Journey To Become A True God Chapter 214

214 The Temptation Of Two Fairies
Until now Ye Chen had not yet come out, Qing Cheng's jaw had been completely numbed by Ye Chen's large object.

Qing Cheng used another method to stimulate Ye Chen, she used her hand to grab Ye Chen's two egg bags.

Qing Cheng began to touch these two balls very gently,

"Ah. . . . . . . . "Qing Cheng's fingers made Ye Chen unable to stand.

On the other hand Mu Lanyin was no longer strong, she felt he would die from this cold feeling, without saying much Mu Lanyin went to Ye Chen's side.

Mu Lanyin approached and suddenly held Ye Chen's face on the floor.

Ye Chen who saw this immediately woke up, he sat down and hugged Mu Lanyin's body.

Ye Chen removed the veil belonging to Mu Lanyin, Mu Lanyin's beautiful face was seen by Ye Chen, Mu Lanyin's face was perfect, this face was like a pure fairy coming down from the sky.

Mu Lanyin did not fight when the veil was released by Ye Chen, at this moment she was desperate for the warmth of Ye Chen's body.

Ye Chen began to kiss Mu Lanyin's lips, he greedily kissed the cherry lips of Mu Lanyin.

This was the first time Mu Lanyin was kissed by the opposite sex, this feeling had never been felt by Mu Lanyin, she felt really enjoyed when it was kissed by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen began to insert his tongue to snare Mu Lanyin's tongue, Mu Lanyin involuntarily biting something that entered her mouth.

"Don't bite" Ye Chen told Mu Lanyin not to bite his tongue.

Mu Lanyin who heard this immediately loosened her teeth.

Now that Ye Chen trapped Mu Lanyin's tongue very freely, Mu Lanyin did not know what to do, she only passively accepted the invasion carried out by Ye Chen.

"Slurp. . . . . , Slurp. . . . . , Slurp. . . . . , Slurp. . . . . , Slurp. . . . . "At the bottom, Qing Cheng forcefully sucked on Ye Chen's object, seeing Mu Lanyin and Ye Chen having fun at the top, Qing Cheng didn't want to lose.

She was very eager to suck Ye Chen's, she didn't care about her tired jaws, what she wanted now was to make Ye Chen happy with her.

A good woman is a woman who can make her men happy.

"Emmmm. . . . "Qing Cheng's mouth service skills make Ye Chen feel in heaven, soon Ye Chen will come out inside Qing Cheng's narrow mouth.

Seeing Ye Chen moaning in pleasure made Qing Cheng even more enthusiastic, she used all kinds of tricks she had to get Ye Chen out.

While restraining Qing Cheng's services, Ye Chen's hand began to take off Mu Lanyin's white phoenix outfit.

Ye Chen wanted to see Mu Lanyin's beautiful body.

Mu Lanyin broke away from Ye Chen's kiss, she helped Ye Chen undress herself.

After the clothes were removed, Mu Lanyin's beautiful body was displayed in front of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was very excited to see Fairy Mu Lanyin the longest, this body was very beautiful and perfect, everything felt very fitting and there was no slightest lack of it.

Ye Chen rubbed Mu Lanyin's beautiful body, he played with Mu Lanyin's two big rabbits, it was very pleasant. It was very chewy and tight.

"Ah. . . . . . . . . . . . , don't squeeze it, umm "Mu Lanyin refused as Ye Chen squeezed her two things.

Ye Chen kissed Mu Lanyin's lips again, he completely ignored Mu Lanyin's refusal, right now he wanted to enjoy every inch of Mu Lanyin's fairy body.

"Stop it, I feel something is coming out, ah. . . . . . . . . "Mu Lanyin is very weak in matters of men and women, just by the touch Ye Chen made it come out.

Ye Chen kissed Mu Lanyin's very soft lips.

Upper and lower stimulation made Ye Chen very excited, he felt like he wanted to reach the peak of happiness soon.

Squeezing Ye Chen's large object twitching, Qing Cheng knew that Ye Chen was coming out soon, she accelerated her back and forth movements to make Ye Chen come out.

"I'm coming out" Ye Chen let go of one hand from Mu Lanyin, he used this hand to hold Qing Cheng's head from leaving when he took out white magma.

" byur . . . .,byur . . . ., byur . . . ., byur . . . ., byur . . . "Ye Chen came out.

"Glup . . . ., glup . . . ., glup . . . ., glup . . . ., glup . . . ., glup . . . , "Qing Cheng could not back down, she could only drink all of the Yangqi issued by Ye Chen ".

All Ye Chen's white magma was swallowed up by Qing Cheng, Qing Cheng felt that Yang Chen Ye Chen was very rich and pure, the taste was also extraordinary, this was the most delicious food Qing Cheng had ever tasted.

Qing Cheng felt he was addicted to Ye Chen's Yangqi.

After finishing, Qing Cheng helped clean Ye Chen's younger brother by mouth, "Slurp. . . "Qing Cheng sucked the rest of Yangqi inside Ye Chen's large object.

"Husband, thank you for the food" Qing Cheng thanked me for the most delicious food she had ever eaten.

Ye Chen who heard this returned to excitement, the object underneath reemerged.

"Geez, this is still very strong." Qing Cheng saw the object in her hand hardened again.

Qing Cheng rubbed this thing into her delicate pieces, she really liked this big thing.

Ye Chen could not stand the temptation of this fairy teaser, he put down Mu Lanyin and went to reverse Qing Cheng.

At this time Qing Cheng knelt on the ground, from behind Ye Chen gripped Qing Cheng's waist.

"Teaser fairy, get ready to feel my strength" Ye Chen directed his younger brother into Qing Cheng's honey cave which was already very wet like running water.

"Husband come here let me help you put it in" one hand Qing Cheng grabbed Ye Chen's large object and began to guide him into the honey cave entrance.

After feeling the position was right Ye Chen directly pierced QIng Cheng's honey cave very strongly.

"Uh. . . . . . . . "Qing Cheng came out immediately when Ye Chen's large object hit the flower core.

Qing Cheng's body seemed to be torn apart when Ye Chen's large object entered, it felt very full and bulging.

Without waiting for Qing Cheng to get used to his size Ye Chen started to piston in Qing Cheng's honey cave.

"Ah. . . . . ., ah. . . . . ., ah. . . . . ., ah. . . . . ., ah. . . . . ., ah. . . . . "Qing Cheng couldn't resist the pleasure she felt from Ye Chen's large object.

Her body felt a great feeling, after tasting a taste like this where there might be a woman who was willing to leave Ye Chen.

"Husband is even louder, make me yours completely" Qing Cheng began shouting to stimulate Ye Chen.

Ye Chen himself felt that Qing Cheng's honey cave was still very tight like a virgin, Qing Cheng's honey cave was like a mouth that sucked hers deep inside.

Every time Ye Chen advanced, the walls of the Honey Cave would immediately tighten with a very powerful force, this feeling was very great for Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng who used to be a teaser this time was made helpless by Ye Chen, Qing Cheng had come out several times.

"Ah. . . . . , I will get out, even faster. . . "Qing Cheng came out again, Qing Cheng suddenly fainted.

now Qing Cheng's body and mind were completely conquered by Ye Chen.

Seeing Qing Cheng who was no longer able, Ye Chen decided to go to Mu Lanyin's side.

He immediately embraced Mu Lanyin's naked body lustfully.