Journey To Become A True God Chapter 213

213 Enjoy The Service Of Qing Cheng
Ye Chen could not take it anymore. He immediately kissed Qing Cheng very greedily.

Qing Cheng also began to welcome a kiss from Ye Chen, Qing Cheng's tongue very cleverly began to snare Ye Chen's tongue.

This woman knew how to make Ye Chen happy.

On the other hand Mu Lanyin saw how the two shameless people were kissing passionately, seeing what Ye Chen and Qing Cheng were doing, making Mu Lanyin's face blush.

Mu Lanyin was currently trying desperately to endure a very uncomfortable cold feeling in her body.

After doing a passionate kiss Ye Chen began to release the belt of Qing Cheng's shirt.

Qing Cheng used ancient clothes, Ye Chen had to take off several layers of clothing worn by Qing Cheng.

After all the clothes were taken off, Qing Cheng's well-developed body was presented in front of Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng's body looks very perfect, two large size G Cup mountains look still tight and have a very perfect shape, the waist with the shape of a willow tree that is perfect for holding, plus a very sexy buttocks.

Qing Cheng's entire body appealed to every man who saw it.

Qing Cheng made a very seductive pose for Ye Chen, Qing Cheng raised a finger and told Ye Chen to commit herself.

This woman is indeed the reincarnation of Succubus every movement can make men become excited.

Ye Chen who was already very uncomfortable, immediately pounced towards Qing Cheng's seductive body.

Ye Chen immediately stroked Qing Cheng's beautiful body like getting a favorite food in this world.

"Ah. . . . . , ah . . . . , ah . . . . , ah . . . . , this is great. "Every touch of Ye Chen made Qing Cheng feel like she was in heaven, for Qing Cheng Ye Chen's skills were the most powerful in the world.

Ye Chen began to squeeze Qing Cheng's two soft mountains, the texture of this thing was very soft, Ye Chen felt this was the softest thing he had touched.

The size of Qing Cheng Mountain is very large, Ye Chen's hands are incapable of holding these two big mountains.

"Ah. . . . , ah . . . , ah . . . Ye Chen, don't be too strong when squeezing it. "Qing Cheng could no longer hold back the pleasure that was underneath by Ye Chen's hands.

Ye Chen buried his face in this soft object, it felt more comfortable than burrowing his head in a cotton swab.

Qing Cheng's body odor was very fragrant like a flower, this made the man who breathed it addicted to the smell that was issued by Qing Cheng's body.

Ye Chen not only buried his face in this soft object, he began to suck and bite Qing Cheng's pink cherries.

"Ah. . . . . , naughty baby, how can you suck mine? "Qing Cheng immediately hugged Ye Chen's head, she felt like hugging her favorite baby.

Mu Lanyin was currently closing her eyes to calm herself, but Qing Cheng's moan made her lose concentration.

Mu Lanyin felt that she needed the warmth from Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin rejected this idea, whatever happened she had to go through all this.

Qing Cheng did not want to remain silent enjoying Ye Chen's services, she had to take turns serving Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng's hand began to descend towards Ye Chen's younger brother, she immediately grabbed Ye Chen's large object.

When QIng Cheng grabbed this large object, she was very surprised, the object in her hand was very large, Qing Cheng never knew that a man could have an object of this size.

Qing Cheng broke away from Ye Chen, she leaned closer to Ye Chen's ear and whispered "Ye Chen lie down, let me serve you well" Qing Cheng told Ye Chen to lay on the floor.

Ye Chen did what Qing Cheng said, he wanted to know what this succubus woman would do.

This was the first time Ye Chen did Dual Cultivation with an experienced woman, he wanted to feel the techniques possessed by Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng knelt before Ye Chen, she began to take off the clothes and pants that Ye Chen was wearing.

When the pants were opened a large object bounced and hit Qing Cheng's face.

"Huh ?? " Qing Cheng was surprised to see that Ye Chen's object was "very big", very long and very large in diameter.

Ye Chen was very proud that his object was praised by Qing Cheng

This thing must have been a dream for all the women in this world, Qing Cheng began to touch Ye Chen's large meat stick, one hand Qing Cheng was unable to hold this large object.

Qing Cheng needed her two hands to hold Ye Chen's large meat stick.

Qing Cheng stuck out her tongue and began to lick the shaft of Ye Chen's large object.

QIng Cheng's tongue very skillfully began to dance on Ye Chen's shaft.

"Uh. . . " Ye Chen tried to hold back the pleasure of Qing Cheng's tongue.

The ability of Qing Cheng's tongue is very strong, this is very different from the skills of a virgin woman.

Qing Cheng really liked this big object, the taste of licking this thing was really good, she couldn't take it anymore, she put Ye Chen's object in her mouth.

Ye Chen felt his object enter a very warm, comfortable and very narrow place, when Ye Chen looked down he saw almost all of his large objects being swallowed up by Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng was so great he was able to put all of Ye Chen's big objects in her throat.

Qing Cheng herself felt her throat fill up when Ye Chen's large object entered, it was very tight and very comfortable for Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng began to move back and forth to serve Ye Chen's large object.

Qing Cheng's tongue whirled around serving Ye Chen's large object, Qing Cheng's teeth scratched at Ye Chen's large object.

When Qing Cheng's teeth scratched his, Ye Chen did not feel any uncomfortable feeling, instead he felt an incomparable pleasure from Qing Cheng's technique.

"Ehmmmm. . . . . " Ye Chen roared, the extension of Qing Cheng's technique was indeed very great.

For nearly 10 minutes Qing Cheng served Ye Chen's large meat stick with her mouth, Ye Chen was very strong able to withstand her techniques.

"Husband, is my technique very rusty, I can't even get you out" Qing Cheng had not had sex for a long time, after becoming a leader of the Qing Cheng sect no longer touched male and female relations.

"Your technique is amazing, make me more comfortable" Ye Chen helped set Qing Cheng's hair back, now Qing Cheng's teasing face was presented in front of Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng who had just stopped continuing to serve Ye Chen's large object, "Slurp. . . ., Slurp. . . . Slurp . . . Slurp . . . "This time Qing Cheng's mouth suction was stronger than before, Ye Chen felt incomparable pleasure from Qing Cheng.

Mu Lanyin continued to hear the shameless voice from the front, she peeked a little and wanted to see what Ye Chen and Qing Cheng were doing.

When Mu Lanyin opened her eyes, she was shocked by the sight presented in front of her.

Mu Lanyin was currently seeing Ye Chen lying on the floor, and Qing Cheng was under serving a large and very terrible object.

Mu Lanyin could not believe that a male object of this size, how could an object of this size enter a woman's body, wouldn't this large object immediately destroy the small cave that belonged to every woman entered by Ye Chen's large object.