books, Ye Chen's knowledge of deity was not bad.

Azure Dragon is said to be the most powerful dragon among the dragon races, the only one who can match the Azure dragon's strength is only Tunder kirin.

The second is the phoenix ice, although it is not as strong as the Azure dragon, the freezing power of the Phoenix Ice is very strong, the ice made by the Phoenix Ice can even last forever.

The last one is a purple butterfly, this is a divine being that can control the soul of a god or a divine being, though not very strong, purple butterflies can control an opponent's soul, the biggest weakness of a purple butterfly is that it cannot control people's souls which is very strong.

Today these three gods were standing in front of Ye Chen.

"You have arrived here, all three of you are worthy to inherit our strength, do you want our inheritance of strength? "Azure Dragon asked Ye Chen, Qing Cheng and Mu Lanyin.

"Of course we want to" Ye Chen of course wants to inherit this power.

"Very good, before we all give inheritance to all of you, are you ready with the conditions? "Azure dragon asked Ye Chen and the Two Women if they were ready to accept the conditions given by the Azure dragon, Ice phoenix and purple butterfly.