Journey To Become A True God Chapter 215

215 Mu Lanyin Is Conquered
At this time Mu Lanyin could not think clearly, she was already very passionate because it was too long to hold the cold in her body.

Ye Chen began to caress and lick all parts of Mu Lanyin's body, Mu Lanyin's body felt very cold to the touch, maybe this was the effect of the technique she was cultivating.

Mu Lanyin's body felt very comfortable when touched by Ye Chen, this feeling was very comfortable, she began to be addicted to this feeling.

"Mu Lanyin's fairy, do you want to feel a better feeling than this" Ye Chen teased Mu Lanyin, the feeling of teasing this usually cold woman was very pleasant.

Mu Lanyin nodded to Ye Chen, right now she just wanted to get more pleasure, all her cold pride was gone.

After getting approval from Mu Lanyin, Ye Chen grew even bolder, he laid Mu Lanyin down.

Ye Chen opened Mu Lanyin's legs to form the letter M, Mu Lanyin's secret zone was exposed in front of Ye Chen.

The mouth of Mu Lanyin's honey cave was already wet with juice, this was very fat and pink in color, there was little hair growing around Mu Lanyin's honey cave, this was very beautiful, Ye Chen admired this beautiful work.

Ye Chen began to bring his face closer to Mu Lanyin's honey cave.

Seeing what Ye Chen was doing, Mu Lanyin who was still a little conscious immediately tried to close her legs, she was very embarrassed when her private parts were seen by Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's neck was currently gnawed by Mu Lanyin's two legs, Ye Chen felt that Mu Lanyin was very troublesome, he had to use his strength to open Mu Lanyin's legs.

After the legs were reopened Ye Chen immediately licked Mu Lanyin's honey cave with his tongue.

When Ye Chen did this Mu Lanyin immediately lost the strength to fight, Mu Lanyin's feet felt very soft when Ye Chen licked her private parts.

The juice that was issued by Mu Lanyin tasted very good, it was also very rich in Yinqi, Ye Chen licked the mouth of Mu Lanyin's honey cave passionately.

Ye Chen began to insert his tongue into Mu Lanyin's honey cave, when Ye Chen did this, Mu Lanyin's body trembled.

"Ah. . . . . Ye Chen. . . . . Stop it, don't put your tongue in. . . . . " Mu Lanyin protested as Ye Chen's tongue entered her honey cave, she tried to push Ye Chen's head away from her.

Ye Chen continued to suck Mu Lanyin's honey cave passionately.

"Ah. . . . . . . . , "Mu Lanyin finally reached its peak, Mu Lanyin's body shook violently.

After coming out twice Mu Lanyin's consciousness began to return, she could not believe she was doing something like this with Ye Chen, she was very ashamed of her shameless self.

Ye Chen wrapped his arms around Mu Lanyin's waist and lifted it up, Ye Chen held Mu Lanyin's lap.

Ye Chen's younger brother was ready to break into the gate that was still tightly closed.

Ye Chen couldn't wait to take away the beautiful and cold fairy Mu Lanyin.

"Ye Chen, stop it, we can't do something like this" Mu Lanyin who had begun to consciously try to resist the invasion of the large object Ye Chen.

"Fairy, I really like you, do you not want to be my woman?" Ye Chen said what was in his heart, he really liked Mu Lanyin.

After hearing Ye Chen's confession, Mu Lanyin's body stopped revolting, in her heart Mu Lanyin felt a very sweet feeling.

In Mu Lanyin's small heart she accepted Ye Chen as her husband "ah forget, she has seen my real face, from now on she is my husband" Mu Lanyin began to acknowledge Ye Chen as her man.

Mu Lanyin shyly buried her face in Ye Chen's chest.

Ye Chen who saw Mu Lanyin's shy behavior was more excited, he had never seen the cold Fairy Mu Lanyin shameless like this.

Ye Chen aimed his large object at the mouth of Mu Lanyin's honey cave.

"Mu Lanyin fairy are you ready?" Ye Chen asked Mu Lanyin if he was ready to accept the large object Ye Chen.

"Don't call me the fairy Mu Lanyin, you can just call me Lanyin, okay" Mu Lanyin acted sassyly at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was quite surprised to see the change in Mu Lanyin that was 180 degrees from normal, the normally cold and indifferent nature now lost was replaced with a sassy nature.

"Lanyin, I'm going in." Ye Chen pushed his big object into Mu Lanyin's honey cave.

"Ah. . . . . . " Mu Lanyin groaned in pain as Ye Chen's large object entered.

Though Ye Chen had already slightly reduced his large object so as not to hurt Mu Lanyin, it turned out that this was still very large for Mu Lanyin's small hole.

Mu Lanyin was moved to tears, the virgin she had kept for 7 decades was finally taken by Ye Chen.

"Does it hurt?" Ye Chen asked Mu Lanyin attentively.

"No, you can move" Mu Lanyin told Ye Chen to move.

after knowing Mu Lanyin was okay, Ye Chen immediately made a piston motion inside Mu Lanyin's honey cave.

"Ah. . . . ., ah. . . . ., ah. . . . ., ah. . . . . "When Ye Chen moved in and out, Mu Lanyin felt a feeling that was not written by words, this feeling was extraordinary, Mu Lanyin never knew that in this world there was this bad feeling.

"Ah. . . . "Ye Chen also groaned a bit, Mu Lanyin's hole was very narrow and felt very cold, Ye Chen had never tried feelings like this before.

Ye Chen's body felt cold and hot, this truly was extraordinary.

After several times pumping Ye Chen made his things return to their original size. As Ye Chen's object enlarged, Mu Lanyin felt that her body felt very full of Ye Chen's objects.

"Ye Chen, why is your object so big, I'm afraid" Mu Lanyin was afraid when Ye Chen's object was actually bigger.

She felt Her body could be torn apart by this large object.

"You don't need to worry, this thing will make you feel in heaven," Ye Chen said to Mu Lanyin.

"But. . , uh. . . . . "When Mu Lanyin was about to speak, but Ye Chen's object poked her flower core.

This taste was extraordinary, Mu Lanyin immediately reached the peak.

With the king's heart technique and his large object, Ye Chen could easily get women out, no matter if they were virgins or veterans in bed, under Ye Chen's objects they could definitely be conquered.

Ye Chen continued pumping at a steady pace, every time he poked the core of Mu Lanyin's flower, Mu Lanyin would definitely immediately moan with passion.

"Ye Chen, faster. . ., Make me even more comfortable. "Mu Lanyin began to drown by the pleasure given by Ye Chen, she began to forget her identity which was the leader of the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen suddenly stopped moving "call me a good husband" Ye Chen wanted to hear Mu Lanyin call him husband.

"Good husband, please don't tease me anymore, I'm very uncomfortable," Mu Lanyin obediently called a good husband.

Hearing this Ye Chen was very happy, he was more eager to do Mu Lanyin's honey cave.

after 20 minutes Ye Chen finally began to feel that he was going to come out, Ye Chen accelerated his movements and thrust his object into Mu Lanyin's innermost part.

"Ah. . . . . , Byur. . . . ., Byur. . . . . . . . . "Ye Chen is circulating his Yangqi in the depths of the Mu Lanyin flower core.

Mu Lanyin's flat stomach immediately became bloated due to the abundance of Yangqi Ye Chen's liquid, Mu Lanyin almost looked like a pregnant woman.

Ye Chen couldn't believe that he came out this much, Mu Lanyin made himself very happy.

Mu Lanyin had collapsed at this time, she had reached the top many times and was very tired now.

After coming out Ye Chen's object was not at all soft This was still hard as iron.

Ye Chen was hugged by someone.

From behind Ye Chen was hugged by someone, the one who hugged Ye Chen's neck was Qing Cheng.

"Husband, do you still want more? "Qing Cheng who previously fainted has regained consciousness, she wants to do dual Cultivation with Ye Chen.

Qing Cheng's body, which had been dry for a long time, She wanted to be moisturized by Ye Chen who was very strong, she was very addicted to Ye Chen's ability in bed.

Without saying much Ye Chen pounced on Qing Cheng's body, a groan resounded in this room.